What Does This Button Do?


If the illustration on the 2015 Volkswagen GTI's key fob is any indication, the automaker wants us to prepare for an impending alien death-ray attack. VW's counterattack strategy? Honking the horn and flashing the turn signal lights really fast. Man, who would have thought defending Earth would be that easy?

More Curious Buttons

Really, this particular button isn't much of a surprise as much as an interesting way to illustrate the common panic button, which should be used in real emergencies and will honk the horn and flash the exterior lights to alert passersby. Or as we often encounter, scare the crap out of you when your smartphone accidentally hits the button in a pocket.

Cars.com photo by Joe Bruzek


it's too bad that the panic alarm sounds just like a regular alarm which everyone probably just ignores. it should be a separate and distinct noise.

The Penguin

Anyone who presses that button will be chased by a large party hat?

Susan Collins

An emoticon for a one-eyed jokster. Warns the passengers that bad jokes are about to begin. :))


The anti-alien abduction key.


Sun bad. Run away.


Panic button to scare of would be thieves or attackers


Giant man eating clown hat deployment


wifi for your bum

Joseph Wichman

It's a panic key to sound the alarm...

Dennis Penny

Run Away! Intruder Alert button.


Farted? Neutralize the ordor with a push of a button.

W Cho

Panic Button, but I would like to say "Hot hunk button, press before he runs away!" :)


It's the reminder to get a colonoscopy button

uhh Mike P

Warning: Christmas trees may attack if you run.


The button to activate the panic alarm. I'm guessing it has a sensor to detect if someone is near the vehicle.


When making first contact with the Ancient Egyption God Sun-Ra, RUN!

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