Western Union Fraud

Please refrain from using Western Union for ANY transaction. We recommend meeting with the seller with the title of the car.

If you really like the car but you don't trust an escrow, I have something SAFE and fast for you because I want you to be sure that you will receive the car and I hope we will collaborate in the future too. You will make the $1900 transfer to my location(Leeds, United Kingdom) but not to my name (you will use your best friends name for example George Bush as receiver's name) so you can be sure that I will not pick up the money until you get the car; so you make a deposit at Western Union and you will give me the transfer's details (SENDER'S NAME AND MTCN) so I can check that the deposit was made.
After I verify it I will book a flight and meet you. Only after you will receive the car and check it if it OK, you will have to change the receiver's name of the transfer to my name so I can collect my money. So until you will have the car in your hands the money will be deposited on your best friend's name at Western Union Agency. I think it is better to not inform Western Union that you will change the receivers name in a few days because it is possible they ask you to pay the fees twice (fees that are quite big for such an amount),also when you go to a Western Union office to make the transfer,please don't tell there the reason you send the money because here in this country I must pay some additional taxes when I receive the funds. Please say you send the money to your friends or to your partner.
If you agree with these terms, let me know and I will be more than glad to start and complete the transaction with you. Thank you and I hope that you will have the pleasure to drive this car.
I am waiting your answer ASAP.
Thank you and kindly regards!


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There is a new fraud Western Union is engaging in. It is quite cute and it works like this.

The sender sends money from the U.S. In my particular case it was from the Stop and Shop, Woodbury New York. The sender asks for the "Money Transfer Control Number." The application for the receiver notes this on the form as "Money Transfer Control Number(if available)"

The Western Union agent at the Stop and Shop doesn't have a clue about the "Money Transfer Control Number" but proceeds to get on the phone and after twenty minutes returns and says everything is "kosher" you don't need a Money Transfer Control Number, the person recieving the money just needs to show proper ID.

Well, if you are sending money to Thailand, as in my particualar case, Western Union Thailand won't lift a finger to find the transfer without the number. The transfer sits in Western Unions bank for how long? Perhaps the sender and reciever give up and then what happens to the money?

The transfer is advertised as getting to the sender in hours. It has now been 4 days and nobody has a clue where the funds are because there is no Money Transfer Control Number "(if available)"

In times of recession the fraud just get bigger and bigger. Western Union is such a brand name how could they engage is such scams? I guess I will have to send a letter to Bernie Madoff to get his opinion.

See below example of a Seller (Arno Zeith) of a Saab Cabrio 9.3. This was also a fake Seller!!!

Hello there ,

As you already know I am in England now and the car is also with me in England.
This was my personal car in Germany and I do not need it anymore here because i have liquidated my affairs in Germany.

Here is how we can start this deal together :

~ I do not need NO advance payment done to me until we meet and you see my car and inspect it ! ~

But because i will have to bring the car to you first , i can not put myself on the road until i will have a warranty that will prove me that you are really serious !

~ Here is EXACTLY how I propose you to make a safe deal :

1.You must go to the nearest Western Union service ( this is a cash transfer service - www.westernunion.com ) this service is found inside all bank offices or postal offices .
2.You must deposit 30% of the price of the car ( 3500 euro ) as a warranty of your good intentions !


~~ Example ~~

Receiver : Your best friend name

Address: Just put England as country and as address

3. You will provide me only Sender name and MTCN number , but the Receiver name you will not give it to me !!

4.After you deposit the money you will receive a receipt ( your Send Money Form - paper copy ) - you must scan it and send it back to me in Jpeg-format. In this way I can make sure that the warranty has been deposited correctly and I will see you don't want to cheat me !

