2015 Audi A8 L TDI: Real-World Fuel Economy


Big luxury cars are great. If you haven't actually had the chance to drive one, go try that 5-year-old Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the dealership's used-car section the next time you're there to buy a new Camry. But big luxury cars often come with other big things — big weight, big engines and quite a thirst for fuel. This is starting to change, however, as more of these large luxury cars start to feature alternative-fuel powertrains like the long-wheelbase 2015 Audi A8 L TDI and its turbocharged diesel V-6 engine.

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German automakers have been at the forefront of diesel technology in passenger cars with all of them offering some form of it, and the fuel economy gains are significant. A standard Audi A8 L with the supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine is rated at 19/29/22 mpg city/highway/combined. Not bad for such a big car. Move up to the turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 and your mileage drops to 18/29/22 mpg, a nearly identical rating. Splurge for the slick W-12 engine and you'll get only 14/22/17 mpg. But tick the diesel box and your big, comfy A8 L could return 24/36/28 mpg. The combined city/highway rating is 27 percent higher than that of the base engine.

Those are some impressive numbers for a vehicle this big and heavy, but are they realistic in real-world driving? We loaded an A8 L TDI with three people and some weekend luggage for a fall-color tour of southern Ontario earlier this year.

By Aaron Bragman | December 23, 2014 | Comments (15)

Audi Prologue Concept Photo Gallery (21 Photos)


The Audi Prologue, which bowed today at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, is more than just a flashy concept: It's likely a preamble to the luxury brand's future design direction. Based off the A8 platform, the concept coupe is long and wide with a rounded roofline and bulging fenders, while its gaping shield grille calls to mind a Ford Fusion.

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Inside is a touch-sensitive display panel that spans the entire dashboard, enabling front passengers to operate vehicle systems as opposed to just the driver. Moreover, Cars.com reviewer Aaron D. Bragman said from on the scene that cabin appointments are "certainly different than any current Audi interior, and it's quite attractive."

Check out the gallery below; Cars.com photos by Evan Sears.

By Matt Schmitz | November 19, 2014 | Comments (3)

Top 10 Features for Showoffs


Prefacing any great show-off moment is the phrase, "Hey, watch this." That's what Cars.com editors imagined when picking the greatest show-off features in new cars. What's surprising is the sheer number of over-the-top features surely wild enough to impress even the most non-interested parties. Want to set off car alarms in a parking garage or attract the attention of everyone who sets eyes on your car up to a mile away? This list has what it takes to be the center of attention.

By Joe Bruzek | October 13, 2014 | Comments (3)

Cyber-Security Experts Name 'Most-Hackable' Cars


We'll get right to the point, as time is of the essence in this fast-paced new world of connected cars and cybersecurity anxiety: You may be driving one of the "Most Hackable" cars as designated by researchers. On Wednesday, Twitter security engineer Charlie Miller and Christopher Valasek, director of Security Intelligence at computer security firm IOActive, presented a study at the 2014 Black Hat USA security conference in Las Vegas, identifying popular car models they determined to be the vehicles most vulnerable to a remote cyber-attack.

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The top three Most Hackable vehicles are:

By Matt Schmitz | August 7, 2014 | Comments (1)

2015 Audi A8 and S8 at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show


Competes with: BMW 7 Series, Jaguar XJ and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
Looks like: Audi's flagship gets a slight makeover
Drivetrain: 333-hp, supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine; 240-hp, turbo-diesel 3.0-liter V-6; 435-hp, twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 with cylinder- deactivation technology; 500-hp, 6.3-liter 12-cylinder; 520-hp, twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 engine (S8); all pair with an eight-speed automatic transmission
Hits dealerships: Summer 2014

Audi's already luxurious and stylish flagship sedan is getting a makeover for 2015 with a horsepower bump and updated front- and rear-end styling. Both the regular 2015 Audi A8 and its performance-oriented S8 sibling make their debuts at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

