2015 Subaru Outback Review


"The 2015 Subaru Outback is a capable hauler, and where previous versions lagged with droning highway manners, a utilitarian interior and cramped interior space, this version improves on — if not solves — those shortcomings," said Cars.com reviewer Bill Jackson. Check out Jackson's review for more.

2015 Subaru Outback Expert Review

Cars.com photo by Bill Jackson


Marta Groene

I thought I wouldn't own anything other than a Subaru after I bought my 2005 Outback (still going strong). Unfortunately the OB has taken a turn towards the bigger and bloated the past few years. Not a fan of SUVs, so unless this year model has diminished in size, it's won't be my next vehicle.

I sold one of the very first 2015 Subaru Outback Limited models in Portland, Oregon. I recommended it over the 2014 model since I knew it had some more options and worth the extra grand. My 70 year old customer says it is the best car he has ever owned!


Jose Pinomesa,

this is blog, not advertizement board. Nice try. Better tell Subaru that no manual - no sale to me.


Subaru has turned the Outback into a tank. We've been Subaru fans for decades, but the current generation of Outbacks are an embarrassment.

I test drove one the other day, and in about two minutes I was asking the salesguy where is a good place to turn around. I wanted out.

You want a great Outback? 2009 or earlier is your ticket.


Now if they would just tankify the Impreza, then we'd be about where the Outback used to be, and we'd have a pretty nice car again.

Janet Jackson

We just got a 2015 Outback, it is much larger and higher than the 2003 Outback we turned in.. but not a problem for us.

Very very disappointed about not having a weather band on the radio. Out door car without a weather band, big miss.
The gadget of seeing yourself back up-useless. Weather band, GPS, those would be useful.


love my 2013 Outback Limited. Just ordered a 2015. This vehicle replaced my 2009 4Runner and I have NO regrets!

on the 2015 outbacks...it appears that the under floor cargo space is much smaller than before....does anyone know if this is indeed true and across all trim levels?

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