Recall Alert: 2010-2014 Chevrolet Camaro


Vehicles Affected: Approximately 464,712 model-year 2010-14 Chevrolet Camaros – all current-generation models of the car are affected

The Problem: General Motors is reporting that the driver's knee could bump the key fob, causing the key to move out of the Run position. This could lead to a reduction or loss of power. GM is aware of three crashes and four injuries related to the issue.

The automaker said the Camaro's ignition switch meets all engineering specifications and this issue is unrelated to the ignition switch recall affecting the Chevrolet Cobalt and several of GM's other compact cars.   

The Fix: GM is changing the key's design; the change will make the ignition key and fob independent of each other. 

What Owners Should Do: The automaker has not yet provided an owner notification schedule; affected owners will receive a recall letter. GM says courtesy transportation will be provided if needed. Owners can call Chevrolet at 800-222-1020 for more info.

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Seriously, do carmakers even test their cars before putting them out on the market? Looks like there is a total breakdown in R&D in the industry. And it's gonna cost ALL of them dearly before long.


If it weren't for recalls, what would GM need to do to get this much attention? I still think they want to flood the news with so many recalls, that when one really important one comes up, people will be so tired of hearing about them that they'll not even notice.


This recall is a "just in case" issue. The fix is to replace the keys so that the fob is separate instead of the neat unit it currently is. At 6'2", I would still have to be doing something really stupid to actually hit the current key with my knee. Lawyers and lawsuits is what is driving this recall, not a real problem. I like the unique key I currently have.

Ron C

Why did they not make it a push button to begin with??????

Tim P

As an owner of a 2010 RS model, I'm more concerned about the crack in my dash along the airbag compartment. This vehicle spends 12 to 18 hours a day in a garage and no direct sunlight to cause the crack yet the GM dealer said it's cosmetic live with it. My key fob is fine...fix my dash and potential airbag deployment?


I purchased a 2011 a few weeks ago, and on the day of delivery GM froze the release being it fell under their recall. I have a car, fully paid for, sitting at the dealer with a TBD date tagged to the arrival of the parts.

Do I need to explain how frustrated I am at the moment.

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