Want a New Nissan Cube? Time's Running Out


Nissan announced this week that it would be discontinuing the box-shaped compact hatchback Cube for 2015. The 2014 models that remain on dealer lots will be the last new Cubes to be sold in the U.S.

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This isn't an unexpected move. We even predicted the Cube had a high probability of an early demise last year. "The Cube is a dog: It handles like a skateboard, surrenders to highway crosswinds and has the passing power of a 1990s econobox. The side-hinged cargo door is anathema to parallel parking, and the once-impressive high-20s combined EPA mileage has been leapfrogged by Nissan's cheaper, techier Versa. The Versa, in fact, outsold the Cube this year [2013] by a ratio of nearly 22-to-1."

The top pick to not make 2015 in our story, the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet, will also see the end of its days with the 2014 model year.

There are currently 943 new Nissan Cubes in Cars.com's national inventory. That is not a lot for any model, so fans might have a hard time getting their hands on one. They will likely get a good deal if they manage to track one down, however.



Many haters may post here for this vehicle. If you have nothing good to say, or anything constructive to add, then best not to say anything. Of course the negatives may keep pouring in, unfortunately. I say that if Nissan had paid more attention in promoting this machine it would NOT die the sales death coming to it here in the States and Canada. Sure, it was a niche vehicle catering to a non conformist group, but so is the Kia Soul and that machine is a great seller. Why? Because KIA backed it with savvy promotion and word got around that it's hip to own one. The Cube didn't have that luxury, thus it failed. For those of us who dug the Cube it is unfortunate that this little critter of a vehicle is discontinued here. Peace! AladdinSane<-


Although not my cup of tea, I can see how this went extinct. If GM can axe the better looking HHR after only a 5 year run, Nissan let this go for twice that length. Plus the dramatic sales difference between this and the new Versa tells Nissan what the people want. And it ain't a Cube.


As an owner of a hip eco-box I'm sad to see one of the species go extinct. To me cars like the Versa note and Fit are the plain white bread of compacts I can't imagine owning. But North American buyers generally favor the bland and unimaginative so thats what gets doted on.
C'est la vie


I think it's misguided to think that the Cube failed due to a marketing campaign. It's just not a good vehicle. It's that simple. The Soul is not as odd as the Cube and has much broader appeal.

The HHR is different altogether. This failed because it is, quite simply, one of the worst quality vehicles produced by GM in recent history. And that's saying something.


Thank you, Nissan to take that pain away.

Danny Ulster

I agree with jyd....poor sales likely had nothing to do with a lack of marketing. It was a risky look that consumers didn't take to.


I have a 2011 Cube Krom... It is a great city car, parks great and can haul a ton of stuff in a very small package.. It is not for everyone but it sure is better than a Versa which I have rented and dislike.. It has character and can seat 6 foot 5 people in the front and back...

A shame it is going away

The Cube would be a very good car for people with dogs, especially if you have several large dogs. And a lot of people in USA do have dogs !

Much better mpg than those big gas guzzling vans and SUVs that are promoted as dog cars. Closer to ground so easier for older dog to get into than are SUVs. Room enough for several dog crates. Vertical windshield and rear window mean less greehouse heating inside car than the more horizonally slanted ones on so many sedans these days.

So what should Nissan have done besides running ads with photos showing happy dogs in the car ? Well for starters they could have remembered that this is supposed to be an economy car, thus good mpg and low price to buy. an economy car with good dog and cargo space, one that can compete with the Soul and Scion xB/xD. If Nissan had removed some of the high priced high tech gimmicks, kept it a plain vanilla "base" vehicle, and priced the car a few thousand dollars under the more lavish Soul and Scion and advertised it as the less costly alternative, I think it would have sold well.

I'd like one myself if I can find a decent used one with enough life remaining to it and with a moderate price. I do have big dogs and do rescue for my breed.

speaking of the Versa, clearly it was intended to compete with the Fit. to be a Fit knock off that could sell a few thou less costly. but the designers neglected the cargo aspect. they failed to ensure that when the rear seat was put into down position, the resulting cargo deck would be flat. that absolutely destroys the car as a dog crate car. spoils it for a lot of cargo uses. oh you can get a flat cargo deck if you buy the more expensive trim version and you then pay another several hundred dollars for deck flattening. but then it's as expensive as the Fit or maybe even worse. doesn't compete any more.

I might have bought one if it really equalled the Fit in mpg and cargo/dog utility and was several thousand less costly. would also need to compete in crash worthyness of course.

Cube was a good car for those with large dogs. I'm still hoping to find a used one at a decent price.

Cube has good room for dogs, dog crates (or other cargo), and the vertical glass means less greehouse heating inside. better mpg than SUVs and vans and easier for old dog to climb into the vehicle.

Now I don't need all the fancy high priced high tech gizmos. (would have liked a back-up camera 40 years ago when hitching up horse trailer, but that's a car of another species, ie a truck). Soul has more high tech for similar price.

but the price was not competitive with Soul and Scion xC/xB

so Nissan, take the high priced gizmos out of the car so it is a plain vanilla "base" and price it several thousand under Soul and Scion, and run adds with large dogs in the car. you'd sell a lot to the many people with large dogs or multitude of small ones.

Ludovic Lalo

I own a 2011 Cube, bought new. I have driven it to Oceanside, CA several times and Port Angeles, WA once--along with many shorter trips all across the east coast of the U.S.

I would buy the car again in a heartbeat. I do not understand the negative comments about it handling like a "skateboard" (what in the heck does this mean?) and being sluggish. I have passed vehicles going up mountains with more than enough passing power. Wind does shake it around, but not much, and why is exclusive to the Cube? Most SUVs and vans have wind issues too--so what's the big deal?

Re the hinged door, I think it's great! I have hit my head one too many times on trunks and hatchback lids--no more. I rarely have a need to open the rear door when I parallel park.

I owned a 1992 Honda Civic LX and 2001 Honda Civic EX before the Cube. It has a way better ride than the 2001 Civic and I really did not feel much difference in handling. The Cube has a smaller steering wheel and control actually seemed a wee bit better. I have driven Highway 101 from Port Angeles to San Francisco and Highway 1 from San Fransisco to Oceanside, and anybody who has driven these road knows they have curves.

To each his own.

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