Text Message Scams

In today's day and age people text more than they talk to each other. So it wouldn't be unusual to receive text messages for leads. However what better way for a fraudster to scam someone; you don't have the face-to-face contact that you once had, you don't have to talk to anyone and you can use a phone service to send text messages for you. What can be done to avoid these types of scams.

Here are some tips to help protect you from mobile phone scams involving text messages.
  1. Don't respond to text messages from telephone numbers that you do not recognize.
  2. Be careful of telephone numbers beginning with 190. These numbers have high rates for text messages that are sent and received.
  3. Contact your telephone carrier, they should know if the telephone number in question comes from a premium rate service.
  4. If you want to play it safe, ask your telephone carrier to place a limit on the number of text messages that you can receive or send to a premium rate service.

If you have been the victim of a text message scam please file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov or share your story with this blog. The more experiences that are shared, the better we can understand the scam. The more information is shared the better chance we have at preventing on-line fraud. Until next week stay safe.


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Text message scam?
Good day, im interested in buying your vehicle please email me recent photos/vehicle information. x@yahoo.com via textforfree.org.

I received texts from 516-522-0692 asking to buy my car sight unseen. He claimed he was a marine engineer on an offshore rig...yeah, right.

Here is the string from my would be scammers. When I told them I expected cash only and no scammers, they stopped talking.

Thanks for the info, i just wanted to make sure nothing has been left out. I will be buying for the price. Payment will be sent using PayPal and i will handle the PayPal surcharge as well. I will arrange with a shipping company to have this picked up at your location after funds must have cleared in your account, they will take care of any necessary documentation needed for the purchase. In the meantime can you send me more pictures (if available)?

On 8/23/12, wrote:
> Asking 8500 will take offers but car dealership already said its worth 9500.
> Its been serviced at service in bentonville since day one.
> Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
> -----Original Message-----
> From: "Justina Rosas"
> Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 16:18:37
> To:
> Reply-To: icemanod32@gmail.com
> Subject: Re: Yes
> How much is the asking price and also can you tell me the service history?
> ------Original Message------
> From: > To: icemanod32@gmail.com
> ReplyTo:
> Subject: Yes
> Sent: 23 Aug 2012 3:36 PM
> Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
> Sent from my iPadSent from my iPad

Mike - Thanks for letting us know about the text message scam.

Randy - Thanks for sharing this information with us. It's appreciated.

Hi Barb - This is good information. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

I just got 2 text messages asking to email to a yahoo/gmail account. They replied with the usual scammer spiel. Give me a break.

hey guys these scammers just hit me up on the text asking to buy my car unseen. this is some advice i gave to them

you guys really need to slow down on this scamming thing. you are going to get yourself in a wreck . not everyone is going to fall for this scam. most people like myself normally check things out before i get into things. your email is suspect so i looked into it. for one i dont deal with people i can't see in person, but seriously you guys really need to chill on the scamming its not worth it. just a little advice you can take it for whatever its worth. this is what i found on you.

There is some scam runners sending a text message asking for more information. I sent them an email asking about what car they are talking about and they couldn't answer. Gary McDonald is his name. Also another text scam is from Elizabeth Quiz. THESE ARE SCAMS.

I received a similar scam e-mail from someone named Walker McGill. I am in central CA and Walker's area code puts him in Portland OR and he was ready to buy the vehicle after only seeing three pics.

First text from Walker (971-220-71XX):
"I saw your vehicle on cars.com,is the ad still valid,get back to me on my personal email (walker.mcguill@yahoo.com) for further correspondence."

I responded via e-mail that yes the vehicle is still for sale.

Walker e-mail:
"What is the asking price for the purchase? and can you tell me about the service/records..."

CAUTION FLAG! He can't see the price on the website!? So I respond with the price.

Walker e-mail:
"Thanks for the info, i just wanted to make sure nothing has been left out. I will be buying for the price. Payment will be sent using PayPal and i will handle the PayPal surcharge as well. I will arrange with a shipping company...."


I just received the same text from Walker McGill. Thought it seemed fishy. Thanks Lchandler for the info.

I got an email from walker McGill too. And at least a couple more scammers in the first hours of my listing. Now I don't even want to hear from anyone that doesn't have a local number.

DON'T give your address to people who ask for it. always meet them in a public parking area during the day (i.e. walmart, target etc) where there are security cameras.

if they want to take your vehicle for a test drive (who wouldn't) ask for their keys, drivers license, and insurance card.

I have people meet me in front of the police department sub station which is in a shopping center...if they hesitate, hmmmmmmmmm guess what? probably got something sneaky to hide.

just BE SMART sellers!!!! oh yea, cashiers checks are counterfeit these days too. have them meet you at your bank with cash, then make a deposit immediately.

I recieved a similar text yesterday. NO-ONE usually buys a car sight unseen.

Walker McGill tried his Paypal scam on me today!

Exactly the same wording outlined above!

Just posted my ad yesterday and have received two scam texts already. Last night was the PayPal scam from a number near Albany, NY. This morning was Walker McGill from around Sonora, CA with a simpler lead.


I saw ur vehicle on cars.com,is d ad still valid,get bak 2 m on my personal email (walker.mcgill@yahoo.com) 4 fuder corespndce.Rgds

I also received a text from Walker McGill, at number 209-213-7631. The text read "I saw ur car on car.com, is d ad stil valid,get bak 2 m on my personal email (walker.mcgill@yahoo.com ) 4 fuder corespondce. Rgds."

