GM Issues Stop-Sale Order on Cadillac SRX, CTS


GM has asked dealers to stop selling several used Cadillac models that have a standard key ignition. The stop-sale order, which Bloomberg News reported on July 19, involves the 2004-06 Cadillac SRX SUV; 2003-13 Cadillac CTS sedan, coupe and wagon; and the 2014 CTS coupe and wagon — both from the previous generation, not the redesigned 2014 CTS sedan. All cars affected by the stop-sale order have conventional remote keyless entry; any cars with optional keyless access and push-button start are exempt.

More Details on GM's Latest — and Largest — Ignition-Related Recall

The sales stoppage includes Cadillac models involved in a June 30 expansion of GM's ignition-related recalls, which totaled 7.6 million Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac models. The Cadillac CTS and SRX, whose key can inadvertently rotate out of the Run position if the driver's knee bumps it, requires a replacement key. A similar situation prompted GM to recall nearly 465,000 model-year 2010-14 Chevrolet Camaro sports cars on June 13.

"If any of these vehicles are in dealer inventory (new or used), they must be held and not delivered to customers, dealer traded, released to auction or used for demonstration purposes until further instructions are received," GM said in a July 8 memo that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted on July 19, according to Bloomberg News.
For now, owners of the affected cars should remove all items from their keychain and drive with just the ignition key in the slot. They should also "adjust their seat and steering column to allow clearance between their knee and the ignition key," the memo said.
GM spokesman Alan Adler confirmed the Bloomberg story today. "The repair — reworking the key — is still being developed," he said in an email.
Adler did not give a timeframe for the recall or sales stoppage. Thus far in 2014, GM has issued 25.7 million recalls in the U.S. and another 3.3 million elsewhere in North America. Of the U.S. total, about 13 million recalls involve ignition issues.



This is outrageous. I followed the ignition lock issue for years and read about it whatever I could find. GM knew for years and years about this issue and deemed loss of life acceptable. They did everything they could to cover up their incompetence.
I am SO done with you GM. I am so called "car guy" in my circle of friends, that they asks for advice when buying a car. I UN-recommend GM to everybody I know.
The more I read about ignition key issues the more angry and outraged I became. This is for criminal court! Unfortunately, I doubt anybody will be held responsible the way they should.
An please spare me the examples as "Toyota did it too etc.". If you say that, than you did not followed the ignition issues and just scratched surface of the iceberg.
Some very responsible people from GM were warning about this for years, and they got booted and shunned at their jobs. Just because greedy executives wanted another bonus and to climb the ladder over literally the dead bodies of American people.
GM you need to pay dearly for this.


LOL! The fun just doesn't stop for GM owners.

Imagine, GM's luxury car using the same ignition switch set as the "el cheapo" Cobalt.

Doesn't that make you want to run out and buy a new GM product, right now!?


You might want to actually read the information and not just the headline before commenting like that. The technical issue is entirely different.


WTF is correct - this is NOT the same recall that resulted in deaths. This is a 'knee-jerk' (pun intended) reaction to different situation. I personally have a GM Camaro that is affected by this recall and I feel it's just silly. My knee won't reach the key unless I practically do crunches while driving. (and as much as I need to do crunches, it ain't happening)

Does anyone know if GM lifted the stop sale order on Cadillac CTS? Two days ago, we unwittingly purchased a 2009 Cadillac CTS from CarMax for our 16 year old son (a first time driver). Yesterday my son was curious as to which trim package he had so we stopped by our local Cadillac dealership. While sitting in the waiting room, we see on the news that more deaths have been connected with the ignition key problems. So I google "recalls 2009 Cadillac CTS" and find this blog. We immediately walked over to the service department to see if our new (used 2009) car was affected and in fact it was! So I asked the salesman if they were aware of the GM order to stop selling CTS...he was not. The service technician informed us that they did not have a part yet to fix the car. The only advice we have received thus far is to not weigh the keys down and don't knock the key with your knee when driving. MY SON IS OVER 6 FEET TALL WITH EXTREMELY LONG GIRAFFE SIZE LEGS!! We immediately took the car back and returned it to CarMax. They were also unaware of the stop sale order from GM. Seems like no one in the car business knows about this stop order!


Do anybody know if theres a recall on the keyless door entry sensor for a 08 Cadillac CTS

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