Recall Alert: 2014 Ford Fiesta


Vehicles Affected: About 175 model-year 2014 Ford Fiesta subcompact cars manufactured between Oct. 25, 2013, and Feb. 27, 2014, at the Cuautitlan Assembly Plant in Mexico

The Problem: Fuel tanks may be missing an adhesive layer, without which a tank could leak fuel from a seam; a fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source could cause a fire. Ford said no accidents, injuries or fires have resulted from this problem.

The Fix: Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the fuel tank for free.

What Owners Should Do: The automaker has not yet announced a notification schedule. Owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332 for more info.

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Miranda Smith

I have recently purchased a 2014 Fiesta and have spoke to several owners that believe there should be a recall on the transmission. The car will not accelerate properly if the AC is running, shifts hard, and hesitates during acceleration the RPM's peak at 4-5 k then drop to 1 then the transmission engages. The dealership claims nothing is wrong had my car for 3 days. Long and short of it how do I contact someone to try to get Ford to issue a recall. Multiple owners have this problem didn't find out till after I purchased the car.

Miranda, I recently purchased a 2014 Fiesta as well (on Memorial Day) and it had these problems at first (still is a little slow to accelerate with the AC on sometimes), but they have lessened as I've started putting more miles on the car (the odometer was at 63 when I drove it off the lot, and it's around 1,200 miles now). The transmission needs a few thousand miles on it to be broken in, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months; I called the dealer about it after owning the car for a couple of weeks, and if you've only owned it for three days you won't have put nearly enough miles on it for it to have figured itself out.

Amelia Broome

It is unlikely that these problems will "work themselves out." I was told the same exact thing by the dealership regarding the transmission problems on my 2013 Ford Fiesta, and they have not been resolved, only gotten worse. I have taken this brand new car in on 4 different occasions to the dealership for lurching, grinding and stalling. Once the car was legitimately repaired for a leak (on the second time), the other times the dealership has just put me off stating that these problems are "normal." They reprogram the transmission every time I have brought it in, and it drives great with no problems for about 2-4 weeks before the identicle issues reappear. I have driven and owned 6 cars prior to this one and never had such a problem-I am literally blown away that there hasn't been a recall. There have also been times where I have almost been in an accident due to acceleration problems. I regret buying this car and I sincerely hope something is done about this-it is a complete injustice to make people pay for a design flaw of transmission that is the fault of the company, had I known beforehand there is no way I would have purchased this vehicle.


I am having transmission issues with mine too! I have a 2014. I wouldn't have bought it either if I had known it had transmission problems. I sure hope they correct the problem permanently!! It will be with ford for about a week if they fix the problem... could be longer. They are paying for my rental car and gas.


I have a 2014 Fiesta and have 22,000 'miles on it and the problem keeps getting worse. It is not because there are not enough miles on the transmission. Mine has been driven both highway and city miles and it has had plenty of time to for the transmission to be broken in.


Our 2013 Fiesta has the same transmission problems! We bought it brand new and are at 20,000 miles now. We had it in the shop Because when you were in a drive threw or trying to get it on the car ramps etc it would accelerate an rev up but not go anywhere.
They reprogrammed the tranny and now it is even more gutless on acceleration. And i consider this a safety issue as well! We have had tons of used cars over the years. I fix and maintain my cars and never had these issues before! Its really annoying buying a new car and not being happy with it! The service manager informed me it is 2 3spd manual trannys mated together. Obviously the bugs are not worked out! He also told me they have issues with fluid leaking onto the clutches. Program issues etc.. We need to take in in again to be fixed as it chatters into gears like its a manual tranny with a wore out clutch. But they tell us we cant have a loaner. WTF? its new on warranty!! My brother had one but manual tranny and had it in the shop dozens of times for issues! The last thing that happened is it caught on fire while he was driving!! His insurance is trying to pin him for basically having a lemmon car. I use to live by ford but i will not buy one again!

Brandon Cornell

I have the 2014 manual transmission. It has some major problems that seem to be getting worse. For one, when I engage reverse it likes to kick out of gear and I've had it stall out for no reason a couple times


I've been reading these comments and was wondering if it was the automatic or manual with these issues. I'm considering a new Fiesta in the next month, but with the 5-sp manual. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aside from Brandon, all of these sound like the automatic.

Sorry to hear that everyone has all of these issues.


