Volkswagen Issues Stop Sale Order for 2015 Golf, GTI


Volkswagen's redesigned compact hatchback just went on sale, but dealers are being told to hold inventory until a safety defect is addressed. VW issued a stop sale order for the 2015 GTI and Golf in the U.S. because of an issue with the front stabilizer link fasteners. In the affected vehicles they were installed with too little torque and could come loose, increasing the risk of a crash. 

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VW spokeswoman Jeannine Ginivan said about 700 vehicles in dealer inventory are affected, and the automaker is in contact with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding a recall to cover the vehicles already sold. Ginivan also said that no accidents or injuries have been reported related to this problem. Most of the affected vehicles are GTIs; the new Golf officially goes on sale in the U.S. next month.

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What does it take for a company to be pro-active.

Roger j. Williams

Regarding wein's confused comment/question:
being "proactive" requires both business ethics and quality driven engineering, both of which are defining characteristics of VW based on my 40+ years of experience with their cars, including my current 2010 GTI. Nice work on the early warning action.

I just bought a 2015 GTI SE a week ago. Best decision I've made and I've had a blast driving it. No issues at all as far as steering or anything about the car. I'm glad that VW is being proactive and willing to admit when there's a potential issue ahead of time before any actual incidents occur.

Ken L.

I think we can all thank GM for these recent recalls from automakers. Nobody wants to be behind the 8 ball with the NHTSA.


Another example of German engineering. How long have they been building the exact same car...40 years?


Aren't these built in Mexico now? I guess this is VW playing safe with their new models just like Honda was with the 2015 Fit.


I traded in my 2009 GTI for the 2015 GTI, what a mistake that was. Besides the recall of my car, issues with build quality are already showing up just after four weeks. Electrical issues are present as well.


I purchased a new 2015 GTI 42 days ago and it has been in the shop for the past 14 days. VW has completely removed and replaced the transmission at this point. Love the car, but this is a bad start...

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