Fraud Prevention Tips

We have put together a list of tips to help protect consumers from any fraudulent ads that may have made it onto the site and other internet scams when it comes to buying or selling a car on-line.

  1. If an ad is too good to be true it probably is.
  2. Never purchase a vehicle without seeing it first.
  3. Do not wire money domestically or internationally. Once you send a wire you will not be able to recall that wire.
  4. Beware of sellers who refuse to meet in person or don't allow the seller and buyer to meet in person.
  5. If a seller requires the buyer to wire the money to a Western Union or any another financial institution, walk away from the deal.
  6. If a seller promises you eBay Protection Programs walk away. eBay Protection Programs do not cover vehicle purchases made on websites such as
  7. If a seller wants the buyer to use Google Checkout, walk away from the deal. This is another attempt of the fraudster to get the seller to wire them money for a vehicle.
  8. does not offer a Vehicle Protection Program (VPP) or any type of insurance on the sale of a vehicle.
  9. does not have vehicle inventory.
  10. does not send out Payment Invoice Transactions.
  11. is not an escorw service.
  12. Sometimes fraudsters use email addresses that look similar to one that might use to look more legitimate. Here is an example of a fraudulent email address,
  13. If a seller pushes for a speedy completion of a transaction because they are being deployed, moving to another country, transferring for work, or getting a divorce exercise extreme caution.
  14. Even though an ad lists a VIN, always check the VIN on the vehicle to make sure it matches the VIN on the ad before purchasing the vehicle.
  15. If a buyer wants to send a check or cashier's check for more than the amount of the vehicle and wants you to send them the difference do not accept the payment. The check or cashier's check is probably counterfeit. Home | About | Employment Opportunities | Become a Dealer Mobile | Búsqueda de Carros Usados en Español | Facebook LogoBecome a Fan

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