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By Jennifer Geiger | January 10, 2014 | Comments (0)

2014 Audi A8 L TDI Cars.com Review


The 2014 Audi A8 L TDI courts hyperbole on many levels. The full-size luxury sedan is enormous and boatlike with decadent interior comfort. Then there's its fuel economy (at least for its size) of 24/36 mpg city/highway and its 856.8-mile range. Both double-take-inducing. Perhaps most ridiculous of all, a torque-heavy turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel propels it to 60 mph briskly considering the mass, but without reminding occupants of its diesel powertrain — Cars.com reviewer Joe Bruzek says they might wonder if the engine's even running at a stop. Read Bruzek's review below.

2014 Audi A8 L TDI Review

By Matt Schmitz | December 17, 2013 | Comments (1)

2014 Audi A8 L TDI Video

If full-size luxury sedans are from Mars and fuel-sipping diesels are from Venus, the best-of-both-worlds 2014 Audi A8 L TDI claims dual planetary citizenship. Cars.com reviewer Joe Bruzek says the A8 TDI looks identical to last year's gasoline model, but couldn't be more alien with its fuel economy of 24/36 mpg city/highway and 850-mile range. That's more astounding when you consider that those four-cylinder midsize-sedan figures are for a powerful, 4,500-pound behemoth priced for buyers who needn't worry about fuel costs but for whom extravagant comfort is of utmost concern.

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Audi Announces Pricing for 2014 A8 L TDI
Video: Diesel Pump Anxiety

By Matt Schmitz | November 15, 2013 | Comments (0)

Move Over Laptops; Touchpads Are on the Rise in Cars


A budding group of automakers is embracing something that's ubiquitous outside the car: the humble touchpad. Popularized by laptops since the 1990s, the touchpad is everywhere, including in more and more cars.

We first saw Audi incorporate a touchpad with its Multi Media Interface, thereafter dubbed MMI Touch, in November 2009, and we got a hands-on look just six weeks later. MMI Touch augmented MMI with map scrolling and character recognition, which helped with writing-intense functions like navigation entries. MMI Touch debuted on the A8 (pictured above) and subsequent S8 sedans, and Audi has since thrown it in the new A7/S7 and redesigned A6/S6.

In 2012, BMW joined the fray with iDrive Touch, and Mercedes-Benz is close behind with the 2015 C-Class, which mounts a touchpad above the control knob to operate the Comand multimedia system. Lexus is joining the party too; its forthcoming RC Concept adapts a touchpad to the brand's Remote Touch Interface. Touchpads buck the trend in multimedia systems for touch-screens or control knobs — but seldom both. How shoppers will react? For now, the sample size is still too small.

By Kelsey Mays | November 12, 2013 | Comments (2)

2014 Audi A8 L: Car Seat Check


Audi's flagship sedan probably isn't the first vehicle on family shoppers' lists, but the 2014 A8 L's extra roomy backseat might have some parents giving it a look. The long-wheelbase version of the A8 adds 5.1 inches to the wheelbase, which translates into 42.9 inches of rear legroom. The regular A8 has 38.7 inches of rear legroom. Given the A8 L's starting price — $81,795 including an $895 destination fee and a $2,100 gas-guzzler tax — most parents will look elsewhere for a full-size sedan that can handle their child-safety seats.

How many car seats fit in the second row? Two

By Jennifer Newman | November 7, 2013 | Comments (0)

Recall Alert: 2013-2014 Audi S6, S7, A8 and S8


Vehicles Affected: Approximately 3,594 model-year 2013-14 Audi S6 and S7 vehicles and approximately 1,120 A8 and S8 vehicles

The Problem: A manufacturing issue may cause certain model-year 2013-14 S6 and S7s equipped with 4.0-liter engines to leak fuel. This could lead to a fire.

By Jennifer Geiger | October 29, 2013 | Comments (0)

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