I have recently purchased a 2014 Fiesta and have had several trips to the dealer, Car Shakes & ratters I also believe there should be a recall on the transmission, Remember the Power to resolve is to unite as owners of LEMONS


sorry guys... should have looked into it before purchasing.... F.O.R.D.......FIXED OR REPAIRED DAILY

I'm literally sitting at the dealership right now and I had a problem, and I feel like it's my tranny. I just recently got into an accident because of it. Hopefully these guys will deem my car unsafe to drive but it's highly unlikely

Mindy Reed

I have a 2013 and I hate it. I really wish Ford would do a recall for the transmission. I have taken it in and was told it was normal. It grinds, shifts hard, and lunges. It has almost stalled and I've almost been rear ended. If I would have known this prior to purchasing the vehicle I never would have bought it. I regret it and have buyers remorse most days.

Mindy Reed

I am going to report my problems to Not sure if it will help but it won't hurt. Maybe if enough people report it than it will be recalled. This is the investigative department of


I've brought my 2013 Fiesta in for service for the same transmission problems 5 times now and not a thing has been done. not to mention that my check engine light also comes on all the time, but the service techs at my local dealership keep erasing the codes without finding what is causing them because they said that they were "insignificant". They have done this twice now, and the CEL comes on all the time. They also will not tell me what codes the find either.

Donell Tolbert

I just bought my 2014 fiesta se two weeks ago used with 30,000 miles and I am having the same issues with the transmission kicking making grinding and clanking noises and it feels like my tires are skipping when I accelerate. I'm gonna go to the dealership and see what they say. After reading everyone else's same issues I don't even think I want the car anymore. Ford really needs to issue a recall.


I have a 2014 Fiesta it's been an aweful car. There are interior trim pieces falling off already and it only has 6000 miles. I have the same transmission issues that everyone else is mentioning. Also my air conditioning only works on level 4 and max a/c has anyone else had this problem? Is there any way to call this a lemon law in North Carolina ?

Do not buy the car. It's way to cheap buy the focus or go to a different company.


I find this all interesting. I just purchased a 2014 ford fiesta in January. I have noticed all kinds of noises coming from under the car. Transmission shifts hard, ecelerates rough with ac on, brakes sound funny. I to was told that because it being a automatic and manual transmission that it will make some clicking noises. Took it in yesterday for a oil change and I mentioned the problem. When they were finished they told me everything was fine. Everything was tight and looked brand new. It bothers me, cause this is my very first brand new car I've ever bought. Not sure what to say!


They need to do a recall on the transmission I traded my 2013 Fiesta because of the transmission problems only to purchase a 2014 Fiesta in May and 4 months down the road having the same issues

Eva Womack

I have recently purchased a 2014 Fiesta in May and I agree with several owners that believe Ford should have a recall on the transmission. The car will not accelerate properly if the AC is running, shifts hard, and hesitates during acceleration the RPM's peak 4-5. It grinds, shakes and rattles something awful! The Ford repair shop says they have been having several complaints!

Raechel Brodsky

I just bought the Ford Fiesta. I too have noticed that the engines rattles when accelerating like the fuel is not firing correctly or something. Maybe it is the transmission. My mom told me to take it in and have them fix it because I just got it (less than 30 days). The car has 12K miles on it and the dealer told me I was getting a great deal for 17K. I'm worried that my first car purchase is going to turn out to be a bad experience. ): Will Ford back their product?


I have 2011 ford fiesta bought it used 35k miles.Whenever i go reverse there is like bearing noise, even worse in cold weather. Dealer says its normal. It sucks I guess I have to live with it. First time to own a dct transmission. Its a good design but not perfect. I had hoped ford should just mated it with traditional automatic transmission then it should been a perfect subcompact.

Michael Clark

I bought a 2014 Ford Fiesta new on June 27th of this year 111 miles on it. Have not had any issues, other than not being able to reset the oil life monitor when I followed the owners manual. I am happy with this car and will see what happens, as I usually put around 56,000 miles a year on the car.

Gladys Beveridge

I too,am having transmission problems with my 2014 Ford Fiesta. Studdering,lunging, not shifting correctly. Just dropped off at the dealership. They told me they will simply reprogram module.Judging from all these comments, looks like it's only the beginning of trouble. The car is only 7 months old.My sister bought a Focus and she has gotten a recall on her tranny. I thought a new car would give me some security from repairs for a little while.....wrong.