~ I had previous bad experiences that force me to take this kind of methods ~

5.Once I received the scanned receipt from you and i see all is ok , I will IMMEDIATELY bring the car to your location in order to meet in 2 days Max.
6.After i will come to you , you will inspect the car and all its papers.
7.If all is OK, we will have to go at Western Union and cancel the warranty transfer and you give me the Total Amount ( if you do not like my car , you will not purchase it - i will not ask no money ! )

~~~ And our deal ends there ! ~~~

~ It's a very simple and safe deal for both of us !
~ Your big advantage: you can inspect the car before you pay me the money directly and also i will have a little warranty to see and reassure me of your seriousness !

If this is ok for you please call me fast or email me asap !

Here's my phone no. : 0044 703 180 3080 ( Monday to Friday 8AM to 8PM )

I'll wait for your answer.

Yours sincerely,

Check this one out! They wanted me to send them money in exactly the same way! Now, how do they get to STEAL the electronic transfer?? (it is in spanish but it is exactly the same scheme). BE CAREFUL CAR BUYERS!

senior galo,
para mas seguridad, ud puede cubrir el nombre y solo dar a mi la ficha del deposito con el numero de transferencia y con el nombre suyo para verificarlo en la linea.
espero por ud

From: galorosas@interiorismo.com.mx
To: h3l3mo@live.com
Subject: Re: Consulta - aviso en Adoos
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 11:55:15 -0500

Hola Helena

Entiendo su desconfianza. Como usted comprendera a mi tambien me gustaria verificar que el automovil existe y que es legal.
Yo le propongo que en lugar del plazo de 3 dias para la revision del auto que usted me ofrece, simplemente maneje usted el coche a la agencia BMW en Durham para una rapida revision en la computadora que no tomara mas de una hora y que por supuesto yo pagaria por adelantado desde Mexico con mi tarjeta de credito. Yo ya he contactado al distribuidor y unicamente necesitamos fijar una fecha para la revision. De ese modo yo podría pagar el auto por anticipado a la compañia de transporte, en las condiciones que la misma compañia fije.

Elvet BMW
Broomside Park
Belmont Industrial Estate
Tel:0845 128 6395

Le envio un cordial saludo y espero sus comentarios.

Galo Rosas

On Jul 16, 2009, at 7:01 AM, Helena Morales wrote:

Senior Galo,
Acerca de la factura y los datos que ud me pide,no se me hace seguro mandarsela por este medio por las falcificaciones.
Con gusto les envio los datos que me pide, pero necesito saber si dispone de una cantidad, 60 000 pesos para enviar los datos que me pide.
He investigado con mis amigos que trabajan en la policia y me recomienderon esto:
En una oficina de correo existe una oficina de western union. en la oficina de western union le dices a la empleado que deseas realisar una transferencia:
al nombre de remitente, la persona que realiza la transferencia, ponga ud sus datos
al nombre de beneficiario, la persona que recibira el dinero pones el nombre de su padre o hermano(qualquier familiar), y con mi direccion que es: Woodhouses Street 21, ciudad: durham, codigo: pa34aa, pais: england, o solo pones el pais england,sin mi direccion, para que yo verifica el deposito de los 60 000 pesos en la linea. y despues que el deposito esta echo, me enviaras las ficha del deposito escaneado y yo lo verifico en la linea. despues que lo verificare, y es todo en orden, ud podria retirar la cantidad depositada sin problemas, y despues seguiremos con el trato.
espero por una respuesta de ud.

how can someone collect the money without prove of id? this is considerate bridge of contact on the western union side of things and they should take on full responsibility instead of saying they are not liable. why make people pay so much transfer fee,if it does not include security of our money. This is fraud within the western union.

Unfortunately I haven't seen this page before. I've got an email about a good deal, to buy a car. I sent €3800 to my fiance, and the cheater collected it. How is it possible? I didn't give her/him the details, she/he didn't know the MTCN number, and the names. How could it happen? And the Western Union doesn't do anything, because in their opinion this is my responsibility. It was the email:

Hello Erika,
Thank you for your reply. As I allready explained , I live in USA and I will go to Liverpool only for this deal.
The car is not far from the airport, but if you don't know Liverpool at all, I can wait for you at the airport.
I could meet you there this weekend, if that is ok for you too, but I have to be sure that you are serious, because I have a long way ...from USA to UK .
So here are my conditions:
I won't ask for any money in advance, but you must reserve the car and I will come only if you are decided to buy it .And as a warranty that you really want to buy the car and that you have the money (in cash) for the car, I require that you arrange a payed deposit on your name , for the price of the car ( 3800 euro). Regarding the deposit, there is a service very fast and easy to use, named Western Union. It is used for sending cash money . All that you have to do is to ask a friend or family to go to Western Union with the cash and to send it to Liverpool, to your name as receiver.
Your friend will be the sender and you will be the receiver in Liverpool.