The spelling alone was enough to not respond, but I also suspected a scam. Thanks for confirming!

Walker Mcgill is still at it, exactly the same correspondence earlier stated. Went all the way until he demanded my paypal address and then send him a wire transfer for the transportation company.

The same number used above from California.

Yes, I was hit by Walker McGilll today too before I read this blog. There is also someone else who was going to buy the car - sight unseen and wanted my paypal info...Flora Moore...so I wont sned any additional correspondance to either of these people.

within the first hour of listing this my ad, I got hit by three scammers. the first two were McThis and McThat i tried calling them one was a ping number (I didnt know there was such a thing) the other went to voice mail. Both Mclosers wanted me to email them... (yeah right) and the third (540 632 1273) actually got the name of the car right. I called the # and it was some google phone that can only do voice mail. the third texted me back will I take paypal? naw, cash only nigga!

We should be careful to avoid being a victime of these text scams.

I had the same person try to scam me as well. This time operating under the alias of "MC Moore" from the phone number 508-812-8846.

He started out by sending me a text message and asked me to correspond via his "personal email" at justwisemoore009@gmail.com.

I began correspondence and it immediately sounded fishy. After probing him with a few questions I realized it was a scam and cut off correspondence. Thanks to this blog, I realized it was the exact same scammer. Don't fall victim to this guy. He's still at it...

Correspondence as follows (begin reading from bottom):

I will not accept Pay Pal, nor will I conduct business with scammers. I'm not that stupid.

Best regards,
Curt Daniels

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 9:44 AM, mc moore wrote:
am Mc Moore

am shipping it to west africa

i will be paying you via paypal and i will ask my pick up agent to
schedule a pick up time with you once i have complete the payment

am using an international shipping company...have been using them for
a long time

once i have seen the pictures and you never lied about the service
history...my pick up agent wld sign all the document before picked up
from you and see to all you said about the car...once you are
sincere...things would work fine..

i want pictures from every angle

On 10/20/12, Curt Daniels wrote:
> Sir / Ma'dam,
> What is your name?
> Where are you buying from?
> How do you plan to pay for this? I will not release my vehicle until a
> secure payment has been received.
> What shipping company will you be using?
> Why are you purchasing a vehicle without seeing it in person?
> The vehicle price is $5395, not $5390.
> What pictures would you like to see that I have not already included on the
> website. Please be specific so I can better facilitate.
> Best regards,
> Curt Daniels
> -------
> Sent from my iPhone
> Curt Daniels
> 719-313-3328
> curtdaniels31@gmail.com
> On Oct 19, 2012, at 9:00 AM, mc moore wrote:
>> Ok just wanted to make sure nothing is been left out. I will be buying
>> this for $5,390 and i would be making use of a shipping company to
>> have this picked up from you and have it delivered to me.Further
>> arrangements will be made with you in regards to the pick up once i
>> have paid you.I would appreciate if you email me with more pictures
>> too since i won't be seeing this in person
>> On 10/19/12, Curt Daniels wrote:
>>> Sir / Ma'dam,
>>> I have attached the full CARFAX vehicle history report for your review.
>>> I'm a bit confused by your second question...I live in Cambridge, MA.
>>> Are
>>> you unable to pick the vehicle up yourself? The price is $5,395.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Curt Daniels
>>> 719-313-3328
>>> curtdaniels31@gmail.com
>>> On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 9:38 AM, mc moore
>>> wrote:
>>>> whats the service history and also how much are you looking to sell
>>>> for if i pick up from you?
>>>> On 10/19/12, Curt Daniels wrote:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> Thank you for your text message, and yes, my 2002 Jeep Liberty is
>>>>> still
>>>> up
>>>>> for sale. We just placed it on the market last night.
>>>>> I am available any time today after 3:00pm if you would like to come
>>>> take a
>>>>> look. I can also show you the car any time tomorrow or throughout the
>>>>> weekend. Just let me know what works best for your schedule.
>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>> Curt Daniels
>>>>> (719) 313-3328

Hey guys,

Watch out for "Paypal Scammer"

James Parkers

Phone: 6464810922 <-- Probably uses some texting service with fake number. which is why he wants you to email him back on personal email.

email: hjames473@hotmail.com

Wanted to buy without seeing. Refused to talk on phone. Only will use paypal. SCAM

I cannot believe how many people try to scam us. I literally finished updating the add and posted it and suddenly the texts started flying in from a couple of sources. So far these are the ones i've received from a number of dates
Phone: 92466601
Phone: 3074647390
Phone: 6465801961
Phone: 2082529045

I hope this info helps you all.

yes text messages scams are common nowadays.. and sometimes people might become fool.. so its better to avoid such messages in spite of responding them...

I got a text from the supposed marine engineer, too. Address was TBrendan@gmail. Here is the email I got back.

Brendan Taylor
Oct 28 (1 day ago)

to me
Thanks for getting back to me on this.I'm seriously interested in this
posted AD and i will really love to purchase it right away. Kindly put
off the ad right away and consider me as your favorite buyer.I'm
buying it for my vacation,cos i'll be coming soon from our rig, am a
petroleum engineer and am on a rig offshore,i won't be able to come
for the inspection due to my work basis...,I will need this following
details so i can proceed with the payment right away.
Are you the first owner :
I will like to know if this vehicle has been involved in any accident before :
What is your reason for selling it?
Your PayPal email Address:
Last price:
I'm sorry, just want to be sure about the sale before i proceed

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