2015 Volkswagen Passat: What's Changed


Most significant changes: More power, better fuel economy for TDI models

Price change: TBD

On sale: TBD

Which you should buy, 2014 or 2015? 2014 gas, but 2015 diesel

Volkswagen's midsize family sedan receives only a few minor trim and package changes for 2015, with the most notable to the base model S and Wolfsburg Edition trims. An optional Technology Package is available for the two trims and includes a backup camera and a touch-screen stereo system with eight speakers (instead of the current six). Satellite radio also is part of the Technology Package on the S trim; it's already standard on the Wolfsburg.

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All TDI diesel models get a new 2.0-liter engine that comes with a 10-horsepower bump to 150 hp as well as increased fuel economy. The Passat TDI now gets an EPA-estimated 44 mpg highway for the manual transmission and 42 mpg highway for the automatic.

Other trim level changes include a SE Convenience model replacing the SE with Sunroof trim. The SE with Sunroof + Navigation trim adds chrome trim, sport seats and fog lights. The SEL Premium adds standard rain-sensing wipers.

Passat sales were strong when the current Tennessee-made version went on sale in 2011, but it hasn't been revised since its update. It's still an excellent family sedan with an exceptionally roomy backseat, a variety of engines catering either to frugality-minded buyers or speed freaks, with every trim level feeling more upscale than many of its rivals.

With pricing not yet available and not that many changes between the 2014 and 2015 models, the 2014 gasoline-powered models are likely a better bet as dealers try to clear inventory with special incentives in preparation for the 2015 models. For the Passat TDI models, however, the 2015 might be worth waiting for as the all-new diesel engine, which makes more power and has better fuel economy, will be standard in TDI models across VW's lineup.

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In Europe recently my only rental car option was a diesel and what a boring car to drive. To get good mileage you have to lug the motor and if you rev it at all a light flashes telling you to upshift. Zero fun, it is like driving a tractor, including the diesel clatter. A diesel power train matches the styling of the passat, the most boring looking car on the planet.


Hybrit - You sound like a hybrid driver. The least environmentally friendly cars on the planet.


Typical diesel car driver , pretending to be hip and environmental while burning the filthiest fuel on the planet.
Diesel is a major health threat, which has wrecked the air quality in London. Just google "europe diesel catastrophe" and read the bloomberg news story.


Here we go again. Well known antagonist of all things diesel is back and spewing the same ignorant nonsense.


Wtf, take the blinders off for a moment and read the story, which appeared in Time, Business Week and Bloomberg news. or are you going to call those sources and the people they quote ignorant? Actually you are looking like the ignorant one.


I won't call them ignorant but they certainly have an agenda just like yourself. As always, nothing is ever so black and white and yet people want to make it so. Ultimately I don't take issue with your health concerns but primarily your inaccurate portrayal of the diesel driving experience and I will leave it at that.

VW Diesel Fan

Hybrit seems a little irrational and certainly inaccurate in his evaluation of the diesel driving experience. While in Ireland recently we had the pleasure of driving a TDI (Diesel) Passat. I found it tremendously economical, fun to drive with amazing pep, especially from a dead start- and the feel of comfort found normally in only much more expensive vehicles. When the 2015's come out with the more powerful diesel, I will be standing in line for one of the first to arrive.


Irrational is someone who gushes about the pep of a passat diesel, which gets to 60 mph more than a second slower than the gasoline 1.8 litre passat. Camry hybrid destroys them both on acceleration and gets better mileage using cheaper gasoline that is available everywhere. Thats why 95 percent of car buyers avoid diesel cars and leave them to "rational" folks like you. Have fun shelling out a premium price for the diesel powertrain and a premium price every time you fill up. Enjoy waiting in line between two big rigs to get your stinking go juice. And don't forget to fill the urea tank or the car won't run.


