2015 Hyundai Sonata Review


"With its redesigned 2015 Sonata sedan, Hyundai has focused less on distinguishing design statements, and more on a clean, timeless, sophisticated design with detailed engineering and thoughtful features," said Cars.com reviewer Kristin Varela. Check out Varela's review for more.

2015 Hyundai Sonata Expert Review

Cars.com photo by Evan Sears



"With its redesigned 2015 Sonata sedan, Hyundai has focused less on distinguishing design statements, and more on a clean, timeless, sophisticated design with detailed engineering and thoughtful features"

In marketing speak, that is the nicest way to say boring to look at. I've seen enough of them on the road to say that it's a definite step back in the looks department especially the pseudo-hatchback look when they pushed the C-pillar almost to the trailing edge of the trunk. Really? Some editors were impressed by the plood?


Will there be a Sonata hybrid in 2015, if so what are the changes for that model? Interesting that Hyundai is going more conservative on styling just as Camry gets more adventuresome - a bit of a role reversal.


Whatever it looks like. If you want to live, don't buy it


Wasn't there a recent recall on 800K+ Sonatas? Saw it on one of the news websites yet I have not seen it here on Cars.com. Can someone post al link? Thanks.


The rear profile of this Sonata is Panamera'ish. Overall it seems to look like a mishmash of different cars.


Hyundai is Korean GM. What can you expect form it?


Toll, which Japanese car company do you work for?

We have Santa Fe with over 100K now, and it's running great!


Tony, sorry but last time I checked, Daewoo was Korean GM. I know you're trying to be humourous, but it just sounds silly.

Whatever grudge you have against Hyundai, let it go. I don't particularly care for their cars. But all of the people I know who own one (including my parents) love them, and have had minimal trouble.

I haven't heard that from many GM, or Daewoo, owners


I have a Hyundai 2015 it's the best car I have ever had in years.


I have Protege with 195K miles and runs great. Reality check. Hyundai is not quality still. It is still value. Options for money that it is. Actually, right now the quality is at worst for them.

Daewoo is GM. Hyundai is "Korean GM". Strikes, politics, etc. They don't work for 3 months than they try to assemble more cars in the next few months to cover for missed time. There goes your quality.


this is very early in the game for you.

Guys, do you know that 2007 CRV has 50% less problems than 2012 CRV? Even though, they are much older. Don't by Mexican.


What strikes, politics, etc. are going on in Montgomery, AL? In case you didn't know, only Hyundai's "low" volume models are built in Korea. The "high" volume Sonata, Elantra, Santa Fe are built here in the good ol' US of A. Also, if there quality is so bad, what does that say about the workers down in Alabama?



"Meanwhile, a Hyundai built in Alabama actually has less domestic content than a Ford Fusion built in Mexico," Behm said. "Hyundai assembles Sonatas in Alabama, but it builds their engines and transmissions in South Korea."

I can only add that many other parts come from Korea as well.



Ha-ha. 51% of Sonata comes from Korea. US content is 48%. Yea. About American workers... When Highlander assembly moved to US, there was detected 36% more problems in the vehicles even though it was continuation of the same model rather than start from redesign.


Tony, your comment "Daewoo is GM. Hyundai is "Korean GM"." makes no sense.

You and I have had these debates in the past over Hyundai, and I don't get your deep hatred against them. I'm just curious, did you own one and have a bad experience?

I don't have one (I am happy with my '05 Ford) nor are they high on my shopping list. But essentially everyone I know who owns one has loved them. My parents '03 Santa Fe is still going along strong with 150k miles. Only the radio display has gone out.

Good for you that you own your Mazda Protege, and that you praise it like it was built by Jesus Christ himself. It is a good car; no doubt about that.

I love my Focus too, but don't feel that I should dog or belittle anyone who buys a car that I don't like or wouldn't choose to buy. It's just plain rude.

Unless you have a personal experience with Hyundai, which we'd all love to hear, then leave these poor folks alone


Crazy old Tony, he's always good for a laugh.



My best friend is mechanic. I get lots of data from him. He tells me what cars coming in, with what problems. I also trace problems cars have because I am in practically constant search for a car.
No, I don't hate Hyundai. I just think, it is overrated for what it is. I think, if you buy one, you put yourself into sticky situation. Literally. You have to stick to it because of resell.
I hope not to have personal bad experience.
Yes, what don't you understand about Korean GM? Daewoo is GM. Hyundai is Korean company that has all the attributes of US GM.
Now, recently talked to my other friend. He told me of his experience with Genesis. His words, "Looks like BMW, feels like Hyundai" :o))



If you never owned one, why don't you just STFU!

Kyle W


You said, "Hyundai is not quality still. It is still value. Options for money that it is. Actually, right now the quality is at worst for them."

Well, according to J.D. Power Hyundai is now the highest quality non-luxury brand.

Also, cars.com seems to really favor the Hyundai/ KIA brands, so maybe you need to find another automotive blog that favors Mazda, Honda, and their ilk. Mazda, by the way, came in the bottom five according to quality study.

Glad your Protoge is still crankin, though.


Kyle W,

You're incorrect.

Hyundai is below average. The graph is right in the middle of the page

I like Consumer reports better. Seems they are closer to reality:

"Japanese brands dominated, taking seven of the top eight spots. Following the three (Lexus, Acura, Audi) highest-scoring are Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, and Infiniti..."


keep trying

Kyle W


Please see the table: http://www.jdpower.com/sites/default/files/2014087-a_0.jpg

Also, Consumer Reports recommends every single Hyundai except for the Tucson

And yes, I know that Japanese brands dominate. But Hyundai has come a long way and I think you need to give them more credit for what they've done. Don't act like they're absolute crap. Look at these studies done by Consumer Reports, sure they're are a lot of Honda and Toyotas, but Hyundai/KIA is still in the mix (barely any domestic brands, though.)



Kyle W

there are*


We bought a 2015 Sonata SE in June. Like it so much, bought another, this time base sport model, in July. Great ride and nice MPG. Plus 10 year warranty.


Tony is wrong (not surprisingly).

Pretty much all Sonata but for the Sonata hybrid sold in the States are built in the 'Bama plant - which is why Sonata sales were down as Hyundai USA shifted production in favor of the Elantra with now, the reverse happening with production of the new Sonata being boosted at cost to the Elantra.

All in all, the new Sonata has gotten very favorable reviews, esp. the 1.8T Eco trim.

Hyundai went a bit too conservative with the styling but seems to have addressed the issues with the previous model.


Your statement about the "1.8T Eco trim" is wrong. The 2015 Sonata Eco uses a 1.6 liter engine.

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