D Smith

I have the 2014 Fiesta hatchback with 5 speed manual. I have the same transmission trouble where it will make a grinding noise and not move on rare occasions and only when going in reverse. You are doing this by instinct at first so I wasn't sure since I was going from a 6-speed and thinking maybe I didn't have it fully engaged but then I realized that it was doing it at night too when I can see the reverse light ON so it HAD to be fully in gear an issue with the tranny. Secondly the shifter has this odd, but a bit comforting (once you get used to it), kind of click when you the shift into gear. So when this happens with the reverse light on and the sure click and the car is brand new something is wrong. I have been making sure I'm in gear anyway just in case as I simply hate the feel of that grinding noise. Having gone from a pretty sporty car to this one and not having to change the clutch yet on it, this car is a piece of cake to shift and it should not be having this problem brand new. I have recently past the 1k mileage mark and although it does seem to lessen as another reviewer mentioned, I still have some doubts. I wonder if maybe a better gear oil would be in order. Sometimes too much viscosity in the name of efficiency can be bad...such as the wet clutches used on motorcycles.


In order for them to consider a recall, we all have to call in and formally put in a complaint. Please call! +1-800-392-3673


I had a 2011 Fiesta and it had an Engine Malfunction Problem and the Transmission Problem starting at 6,000 miles. Ford couldn't fix the issues so I lawyered up and won a lemon law case after 2 years. I will always do research now, before I purchase a vehicle.

Janet Almer

My Ford Fiesta shifts roughyl. I can feel the car jerk 4 times before it shifts into gear. It feels like it wants to stall. I can also hear a rattle noise when it shifts. Does anyone else have the same issues I am having.

Donna stratton

I just bought a 2013. With like 287 miles on it !! I hate the car !!! I have driven beater cars that are 20 years old and rusted out that drive better !! I will never buy ford again and I will be fighting this mess !!!!! Rattles, clankes, skips , jerks..... Really ????????

Donna stratton

And FYI.... My dad has a 2012 fiesta. Going on his third time being fixed !!! They are not fixable !!!!! Dont waste your time!! Fight fight fight !!


i have a 2014 ford fiesta and its an automatic, i havnt experienced any of these problems.. is this a manual or auto problem? or both?


Renting cars to find best one to buy. Rented a 2014 Focus first, when I accelerated quickly then let off the gas, the car would continue to accelerate another 2 to 4 hundred RPM (about 2 seconds!) Also, shift points felt like the car had a bad transmission. It only had 2k miles on the OD. Then tried the fiesta, SAME THING except the continuing acceleration(thank goodness) Returning the car and moving on to another car maker.

Edward Schipper

i bought mine as a flood car fixed it paid for transmission to be fixed at dealer, over $5000 now 2 yrs later it quit on me, i see ford still has the same problems how can they get away with this building junk , mine is a 2011 but i am reading that the new ones still have problems, i know ford left a bad taste in my mouth


Ford has lots of problems with transmissions, ford taurus Ax4n ax4s. Etc
Low mileage.. Everyone with issues Make a complaint with NHTSA


I got a lease Ford Fiesta 2014 on December 2013. I noticed the transmission or engine started trembling when I accelerate slowly from a stopped position, after 3 months I purchased it. I also noticed it started doing this more when I used the S shift while driving on the freeway, once I got off and started driving on city I notices the engine shakes/jumps when I accelerate. Ford should do a recall fix this. I am thinking of switching to another car.


I bought a 2014 ford Fiesta automatic/manual transmission in March. It ran awesome for 6 months, a really fun car. It just recently it started shifting rough, jumping, lurching, sputtering while accelerating from a dead stop.
About to go to the dealer for the first time about the issue. Not happy. The reason we bought a new car was to have something economical and reliable. Here we go......


Just bought few days ago and now I know after visiting this forum. Shifting is bad. I have to push gas so hard and then it would just stall and take 2004 cavalier drives better. Also pretty bad fuel economy, not living as per specs


I purchased a 2014 fiesta S earlier this year and am having the same transmission issues mentioned above. I too have been told that this is normal. Jerking, shuddering, hesitating, no way this is normal. And the value is now half what it was when I purchased the car six months ago. Will never buy another Ford.


I bought a 2011 fiesta and is going into the shop again for a wet clutch. The problem they have is due to leaky seals on the clutch shaft as the only remedy is to replace the seals and replace the clutches and pressure plates. Ford wants to just clean the clutches but if you talk with any mechanic they will tell you that once a clutch is wet it must be replaced. I would recommend to anyone who is going in for this problem to contact the Ford regional manager and start making a lot of noise. Other that that I like the little car but wish they would fix them properly

Robert Godoy

I have a Ford fiesta 2013. I have taken it in to the dealership once for transmission problems. I am scheduling a second visit for the same problem again. Sounds like metal rubbing and a scriching sound. Can anyone help us? What about the lemon law? Why don't we unite and turn our junk cars back for another different car?


if you read the operating characteristics in owners manual then it tells you that you will hear noises and feel shakes. I just bought a 2014 fiesta and work for ford and I thought the transmission was slipping but its a power shift 6 speed transmission and you hear this, until they put a different transmission you will be wondering what's wrong but its nothing.

steve ruecker

I have a 2014 with a manual trans and 10,000 miles. So far no problems. Great car, fun to drive.