The Hybrid will never reach 500k to 1 million miles, and hybrids never come close to EPA MPG ratings, where diesels ALWAYS do better than EPA MPG ratings. Diesel can be twice the price before it pays to go hybrid. What happens to the nickel strip mines in Canada for battery production, the environmental devastation is unreal, just for hybrid production, and that nickel circles the globe 3 times before it gets installed into a Toyota hybrid? (Yep, a non-emissions diesel ship hauls the material burning through the hybrid's lifetime fuel savings). Seriously, do the math! :) Pray you don't get into an accident, that nickel battery is a huge hazard....1st responders go through special training. What to accident responders recommend for safe cars? They see it all and hands down recommend German cars and Volvos. Oh and don't forget the battery is hazardous material at the end of life, approx 10 years. It's $8 grand to replace the battery, so you have to junk a hybrid at that point. You can buy a lot of fuel for $8 grand and still have a vehicle. Hybrids are definitely NOT green when the entire picture is looked at.


Notice it is ONE of their taxis, not the whole fleet, and it's a non-North American version of the Prius. Also, they mention "normal maintenance" which means replacing the $8k battery at 150,000 miles per Toyota. (That's Toyota's design life of the Prius). Post back when your Prius reaches 600,000 miles. There's always an exception with everything, there's always a guy and you found him. I'm glad one guy in a Prius was able to nurse his Prius to make a headline. Unfortunately ONE data point does not a trend make! The exception with VW diesels is not getting to 500k miles. Millions of data points there since 1977 when the VW diesel was introduced to the U.S. Market...sorry Prius. The 19 million web hits on the TDIClub prove that. If the Prius was that good, there'd be a club with that much enthusiasm. I think you're out numbered...
Prius Forum:

TDIClub Forum:

Please help the environment and NOT purchase a Prius, they are ruining our future. Seriously, look at the facts. The energy used to produce the Prius and dispose of the Prius is huge.


Wow, you actually admitted you were wrong for knocking the durability of hybrids. You are also wrong on every other statement you made about hybrids.
Hybrids are the highest rated cars for reliability, tdis are near the bottom. The federal government paid me and lots of other folks $3,200 to buy a hybrid because of environmental benefits. No such luck for filthy diesels. Finally , can't really understand why lots of posts on the TDI forum is a good thing. I checked it out and it seemed like a majority were about problems like the failure of TDI turbos in 2012 models, and other topics like "I can't get the mileage they promised."


Shut up.


I'm super down for a 2015 diesel VW! You hear that vw dealer ? You may sell me one! Just keep that bad boy in stock unlike the last few times I was there.


I have a dealer loaner 2014 Passat TDI.
60 mile trip today, average MPG 51.5.
Range shows 795 remaining with 60 driven.
Yes I am looking forward to the 2015 Passat TDI.


Hybrit, you are an extremely misinformed individual with regards to TDIs. The more you post, the more foolish you sound.


Bought a VW Jetta TDI for the wife in 2011, our first diesel. The gas mileage is unbelievable (she gets 51 MPG at 70 on the interstate and about 48 combined). The high torque at low RPMs makes real world driving a blast. In America we get too wrapped up in horsepower figures, unless you're driving at wide open throttle, torque plays a more important role in day to day driving. The emissions in the new clean diesel engines are the same or less than low emission gasoline vehicles. I plan to get a Passat TDI (or maybe the Audi A4) when the 2015 are available.


The VW TDI is an amazing vehicle. Hybrit is a liberal, green weenie. TDI's are more environmentally friendly than hybrids. The clean diesels with DEF eliminate most Nox from the tailpipe. Most real world driving, the Prius gasoline is ALWAYS running, unless stopping.


You're a moron.


This is a VERY simple solution. What type of engine does a commercial truck use? Diesel. And they last over 1 million miles. I couldn't give a rats butt about some bug living a swamp that has an issue with diesel. It's the best, hands down. Hybrit can wave his green flag all he wants as I fly past him in my new TDI.


Whenever I take a long trip, every day I see a Prius alongside the road with a white cloth stuck in its door handle. So much for Rrius reliability. Very rarely do I see a VW on the shoulder let alone a TDi. Of course there are exceptions but I consider VW a quality car in any model. But whichever model I drive, first priority is a diesel with a manual tranny.


Sounds like your making stuff up. Tdi, the car for dishonest people.