(I ask you to do this because I want to be 100 % sure that you will be there and you will be ready to buy it because last week I went to Liverpool for nothing. A man from Dublin told me that he wants to meet me and buy it , so I went to Liverpool, but he never came and never answered to my emails .)
After you make the transfer, I want you to send me an email with the scan of the receipt , so I can check with Western Union and if the transfer is ok, I will come to Liverpool to close the deal.
You will verify the documents and test the car and we will make the sale documents. Then we will go to a Western Union office, you will take the money and pay me.
PS: I told you that someone else must be the sender, not you, because some Western Union offices do not give you the money if the receiver is also sender.
Regarding the transfer fees, you will deduce them from the total amount,So that you won't pay nothing more ,just the price that we agreed ( for example 3700 euro+ fees 100 euro= 3800).
This transfer is also good for you because you avoid the risk of a traveling with the money in pocket.
Let me know if this is OK with you as soon as possible , let me know if I should reserve the car for you.

Thank you,
Ann Hand

Don't believe in anybody!!!!!

A business (also called a company, enterprise or firm) is a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers.

Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, most being privately owned and formed to earn profit that will increase the wealth of its owners and grow the business itself. The owners and operators of a business have as one of their main objectives the receipt or generation of a financial return in exchange for work and acceptance of risk. Notable exceptions include cooperative enterprises and state-owned enterprises. Businesses can also be formed not-for-profit or be state-owned.

The etymology of "business" relates to the state of being busy either as an individual or society as a whole, doing commercially viable and profitable work. The term "business" has at least three usages, depending on the scope — the singular usage (above) to mean a particular company or corporation, the generalized usage to refer to a particular market sector, such as "the music business" and compound forms such as agribusiness, or the broadest meaning to include all activity by the community of suppliers of goods and services. However, the exact definition of business, like much else in the philosophy of business, is a matter of debate.

Very good blog! Thanks!



Hello Mrs Desislava,

We confirm the meeting for Friday at 2:00 p.m. in Koblenz (Hauptbahnhof).
We want to be sure that you will come to the meeting in Koblenz and we will not drive all the way for nothing. We will come there just for the meeting with you and it will be a problem for us if you will not appear to the meeting.

I spoke with my wife about this and we have a proposal for you. We will come to the meeting as we agreed in the case that our proposal will be accepted. Please read carefully in order to understand our point of view.

My wife will go tomorrow to the Postkantoor (Postbank in the Netherlands). She will do a transfer of 3,500 eur to my name, to Germany (Koblenz) using Western Union Service. I will take the money back from Postbank in Koblenz on Friday when we will meet. We will send you the transfer document as soon as it will be done. This will be our proof that we will come to Koblenz to meet you. I will have to take the money back and I will have to come there.
We want the same thing from you. You can go to the Postbank there in your city and transfer 3,500 eur to your boyfriend's name using Western Union Service. It is an international service and you will not need a bank account. It is a transfer from a person to a person. The transfer is instant. Your boyfriend will take the money back from Postbank in Koblenz at the moment when we will meet. Your transfer document will be the proof that you and your boyfriend will come to the meeting in Koblenz. You will send us the document after the transfer will be done.

We will meet and you will check the car. We will go to Postbank where we will take our money back. Mr Hristo will take your money back by presenting his id card. If you will decide to buy the car, you will pay me in cash.
This transfer in Postbank will cost you 140 eur. We will pay you back 140 eur at the moment when we will meet. You will have no lose in the case that you will not buy the car.

Please think about this. We just want to be sure that the driving to Koblenz will not be in vain. If you do not accept our proposal we will not come there. It is a risk which we want to avoid. We will wait for your message/decision!

Roland & Irene Heijdeman


Hello Mrs Desislava,

Do not understand us wrong. It is not something personal.
We asked you for this because we had a bad experience one month ago. We posted the car for sale and we drove to Frankfurt/Main to meet a man from Munich. He didn't come to the meeting and we lost money/time.
My wife is afraid that this might happen again to us.

You are right that you or us can take the money back from Postbank before we will meet but our agreement is that we will meet on Friday in Koblenz and there we will take the money back. If you take the money back before we will meet, the agreement will be broken and we will not pay you back the transfer taxes (140 eur).

