2015 Lexus RX 350 Review


"For 2015, the Lexus RX 350 is a soft, almost numb, car that impresses with its responsive engine and general comfort, but comes up short at offering both a rewarding driving experience and exceptional interior luxury," said Cars.com reviewer Bill Jackson. Check out Jackson’s review for more.

2015 Lexus RX 350 Expert Review

Cars.com photo by Evan Sears

By Jennifer Newman | August 4, 2014 | Comments (10)



"The RX 350 with rear drive..."
There is no rear drive RX 350, it's either front drive or all wheel drive. Also the interior is quite luxurious and better than any Honda that wears an acura badge.


Not more luxurious than the MDX, RLX and probably the TLX.

And what's the RX but a Toyota with a Lexus badge?


Actually the Lexus is more luxurious than the hondas you mention. Luxury car buyers are purchasing the RX 350 in much greater numbers than the less luxurious and slow selling mdx. The market knows better than you.

Ken L.

I agree with North on this. I had the privilege of sitting in both a RX350 and MDX, back-to-back, and their interiors are day and night. The Lexus' was softer and felt higher quality. They even used real wood. After a long day at the office, I'd would rather be in a Lexus interior.


I would willingly sacrifice a 3rd row in an MDX in order to have the luxury an RX350 offers. Im absolutely with North on this.


Bill Jackson,

Where did you get a RWD RX? Did you mean another Lexus SUV?

Ken L.

He meant FWD (Front Wheel Drive), but for some reason, the journalists over at Cars.com are not vehicle specialist; therefore, the publishing of incorrect information in vehicle reviews from time-to-time, which can lead to confusion amongst car shoppers. Luckily, these blog offers us knowledgeable guys/gals, the opportunity to chime in.

Here's another example of incorrect information (re: 2nd row seats in the GX 460), which has yet to be updated.


In their defense, I recall reading somewhere that a big portion of their editorial staff do not own a vehicle. Also, conversions from FWD to RWD is possible, but I highly doubt that was the case in his review.


The writer obviously knows it's front-wheel-drive because in every other instance he lists it as so. I think this error, while embarrassing for cars.com, is getting out of hand among you commenters.

And you don't need to name who the "picky editor" is for me to know it's Kelsey Mays. Mostly 'cause he mentioned the RX's transmission in his NX review.


My best friend has a RX and I have a RDX. The RX is a little more luxurious and somewhat better quality interior appointments overall. I like the interface with the systems better in the Acura and Acura certainly drives and handles more sporty and is quicker. But if I wanted to be really pampered and something for long distance driving I would probably chose the RX.

The MDX is Acura's best selling model. Plus the MDX actually loses sales to the RDX which is something the RX has not had to contend with. Now that the NX is coming out, I'm sure it will peel a few sales away from the RX.

You are correct, it is front-wheel drive and I made an error in my review. The error has been corrected. Thanks for reading.

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