2015 Volvo S60 Review


"While Volvo has built a reputation for safety, the 2015 S60 succeeds because it is a powerful, agile sedan," said Cars.com reviewer Mike Hanley. Check out Hanley's review for more.

2015 Volvo S60 Expert Review

Cars.com photo by Evan Sears



I'm thinking the editor who noticed torque steer (and probably complained about it) is Kelsey Mays...


$47K for this!? Wow I didn't know the Chinese have such a sense of humor. That explains why the S60 sales figures resemble that of a Mitsubishi product. You can keep this overpriced unimpressive Chinese 'please pretend I'm still Swedish' car.


Jason, you better get the facts straight before you post. Under Chinese ownership Geely does not get involved with product design and marketing, they are simply ownership of the stocks and get portions of the profit. Volvo sold in the U.S. are still being designed in Sweden and mostly built in Belgium. Moreover, since Geely took over from Ford, Volvo's financial situation and sales have improved, go read their audited financial statements.



What is up with people confusing the owner's country of origin with the design and engineering origin? The original Mazda3 wasn't magically an American car because Ford had ownership and the Chrysler Sebring couldn't be called a German car because it was made by DaimlerChrysler. All of these American-made Japanese/Korean cars still have the bulk of their development done in Asia (with some tweaks done by American engineers). Good luck trying to buy a car based on national prejudice with everything being globalized.

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