You can do the transfer to your boyfriend's name also from Osnabrück. You have to go there in Postbank and ask to use Western Union Service to send some money to your boyfriend's name. You will have to complete a document with some details: your name, your address, your boyfriend's name, his address, amount to send (3,500 eur), tel number, ... You will give the completed document, your id card and the money in cash to the Postbank employee. The transfer will be processed within 5-10 minutes and you will receive back your id card and the document which confirms that the transfer to your boyfriend's name has been done!

As you can see, it is not a complicated procedure. My wife will do the similar transfer to my name. We want to offer you the same "guarantee" that we demand from you!

Inform us what is your decision as we need to know what we will have to do next!

Roland & Irene Heijdeman


I sincerely hope you read this and reply to me at racdan@comcast.net
I saw a girl on singlesnet.com. Her name turned out to be Juliana. Also uses the name: Mensah., Mercy Mensah. Mercy Spizzy, Juliana Alhassan, your mail is: mercymensah@live.com. She lives (or so she says) in Accra, Ghana. It turned out to be a scam and I have since found several sites on the internet that prove it. Her name and number is all over the internet along with her accomplice. Seduces and then asks for money to Western Union, Ghana, Acra, and zipcode 00233, Juliana Alhassan

Fort Lauderdale, FL

westren union has many positives.There are some bad reviews and some good reviews about any firm.



my mom just got taken for $300.00, someone called pretending to be her nephew with an emergency, with a friends name to send the money to, and it was a false nephew, they took the money and then we verified, and it was a lie but it was to late, but we have the name of the person that collected the money, they had to show some kind of I.D.we sent it from Hanford to Tijuana Mex. the name who collected the money is MONICA JANETTE ORTIZ ALVARES. SENDER MARTIN SANDOVAL card #297154626


Kraig Martin

There are a lot of money transfer done on this name.beware all Block this guy from receiving any western unions.


Someone just tried to do this to me. The mails :

The registration is already cancelled in Germany so all we have to do is to go to one public notary and make the sales contract after that you can take the car with my plates numbers and go home without a problem. The car have also insurance for another 28 days from now. If you want to come here is my proposition you must go to a Western Union agent( you can find one in each postal office ) and you must put 4000EUR of the money there to your name to UK, London or YOU will ask a friend to come with you to Western Union Office. HE will make a transfer so that HE will be the sender and YOU will be the receiver. YOU will receive the money from Western Union in UK,London So the address of the receiver will be UK,London(In this way i`ll be sure that you`ll be in London and that you`ll buy the car) in the moment that you have made the transfer you must send me a scan copy of the paper (receipt) from Western Union (if u have this money or not), after that i will meet with you here, when you`ll come here will check and see that all is alright and in working condition. Then we can go both to a Western Union agent here and get the money.
I ask you that because i have allot of inquires on it and i will keep the car for you.As you see this method is a secure one because you cannot lose your money and I don't lose my time. You cannot lose your money because they will be on your name and you are the only person able to pick them up.
With this deposit you proof me that you are a serious person and you want to buy my car.As regarding the money transfer fess you don't have to worry at all because they will be deducted from the final amount, so they will be payed by me.
if u agree with this please contact me asap.

Hope no one get into this and really trust such requests.

Just forget to add to my previous post - the guy actually had all the papers of the car and send them to me as a proof also he send me a scan of his passport, address, phone number, pictures of the car. Everything looked so true so I was not able to suspect anything until I called western union and asked them about it. They told me that this is a very common type of cheat and that I should not transfer any money ... So the phone call saved me from loosing 4000 euro. I was very lucky this time.

Ok in such cases as we trusted WU as nobody can receive the money except the receiver that we assigned and based on our experience with WU they never let you take the money without showing your ID and the MTCN,so WU are responsible and mus compensate the victim !!!

EVERYONE should REFRAIN from doing business with WESTERN UNION period. This is becoming as corrupt and immoral as the cammers who use it. There are alternative to sending and receiving money like PayPal which is much more reputable and have protection built in. With Western Union there is NO protection and they could not care less about you or your situation, only your MONEY. If the Scammers don't get it then they will. It is questionable to me whether or not Western Union is actually involved in many of these overseas scams. DO NOT USE WESTERN UNION. You may be one of the lucky ones but I would not take the chances. Find a Safe and Guranteed alternative and you will be thanking yourself later. Once you have an experience with them, you will see their unprofessional side and the fact they could not care less about you.

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