Chevrolet Prices 2015 Corvette Z06 at $78,995


The high-performance Corvette Z06 is back for 2015 with an entry-level price not horribly inflated compared to the previous-generation Z06, and that's a welcome surprise for those waiting to buy one. The new 650-horsepower Z06 is the most-powerful production car GM has ever produced; it starts at $78,995 with destination for a coupe and $83,995 for the newly available convertible Z06.

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The entry price seems like a bargain at just $2,400 more than the outgoing 2013 Z06 considering there's 145 more hp, a 20 percent stiffer aluminum chassis plus technology and quality strides made inside the car.

For 2015, two new items stand out as oddities given the Z06's history: one being the Z06 offered as a convertible, and the other being the new eight-speed automatic transmission said to offer world-class shift-response rivaling dual-clutch automatic transmissions. The automatic adds $1,725 to the Z06's tally and is perhaps one of the more interesting new options on the 2015 Z06. We recently tested the eight-speed transmission in the base 2015 Corvette Stingray.

Standard equipment includes the aforementioned 650-hp, supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 paired with the seven-speed manual transmission, plus tons of Z06-specific performance features compared to the base Corvette Stingray. An adjustable magnetic ride control suspension, 8-inch MyLink touch-screen, keyless access, backup camera and power tilt/telescoping steering wheel are part of the entry-level 1LZ trim.

The Corvette's 2LZ trim adds $3,270 for a premium stereo, head-up display and heated and cooled seats, while the 3LZ adds $8,650 and includes the 2LZ content plus a sueded microfiber trim package, navigation and more.

Even higher-performance capabilities come with the available Z07 package adding carbon-ceramic brakes, adjustable aerodynamic components and super sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup tires. The Z07 package also adds $7,995 to the Z06's price. A $2,995 Carbon Fiber Ground Effects Package enhances high-speed stability with a functional carbon fiber front splitter, rocker panels and larger rear spoiler.

The 2015 Corvette Z06 is expected to go on sale in early 2015. photo by Steven Pham



Crazy price, but so be it. Many egotrippers will go for it no matter what the price. How simple this nameplate machine was, once upon a time.
AladdinSane= O:-)

It has been priced high but it is worth it.

Ken L.

$78,995 starting price for a completely redesigned and more powerful Corvette Z06 is certainly acceptable for America's original sports car. The Vette competes with other world-class sports cars, that cost tens of thousands more, in terms of performance.


@Ken L.,
Well said. In this case, $78k appears to be a bargain.


AladdinSane, here's a good comparison for you... A 2014 Viper BASE package is 102k. Well decked out is over 130k. It has 640hp and 600 lb-ft torque. It also has an 8.4L V10 that gets only 22mpg highway (not that MPG is a big deal when looking at these cars). When you talk Audi R8 or Porsche 911 or others that compete in the same space, you're only going up from there in price.


Wow, it's a great time period in the automotive industry when a 650hp engine is their most powerful ever, yet that number isn't extremely impressive (though I'm certain that overall performance will be)

Ken S,

How can anyone complain that the price is too high. I commend and thank GM for making accessible to most Corvette lovers. I truly feel it is a bargain.

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