Nissan Leaf Used Prices Drop Most in June


Gas prices may be on the rise, but that's not necessarily bolstering demand for used electric cars. The all-electric Nissan Leaf saw the biggest price drop in June; asking prices for late-model used Leafs dipped 4.2 percent ($819) to $18,692 on average. The Chevrolet Volt, an electric car with a range-extending gas generator, experienced the fourth-biggest price drop, with its average price falling 2.9 percent ($710) to $23,984.

Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Express 3500 full-size van had the biggest price gain in June, up 2.1 percent ($513) to $24,908. Rounding out the top three were the Porsche Boxster convertible, up 1.8 percent ($959), and the Lincoln MKS luxury sedan, which gained 1.5 percent ($430).

As in May, overall used-car prices were down in June, falling 0.7 percent ($162) to $23,097. That's the lowest average price so far this year.

The charts below detail used cars from the 2011 to 2013 model years with the biggest price drops and gains. To be eligible for the lists, a model had to have at least 250 cars in's national inventory.

Source: used-car listings, 2011 to 2013 model years photo by Evan Sears

By Mike Hanley | June 24, 2014 | Comments (1)


Thomas J. Thias

Today, Mike Hanley of Cars dot com has run a story stating that the Nissan Leaf EV and Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric vehicle are and I quote, "On Top 10 Biggest Depreciation List"

This is the information that will e-mail out, tweet out, facebook out and circulate.

Headline only readers will get a very wrong conclusion.

The Press, of course will have a field day with this!

This article, appearing on Cars dot coms' "Kicking Tires Blog", screams with this headline, "Nissan Leaf Used Prices Drop Most in June.

The authors then go on to state that in May, 2014, the Nissan Leaf lost $819.00 and the Chevy Volt EREV lost $710.00 in resale value.

No mention is made of Mercedes Benz S-Class loss of $1,297.00 in value, Land Rover, Range Rover's loss of $2,458.00 in value or Jaguar XJ's loss in value of $1,779.00, much greater losses in reasale value for the month of May, 2014 as Cars dot com claims percent drops asside.

See information on posted chart, above.

Again, no comparison is made to the much heavier losses in real cash value that the above mentioned Mercedes Benz, Range Rover and Jaguar included on the posted chart incurred.


Lets look at the big picture.

2011 Model Year Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle's, at 4 model years into production are holding an astounding, north of of 80% of their current replacement value, new, of $26,685.00 after up to the $7,500.00 Fed Tax Credit.

I'll prove it here-

(All Electric Fueled Vehicles sold in the USA qualify for this Fed Tax Credit, to buyers of these vehicles based on income and taxes due.

The Fed Tax Credit as signed into law in 2007 by then President George W. Bush allows from $2,550.00 to a max of $7,500.00 in tax credit, based additionaly, on Vehicle Traction Battery size.)

When leasing, the applicable Fed Tax Credit, again, based now on Traction Battery size alone is captured by the Lessor, by LAW, and in most cases, 100% is passed on to the lessee as a great reduction in lease payment and debtor obligation over term of the lease.

N.A.D.A. the premier source of loan origination values for banks and lenders, nationwide, uses this assumed, after tax credit value reduction as a baseline for N.A.D.A. lending guidelines 2, 3, and four years out.

According to N.A.D.A. the current loan originating values for Model Year 2011 Chevy Volt EREV, the base model is $21,075.00.

Note, NADA lending guidelines are 100% current Clean Retail Value assuming generally good credit.

Link Goes To NADA Lender Use Car Guide Current Values-

According to AutoTrader dot com, the average sale price for used 2011 Chevy Volt EREV's, average miles, nationwide search, is an astounding $23,196.00!

Link Goes To Auto Trader National Search-

According to Chevy Volt dot com, after up to $7,500.00 Fed Tax Credit is realized, one can own a 2014 Model Year Chevy Volt EREV for $26,685.00.

Link Goes To Chevy Volt EREV Consumer Web Page-

The Brakeout

$26,685.00 New, After Up To $7,500 Fed Tax Credit realized-

- $22,508.00 2011 Model Year Average Sale Price- AutoTrader-
= $4.177.00 4 Year Depreation loss Based On Net, New-

This is amasing!

Thus, used 2011MY Chevy Volt EREV's are holdiing over 80% of the published best price new and unheard of in current normal depreciation ratings.

It is my humble opinion that articles such as these, that omit the big picture facts as I have presented them above, serve only to disinform and malign the top leading vehicles of the surging Global Electric Fueled Vehicle industry.

Thomas J. Thias


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