Tricked out golf cart


More People Driving Golf Carts to Save Gas

By: Sara Lacey

For some people, the solution to high gas prices is on (and off) the golf course. Many golf cart owners are becoming renegades; they’re using golf carts to run errands around town. Yay for your cleverness, people!

An article in USA Today looks at the pros and cons of driving golf carts on city streets. The pros, of course, are that drivers save gas and reduce pollution. Richard Fisher, 82, whose cart is “tricked out with seat belts, a boombox, flashing hazard light and wheel rim-spinners” — go G-Pa! — told USA Today that he drives his golf cart on Summitville, Ind., streets to save money. But there are safety issues with driving a golf cart on city streets, and in most cities it’s illegal to drive them on public roads.

It’s not just ordinary citizens who are turning to golf carts; some police departments are using golf carts to patrol parks and special events, according to USA Today. Gas City, Ind., officials recently purchased golf carts for its utility department to use when reading meters.

Most importantly, the article highlights these facts: About 20 percent of golf cart-related injuries happen at home or on public roads, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration doesn’t recognize golf carts as on-road vehicles, so they don’t meet the same federal safety standards as automobiles.

It’ll be interesting to see where golf carts will go in the next few years. Will manufacturers start putting in airbags, Latch connectors and seat belts? Some of our very own Mother Proofers have seen golf carts decked out with child-safety seats strapped to the back. Hmm, we might be on to something here. 


As a child I spent some time in golf carts. With grandpa at the golf course. With the other grandpa who used to fix them and let us kids "test" drive them. Everything about them brings back fun memories and makes me want to go buy one right now. However, what will we do in the winter? Add a little heat and traction control and I'm in.

Posted by: Sherrice | Aug 5, 2008 7:12:41 AM

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