I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta that was recalled for the transmission. It appears that the seal leaks thus creating the issues. I had over 100,000 miles on the car for which would normally not be warrenty covered but Ford has extended the time period for owners but only for a short time. Bring you vehicle in for them to check if it is covered by this recall. If so you car will be kept for a day when scheduled for repair. Good luck all, Dave.

Lynn Adams

I bought a 2014 Fiesta on New years day last year - had 3 miles on it. had a lot of the previous comments problems - took it back in, they did tests and told me it was the clutch - going back in next week to be replaced. My dealership service manager was very nice - told me they were aware of the problems and if failed all tests would replace clutch and that is what is going to happen. he told me the clutches have since been updated and shouldn't have problems going further - we will see.....


I'm having the same problem car in the shop for the second time dealing with the same problem I think it's the transmission as well please take these ford Fiesta back I haven't even had it a year


Recall the fiesta


Last week I was pulling into a parking spot when my car (2013 Ford Fiesta) accelerated and sped up on ice throwing me into a spin and towards a front store window. Luckily before I hit the glass, my car slid into a cement pole and was stopped. Not only one of the most frightening experience its a Miracle no one was hurt. I myself, besides mental anguish, my ride chest is severely black and blue and many aches and pains. My car is just over one year old and I feel very unsafe. I've never had an accident nor have I ever had a ticket. My hands are tied now to a car I don't feel safe in anymore.


I have a 2014 Ford Fiesta. I've only been driving it for about 5 months and that's when it started to jolt at accerleration and when breaking. I took my car into the Chino Hills Ford, Ca where they assured me it was normal. I left the car with them for inspection anyways and i got a call back saying that the clutch was the probelm and that they would order a new one for me. They said it was still safe to drive the car so i kept using it until i got a call back to have it fixed. About two weeks ago I was driving and as i was coming to a stop, the whole car jolted violently and I lost control for a few seconds. I lucky was able to hold on to the steering wheel tightly avoiding a what could have been fatal crash. I took my car back into ford to have them fix the probelm immediately. It had been over month without any call back from them and i was getting frustrating. I even talked to the manager and he blew it off as me being young and not knowing how to drive properly. I was appalled at his statement. He then said that it was his lunch break and would call me later that day to give me an appointment to bring my car back in to fix the problem. That was a week ago. He never called back.


I have a 2014 and I hate it. I really wish Ford would do a recall for the transmission. I have taken it in and was told it was normal. It grinds, shifts hard, and lunges. It has almost stalled and I've almost been rear ended. If I would have known this prior to purchasing the vehicle I never would have bought it.

Manila phils.


Please recall the fiesta!!!!!!!!


I am having transmission issues with mine too!


My parents bought a 2014 Ford Focus and been involved in an accident with this transmission problem. Jerking, shuddering, hesitating, then lurched at speed. People were injured. That was months ago. No resolution. I despair !


I was about to buy a slightly used 2014 Fiesta Titanium for my daughter, but after reading posts on this forum I think I'll buy from a different manufacturer.
W5 should do an investigative report on this issue. It's outrageous that Ford would continue to pump out cars with faulty transmissions after years of customer complaints.

John davies

my 2013 fiesta first had transmission problems at about 10,000 miles it got repaired under warranty of course and now at about 23,000 miles and it is developing the same problems!!
I don't see any advantage to recalling them they simply don't have a long term fix available. They should be buying them all back from us!! PERIOD!!!

Aaron Clark

I have a 2011 Fiesta the transmission (power shift) is garbage. It has already been fixed once and then I had to wait three months for last appointment. After apointment they told me it was clutches again. Now the part is back ordered with almost 20,000 waiting on parts. Who knows when it will be fixed. DO NOT buy a Ford with the powershift transmission. Not sure I will buy another Ford after seeing how this is handled. Major dissapointment


I have only read a few and I too have had major issues with the 2014 fiesta. I have the stuttering, the poor shifting and my motor sounds like a truck. It shut completely off in major traffic too. I have been back to dealerships 6 times and I am again taking it in this week. I filed a complaint twice with regional people with a slap on the wrist. I am concerned for not only my safety but my two children (one is special needs). Its come close several times in traffic. If anyone has a solution please please let me know.
Worst vehicle I have ever bought!!!!!!

Cindy Stiglet

I am having the same problems with my 2014 fiesta just got it out of the shop from the Ford place and they tell me it's normal

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