Recall Alert: 2013-2014 Infiniti M35, 2014 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid, Q70 Hybrid


Vehicles Affected: More than 6,500 model-year 2013-14 Infiniti M35h hybrid luxury sedans manufactured between April 7, 2012, and Sept. 9, 2013; model-year 2014 Q50 Hybrid luxury sedans manufactured between Dec. 10, 2012, and July 15, 2014; and model-year 2014-15 Q70 Hybrid sedans manufactured between April 9, 2010, and May 7, 2014

The Problem: Due to a software error, if the signal is lost from one of the two throttle position sensors, the engine control module will go into a fail-safe mode, partially closing the throttle chamber. If the lost signal is restored, the throttle chamber may open regardless of the position signal from the throttle position sensors; this could cause the vehicle to gradually accelerate unexpectedly, increasing the risk of a crash.

The Fix: Infiniti manufacturer Nissan will begin notifying owners in mid-November, and dealers will reprogram the engine control module for free.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call Nissan at 800-647-7261, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more info.

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By Matt Schmitz | November 5, 2014 | Comments (0)

Most-Watched Videos of the Week

Four newcomers shook things up in the top five on this week's most-watched videos list, led by Editor Mark Williams' introduction of the 2014 Ford F-150 Tremor at No. 1. Williams got an up-close look at the Tremor recently at the Michigan International Speedway. Although Williams didn't get to drive it, he did sit in the passenger seat as professional driver Brad Keselowski took it for a couple of exciting laps in the No. 3 video. Meanwhile, the 2013 BMW X1 and 2014 Kia Cadenza bowed at Nos. 2 and 5, respectively. Check out what was popular:

1. 2014 Ford F-150 Tremor
2. 2013 BMW X1
3. Brad Keselowski — 2014 Ford F-150 Tremor
4. 2013 Infiniti M35h

5. 2014 Kia Cadenza

By Matt Schmitz | August 24, 2013 | Comments (1)

Most-Watched Videos of the Week

The 2014 Fiat 500L moved up through the ranks since last week to land in the No. 1 spot on this week's list of most-watched videos. Two other holdovers from last week, the 2014 Toyota Tundra and 4Runner, checked in at Nos. 2 and 3, while newcomer the 2013 Infiniti M35h debuted in fourth. Check out what was popular:

1. 2014 Fiat 500L
2. 2014 Toyota Tundra

3. 2014 Toyota 4Runner
4. 2013 Infiniti M35h
5. 2013 Light-Duty Challenge

By Matt Schmitz | August 17, 2013 | Comments (0)

2013 Infiniti M35h Video

The 2013 Infiniti M35h gets 38% better fuel economy than the gas-only M37, yet costs only 12% more. Sounds great, says reviewer Mike Hanley, but it's still going to take you a decidedly pokey eight years to realize any financial advantage from this luxury hybrid. Meanwhile, you'll contend with the sort of finicky, unrefined driving not uncommon among hybrids of a lesser pedigree. That said, the M35h gets going swiftly, rides comfortably and provides all of the interior amenities you'd expect for the price; watch the video and decide if it's enough to justify the delayed payback.

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2013 Infiniti M35h: Test Car Gallery
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By Matt Schmitz | August 14, 2013 | Comments (0)

2013 Infiniti M35h: Family Checklist


The powerful 2013 Infiniti M35h is a performance hybrid that seemingly allows you to have your cake and eat it, too. Great, right? Well, no. Driving this hybrid proved to be more frustrating than fulfilling. My kids enjoyed its roomy backseat, but that's not enough to make me want to buy it.

The hybrid version of Infiniti's flagship M sedan has good looks and posh amenities. And it has a 3.5-liter V-6 that's paired to a 50-kilowatt electric motor to make a total of 360 horsepower.

