2015 Honda Accord: What's Changed


Most significant changes: A few small conveniences are now available on lower trims

Price change: $150 across the board

On sale: Now

Which should you buy, 2014 or 2015? 2014

For 2015, the ninth-generation Honda Accord enters its third model year with a handful of minor changes and a $150 price hike across all trims. All the updates involve equipment: A HomeLink universal remote is now standard on four-cylinder EX-L trims, while the four-cylinder EX coupe gets the automaker's LaneWatch camera system, which was previously restricted to higher trims. Finally, an auto-dimming rearview mirror comes on the EX-L coupe.

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Those are minimal changes for a car that won Cars.com's six-car family sedan comparison in late 2012. Honda continues to offer the Accord as a coupe or sedan, with more than a dozen trim levels between the two, including a hybrid sedan. All of them are on sale now for the 2015 model year. In California and New York, Honda also markets an Accord Plug-in Hybrid, which stays in the 2014 model year for the time being. Details on the 2015 Accord Plug-in Hybrid are still forthcoming, spokesman Chris Naughton told us.

Editor's note: This post was updated on Aug. 20 to reflect more details on the Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid.

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Doug A

The LaneWatch camera was available in the EX trim for 2014, so no change there.

Doug A,
Yes in the sedan. The reference above is regarding the coupe.

Doug A

Do you know if there are any additional colors for the manual transmission EX or LX besides last year's silver or grey?



Good thing about Honda's website is that they are so up to date as soon as the vehicles begins to sell.

Unfortunately, it is still only silver and grey.

Chris O.

Why aren't they offering XM radio on all trim levels? It is dumb to have to buy an EX-L just to get XM radio.

Doug A

Looks like the exact same boring wheels are back for the 2015 EX trim as well. Geeez!

Ben E.

I agree the wheels on the EX models are so boring. The Sport model wheels need to be the EX models wheels. Also why do you have to have the EXL to have leather?? On the 2011-2012 they had "Special Edition" models that were 4 cyl and had the leather as an option. Where's the consistency?


Do you know if they will be offering a moonroof on the Sport version?

Doug A

There is not a moonroof in the LX or the Sport model....only the EX and above trims.

Because you can drive the Accord Plug-In in all-electric mode, you can drive up to 10 miles without using a drop of gasoline. When you're using the Plug-in's hybrid function, you drive over 500 miles without having to refuel or recharge.Just something I love about it! http://www.waldorf-honda.com/2015-honda-accord-waldorf-md.htm

Bob F

Actually, there is another change. The 4 cyl. coupe with the automatic transmission now gets 35 highway instead of the previous 34. I don't know if anything actually changed with the car to make that happen, or if they just changed the number while the car is the same. Anyone?


So there's absolutely no difference for the 2014 and 2015 accord? so I should buy the 14 at the moment?

david s.

SPECIAL EDITION. they do an SE every 4-5 years. the SE is made in the last year of that style. so it is indeed consistant

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