2014 BMW 535d Review


"The BMW 535d is a highly capable midsize sport sedan made better by the power and efficiency of its new diesel engine — but adding options quickly spends any money saved by choosing an alternative-fuel powertrain," said Cars.com reviewer Aaron D. Bragman. Check out Bragman's review for more.

2014 BMW 535d Expert Review

Cars.com photo by Aaron D. Bragman



Look at the knee-damaging plastic on the back of front seats. And how much this car cost, again?


A diesel powertrain is at the bottom of a luxury car buyer's list of wants, especially when you have to pay extra for the heavier diesel engine, more for the fuel if you can find it without having to wait 15 minutes at the truck stop for the big rig ahead of you to fill up, and even more for fuel additives and the urea fluid for the stupid emission control system required on new diesel cars. A bmw buyer wants a high revving gasoline motor, not a boring diesel engine that needs a turbocharger so it can get out of its own way.


More misinformation being spread.


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Plastic seatbacks rank high with customers with children. It keeps them from digging their feet into the seatback and can also withstand being frequently kicked by their muddy shoes. However, I agree that cars are classier without them



this is just funny. I went through 2 children and non of my cars had plastic in the back of from seats. I had no problem.
Now this is 5-series we talking about. Oh well, I was in 5 year old car like this 2 weeks ago, it is tight.
I personally, will try not to by a car with knee bangers, even if this is "luxury". This is just cheap. It looks and feels cheap


Very very nice cars. Quick and economical for what they are. Sophisticated without enriching Sheik Beheadthemall

Rick James

@Hybrit - that is perhaps the most ignorant thing I've read about diesel cars yet. You clearly were not around in the 70s and 80s when Mercedes had diesel sedans. Also, in Europe there are many more variants of diesel engines in the likes of Mercedes, BMW, and Audi than we have available here. Even Porsche is developing a diesel for the Panamera sport sedan and the Cayenne SUV.

Finally, every major gas station has a diesel pump out there. To say you have to go where the tractor trailers go is another stunningly ignorant comment. Try and comment on things you know about, okay? You clearly know NOTHING about diesel cars.


@Rick James,
I don't know everything about diesel cars but here's what I do know:
1) 97% of American car buyers agree with me and reject diesel cars, while 3% percent agree with you;
2) The BMW 335d costs more than the gasoline 335, uses more expensive fuel than the gasoline 335, uses expensive urea fluid to clean up the filthy diesel emissions (not needed by the gasoline 335), and is slower in the quarter mile than the less expensive gasoline 335;
3) Only 52 percent of US service stations have diesel fuel, a percentage that is much lower in many specific areas of the country. So in the scenario we have all faced where you need to find a service station now, in the diesel car your chances of finding a station are reduced by half - so yes, you will find yourself at a truck stop, stuck between two big rigs waiting in line to fill up;
4) The old argument that lots of Europeans drive diesel cars is now clouded by the fact that the diesel cars are reportedly ruining Europe's air quality:
5) We can avoid repeating Europe's mistake by driving clean hybrids and plug-in vehicles, like the BMW hybrids and i3 electric car, or just by driving anything but a diesel car.

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