All of that power in a hybrid sounds awesome. However, as I navigated highways and construction-filled city streets, I felt as though I was herding the M35h through traffic more than actually driving it. The Infiniti's fully electronic steering system may have been the culprit. While Infiniti proudly claims this system helps avoid a "detached steering feel," I would argue it was either touchy and unpredictable or soft and unresponsive. This was one test drive where I was happy the model I tested had lane departure warning and lane departure prevention systems to help me out. It's a large vehicle, so it was surprising it seemed so squirrelly.

By Sara Lacey | July 31, 2013 | Comments (1)

2013 Infiniti M35h: Test Car Gallery

2013InfinitiM35hTestCar reviewer Kristen Varela called her 2013 Infiniti M35h test car "the least hybrid-like hybrid" she's ever driven. Varela found it so smooth and comfortable, powerful, yet efficient, that she could see herself forgetting that the rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan she was driving was a hybrid. Indeed, the 360-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6/lithium-ion battery combo, mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission, places it between the gas-only V-6 and V-8 versions, but with substantially greater fuel economy than either at an estimated 27/32 mpg city/highway; that's in addition to a combined 457 pounds-feet of torque between the engine and battery.

By Matt Schmitz | July 24, 2013 | Comments (0)

2013 Infiniti M35h: Car Seat Check


Infiniti's flagship five-passenger sedan, the M, comes in three models: the M56 with a V-8 engine, the M37 with a V-6 and the M35h, a V-6-powered hybrid. Though the names are slightly different, the interior's dimensions remain the same. For our Car Seat Check, we tested the 2013 M35h.

By Jennifer Newman | July 16, 2013 | Comments (2) Reviews the 2013 Infiniti M35h


Soda drinkers typically judge a diet soda's quality based on one key factor: how close it tastes to the sugary version. reviewer Kristin Varela applies a similar test to the hybrid driving experience, and the 2013 Infiniti M35h suits her palate fine. The quintessentially Infiniti-styled sedan suffers little acceleration lag while boasting horsepower comparable to gas-only versions. You might even forget you're driving a hybrid, if not for the nameplate's "h." If "smooth as butter" driving isn't enough, read Varela's review to see if she can sell you on the Infiniti's fuel diet.

2013 Infiniti M35h Review
By Matt Schmitz | January 11, 2013 | Comments (0)

Infiniti to Rename Entire Lineup Q or QX


Infiniti, one of the last luxury holdouts to have model numbers that actually indicate engine size — as opposed to BMW, Mercedes and Lexus — will rename its entire lineup using Q or QX monikers starting with the 2014 model year.

Luxury brands like Volvo, Audi and Lincoln have similar conventions; Infiniti President Johan de Nysschen headed up Audi of America until last spring. Citing the need for "a new identity and direction to promote consumer familiarity with our model range as we expand the portfolio," he laid out plans to begin the shift "in logical stages" starting with the 2014 model year.

Among Infiniti's SUVs, the EX35 becomes the QX50, the JX35 will be the QX60, the FX35/50 will be the QX70 and the QX56 will be the QX80.

Among the brand's cars, the G25/37 sedan becomes the Q50, which debuts in redesigned form at next month's Detroit auto show. It’s essentially the next G with a new name. The G37 coupe and convertible become the Q60, and the M37/56 becomes the Q70.

By Kelsey Mays | December 17, 2012 | Comments (15)

Infiniti Boasts World's Fastest Hybrid

Do hybrid buyers have a need for speed? It seems counterintuitive, but Infiniti thinks so. The automaker recently crowned its M hybrid sedan the world's fastest hybrid. Nissan's luxury arm pitted its M35h against the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid in a drag race.

During a 90-second video called "The Duel," the M leaves the Panamera in a cloud of dust and beats it to the finish line. Infiniti lists an 11.5-second zero-to-100-mph acceleration time and a quarter-mile time of 13.4 seconds for its hybrid. The automaker says a third-party testing company confirmed the results, which have also been certified by Guinness World Records.

Infiniti didn't say how much gas was wasted in racing these two hybrids, however.

Watch the video here:

By Jennifer Geiger | January 26, 2012 | Comments (0)

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