Infographic: Sobering Stats on Summer Driving Dangers


With a population of nearly 13 million people, Illinois is the fifth-largest state in the U.S., but according to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, if those who admitted in surveys to driving drunk — all 17 million of them — were to form their own state, it would bump the Land of Lincoln to No. 6. Considering 10,322 people in 2012 lost their lives in crashes involving someone driving under the influence, that's not a state anyone should be in. Moreover, NHTSA says nearly twice as many people die in car crashes overall during the summer months than the rest of the months of the year combined.

Poll: Drugged Driving Versus Drunken Driving

To draw awareness to increased driving dangers during these warm-weather months, NHTSA and the Ad Council have partnered on a safety campaign. The following infographic shows some frightening statistics, particularly pertaining to drunken driving, that should remind motorists of the vital importance of staying sober behind the wheel.


NHTSA, Ad Council graphic (click to enlarge)

By Matt Schmitz | July 15, 2014 | Comments (7)



Alcohol IS a drug (albeit a legal one), so I don't understand why alcohol and drugs are usually categorized separately.


You answered your own question. Alcohol is legal and the others are not hence separate categories so Government/law enforcement can properly track and assess the outcome.


Joe- I think the real question should be why one is legal and the other is not.


Really Joe, can you make it clear, are you asking if one is legal and the other isn't? Or are you asking about what categories of drugs are alcohol? Oh man... could someone please clarify that one sentence...


I realize alcohol is a legal drug. But referencing "alcohol and drugs" implies that alcohol ISN'T a drug (legal or not). This would be similar to saying "football and sports." Football IS a sport!


Joe- thanks for clarifying for the slower ladies of (read: Belly).

But I'm with you- they should say "alcohol and other, less socially acceptable, drugs".


Haahh!! Yes, Joe, you really needed to clarify for US ladies (read: Vik included :))

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