Ford Lowers Fuel Economy Ratings on Six Cars, Will Reimburse Owners


Ford announced today that it is revising fuel economy ratings for six models and compensating owners of about 200,000 vehicles after internal testing revealed errors in its evaluation process. Vehicles affected include the 2013-14 C-Max Hybrid, Fusion Hybrid, C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi plug-in hybrids, and the gas-only 2014 Fiesta; the 2013-14 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is also affected. Ford said it notified the EPA after learning of the discrepancy, and it worked with the agency to retest the vehicles and determine the correct ratings. The automaker said it has reviewed its entire lineup to determine which models required further testing, and that no further adjustments are planned.

Amid Complaints, Ford to Drop C-Max Hybrid to 43 MPG

The testing error was specific to a component of engine-power testing called Total Road Load Horsepower, a measure of resistance. Ford said it has validated the revised TRLHP for affected vehicles through physical testing and put checks and balances in place for future testing. The automaker also said it has notified its dealers and new fuel economy labels will be available in about six days; vehicles will continue to be sold in the interim. Customers can call Ford at 866-436-7332 for more info.

Ford said it will pay owners of the affected vehicles the difference in estimated fuel costs between the old and revised ratings; lease customers will be reimbursed at a lesser rate than owners. The specific differences in fuel economy and the amount to be paid in reimbursement to owners, are as follows:


This isn't the first time in recent history Ford has had to revise the fuel economy ratings on one of its hybrids. Last August, Ford announced it was lowering the fuel economy rating for the C-Max Hybrid to 43 mpg from 47 mpg and reimbursing owners for the difference. The Detroit automaker isn't alone, however. In 2012, Kia and Hyundai acknowledged overstating mileage on 900,000 vehicles in the U.S. sold since 2010 and agreed to pay out about $400 million in owner compensation. photo by Evan Sears



It will be interesting to see if the blogs squier Ford as they did Hyundai & Kia.
At least H & K offers compensation for their "error"
What is Ford going to do ???


The 2013 Ford Fusion should be a part of this. I am getting 22 MPG when they indicated 28-32. Anyone know if more will be added?

Dorothy Powell

Was advised when I got the car I would get up to 37mpg on the road. The most I have seen is 33.5 on the highway. The Ford Fusion should be on the list. Also in town only 31mpg. I have a 2014 Ford Fusion.


Curious about if this will apply to owners of used cars. Bought a 2013 Fusion Hybrid in the beginning of 2014 with 9,000 miles on it. I have since put more miles on it than the previous owner.

Ford SE is 4th in Best Hybrid Cars. The no. 1 Hybrid car is Toyota Prius.i just check this here

david French

this is such BS... not on the part of Ford, but on gas hog consumers who don't know how to drive a hybrid.

let's examine the average consumer as illustrated by the top comment here:

"... What is Ford going to do ???"

It clearly states in the article Ford will be compenssting with a check. This commentator is like a lot of the drivers reporting bad mpg: they don't do their homework.

I Drive a C MAX Energi and get 74 miles per gallon on my commute. now I didn't get that at first because this car is so much fun to drive! Ford gave people the anti Prius: 195 horsepower! Since most of the buyers are new to hybrids, they probably don't use the energy efficiency screens or breaking system properly.

Ford is being more than honorable in cutting checks for people who frankly don't deserve a hybrid. I'm sure most of those reports on fuelly are by former gas hogs who slam on the brakes for quick stops rather than the longer eased breaking a hybrid requires. every person who reported a bad miles per gallon should be required to report their break score, a Ford innovation that helps recover the most energy into your battery.

I'm a EV geek -I even have a electric motorcycle- and in this country most people are horrible drivers. hey dumb asses if you speed up to a stop light, you're the problem, not Ford! slow down what's the hurry your planet would appreciate it.

We just received a check from Ford Motor Company. What I'm about to disclose concerns how to fight a car manufacturer to buy back their car when it's a lemon. In our case, it was Ford Motor Company (specifically Lincoln) and their misrepresentation of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ. We traded in a 2012 MKZ for the 2013 MKZ Linclon Hybrid. While the 2012 MKZ delivered the stated MPG, the 2013 MKZ Hybrid was delivering 10 MPG less than what was stated on the sticker (45 Combined MPG). We purchased the car form Alex Karras Lincoln in Bradenton, Florida. The car was delivered dirty and we later found out had not had Pre-Delivery Inspection. Within the first 200 miles of driving, the center console blew completely and it took weeks to the the part from Mexico. During the ensuing 18 months we were given every excuse as to why the car was not achieving the stated 45 Combined MPG. The reasons were as follows:

1- You don't know how to drive a hybrid.
2- The electrical problems your carecontributed to the lack of MPG.
3- The computer needs to be reset (six times) think Control. Alt and Delete and you'll get the idea.
4- You're not driving the car correctly.
5- The computer needs a current update.
6- Do you know how to drive a hybrid?
7- The latest update from Ford Motor Company was designed to increase the MPG. After that update we got 2 MPG less than before the update.
8- The computer needs to be disconnected. They disconnected the battery and re-connected.
9- Are you sure you know how to drive a hybrid? Do you know how to use the braking system to increase the battery life?
10- We took your car on a test drive for 9 miles and we got 42 MPG with the air on and 50 MPG with the air off.

#10 was the last insult that Ford Motor Company could throw at us as Ford itself reported that they misstated their OWN EPA results and stated the car would never get over 37 MPG. See article below:

So, we sued Ford Motor Company under the Florida Lemon Law and guess what? We won! In fact, if you didn't cash your gas gift card for $1050.00 (which is what they handed out to 2013 MKZ Hybrid owners) you may still have a claim and should go after Ford for their outright lying to you as a consumer of their products.

You can file a Lemon Law claim yourself (you do NOT need an attorney to do so) or you can retain and attorney and the most they'll from you is $2500.00 if you settle with the auto manufacturer before it goes to Arbitration or court. You are required to file a claim through BBB Autoline (and while that group is a total waste of your time and effort as they always seem to deny a claim) your last step is to stick it out with the Florida Attorney general's Office and see your case through.

Document everything that goes wrong with the car. Use your cell phone to make videos, take images and even record what the service people are saying (you must tell them you're going to record your conversation with them before doing so). Document! Document! Document! The car manufacturer counts on you being inept in presenting your case. You can bring them to their knees by submitting CD's of images, videos and written reports of their unwillingness to do right by you to the Arbitration Board.

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