Study Ranks Best, Worst States for Teen Drivers


Statistically, some states are better than others for teen drivers: New York is the best; South Dakota is the worst. That's according to personal-finance website, which conducted a study comparing state-by-state totals for elements such as teen driver fatalities, impaired-driving laws and average cost of car repairs. The Best & Worst States for Teen Drivers study ranks all 50 states, excluding the District of Columbia.

Summer Brings Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers

The study results come just in time for summer. Saturday marks the official first day of the warm-weather season, which in addition to being a fun time of beaches and backyard barbecues is also a particularly deadly time for teen drivers. On average, 260 teens are killed in car accidents each month between Memorial Day and Labor Day, compounded by the fact that young people are already at the highest risk for crashes of any age group at any other time, with thousands dying every year. Meanwhile, despite representing only 14 percent of the population, drivers age 15 to 24 account for about 30 percent of the total costs associated with car crashes.

"We aim to equip parents and other concerned adults with facts that will help them safeguard against unforeseeable events when their teens are on the road," the website states. "After all, parents are the ones to shoulder both the emotional and financial burdens of their children's actions."

According to the study, the top five "best" states for young drivers are New York, Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon and Rhode Island. The bottom five, or "worst," states are South Dakota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wyoming. In addition to New York and Illinois, the No. 3 and No. 5 most populous states in the U.S., respectively, California, which has the most residents, ranked 11th on the list, while Texas and Florida, which have the second and fourth largest populations, ranked 19th and 34th.

The top 10 "best" states for teen drivers are:

1. New York
2. Hawaii
3. Illinois
4. Oregon
5. Rhode Island
6. Massachusetts
7. Maryland
8. Delaware
9. Washington
10. Nevada

The 10 "worst" states for teen drivers are:

1. South Dakota
2. Mississippi
3. Nebraska
4. Oklahoma
5. Wyoming
6. Arkansas
7. Montana
8. South Carolina
9. Missouri
10. Arizona

By Matt Schmitz | June 19, 2014 | Comments (1)


The Issue's that I just can not understand is Our States within this Country are basically giving Drivers Liscense to Anyone.The Simple Driving Test in a State Parking Lot is Not Enough.I worked for a County Police/Sheriff Dept.for 32yrs.On and Off.Here in the State of Georgia these People do not Understand that a Driver's Liscense is a Priviledge.I have CDL-CLASS A,COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LISCENSE.People just do not know what I and so many other's that have these type's of Drivers Liscense,The Full Inspection of Vehicle before an Applicant can Even Sit down in their vehicle Not to Mention the On the Actual Road Driveing Test.It continues to blow my Mind Why People get into the Left Lane of a 4 Lane Rd.and Drive WayBelow the Posted Speed Limit set by the State in which each driver lives in.Almost40yrs.ago,I was taught that the Left Lane was for Passing Only.Then to Really Think about this Teenage Driving in this Country,As I Qoute"Everyone including City,County,State Police Officers"think that a Blinker or Turn Signal is A Optional Feature on a Vehicle,-When a Blinker or Turn Signal is A Standard Feature on Any Vehicle that is Being Operated in this Country.CAN I GET A WITNESS !

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