Tesla to Launch Compact, Low-Cost Sedan in 2017


Tesla has confirmed a third model, dubbed the Model 3, will show up around 2017. Tesla CEO Elon Musk originally wanted to call it the Model E — which, together with the extant Model S sedan and forthcoming Model X SUV, would have landed Tesla enough S-E-X appeal for late-night comedians to have a field day. But Ford sued because it had rights to the Model E name, explains British car magazine Auto Express, which broke the story, so Tesla had to go with Model 3 — or Model III, depending on exact nomenclature. The all-electric Model 3 will have a smaller platform than the Model S and take on the BMW 3 Series. Musk told Auto Express it would be priced around $35,000, or half the cost of a Model S. Still, the Model 3 images that Auto Express posted "were mock-ups based on their own speculation," Tesla tweeted on Tuesday.

Read more from our friends at USA Today here.

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Ah, yes, I remember spending many happy hours in my Ford E. Didn't we all?
Actually, I thought E would belong to Mercedes.
Whatever, I look forward to an affordable Tesla. As long as they don't make it look stupid, like so many other alternative fuel vehicles.


I wish they would make that model as a convertible


This could be THE game changer. If Tesla can deliver a three series beater with a 200 mile range for $35,000, the waiting lists of buyers will be lengthy, and at least one of the major automakers will either want to merge with Tesla or acquire Tesla. My money would be on Toyota, Ford or GM.

Mario Butter

Ford E Series (they've been making them since 1961).



I agree with kaffekup. For instance why did they make the Nissan Leaf so dorky looking? Boy, but it sure is ugly.

Not me but maybe a brother. He has bought some Caddys in the past.

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