@ VWEd: You must have been dreaming when you made that comment, Ed...VW can be da pits when it comes to reliability/dependability and service, speaking for myself...AladdinSane<-

King Passat TDI

The 2014 Passat has too many advantages over Prius. In order to see the mpg, the Prius must be driven like a grandma driving to church on Sunday- and every day. When accelerated in a reasonable, the Prius sounds like the gerbil is going to die - coupled with CVT joke. Passat - will spin the wheels and accelerate without needing to approach redline. VERY annoying to watch Prius accelerate slower than a turtle and then point out the 0-60 times. The Passat is HUGELY quieter than Prius - especially under even the "load" to go over an overpass. The "stinky & truck stop fillings" have been debunked too many times to address. Emissions 101g CO2 per Km Prius vs 119g CO2 per Km. I used the "normal" Prius vs. The larger Passat.


As a current owner of a 2008 Prius and previous owner of a 2003 Civic Hybrid I can verify the batteries won't last even 100k miles. enjoy tinkering so was able to, with a great deal of effort, disassemble the batteries and replace the bad cells and then re-balance the entire (newish) battery of my Civic. That cost me roughly $1000 which is a lot less than the dealer was going to charge me for a whole new battery. The Prius is a dog to drive and I HATE mine. It is the worst car I ever owned for long trips. You must baby it to even get 48 mpg. The Civic I could drive hard and still got over 50 mpg no matter how I drove. Over-accelerate of maintain speed uphill and you will suffer a 20% loss of mileage in the Prius. I am now trying to decide between the 2015 Passat of a 2014 CC. I now live in Europe so this is basically the same mileage I get in my Prius (45 mpg).


Richard: Hi...read your comment and my question to you concerns the Civic Hybrid...Is Honda's hybrid really trouble free and worth the purchase? I was considering the Prius C but the battery issues loom strong and heavy with either machine. I've read near horror stories online pertaining to battery woes with both the Civic and Prius C. Headaches, in the name of mpg economy is something NO one needs...including yours truly!
Whatcha say? Please inform, if you can. NO PRESSURE! Thanx, mate.
Peace! AladdinSane ★


Diesel and Hybrid lover really need to get on the same team, while I'm no fan of the oil industry anything is better than gas only options so if diesel is the stop gap until electric goes full swing then so be it. Diesel Plug-in Hybrids would be even better at least until electric only gets me 500+ between charges.


Love Passat TDI. None of Hybrid can compare with TDI.


Sounds like a TON of misinformation on both sides. They are just cars people. Both have a tremendous following and everybody is entitled to their opinion and preferences. If you go to a big metropolitan city like New York City, or Chicago, you will find that the majority of taxi cabs are now Prius'. There have been so few battery replacements I don't see how that is really even an issue. Most of the replacements that have occurred were because of car crashes. And the life span of a diesel is common knowledge. Both are great alternatives to standard unleaded gas hogs. Personally, I see the prius as a great city car with lots of stop and go traffic. You will not beat its mileage in that setting. On the highway, you will get a much more consistent high rating on your mpg gauge in a diesel.

Looking at TDI Passats

While I'm looking at TDI technology, I'm also very honest about my potential purchase. While an engine or transmission may last 500k miles, let's not say that that is all a car is about. My Accord now has 195k miles and when the car hit about 175k, it started to have problems with parts which don't normally wear out, so let's not say that a Passat will last to 500k miles. Now I have to replace both front axles because, for some reason, both CV boots are completely gone, so the joints have been wearing.


Accord is on everyone's ten best list. Why would you even consider a boring tdi to replace a popular and reliable accord? There's an excellent accord hybrid and even a plug-in hybrid that are faster and smoother running than a stinkmobile.


FYI to any naysayers on any TDI CLEAN DIESEL engines, not only are they cleaner than gas engines, but last a lot longer which usually means 300k plus. By the way my TDI Passat has great power, and I average 50mpg on expressways and 40mpg in the city. My Girlfriend's gas powered Prius averages low 40's on expressways and 40's in the city.


Everybody is wrong. You must like the car I like or you're stupid.

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