2015 Volkswagen Golf, GTI Named IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus


Volkswagen redesigned its Golf and related GTI hatchbacks for 2015, and aside from lower prices and more standard equipment, drivers can also expect a safer car according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

2015 Volkswagen Golf, Golf TDI: First Drive

The agency awarded both compact hatchbacks its top honor, the Top Safety Pick Plus award, for earning good scores in all areas of testing, including the small front overlap test. This test, which is proving difficult for automakers to master, simulates a crash in which 25 percent of a vehicle's driver's side front end strikes a rigid barrier at 40 mph.

"The driver's space was maintained well and injury measures recorded on the dummy indicate a low risk of any significant injuries in a crash of this severity. While the dummy's head nearly slid off the left side of the airbag, the side curtain airbag deployed to protect the head from contacting side structure and outside objects," IIHS said in a statement.

To qualify for Top Safety Pick Plus status, a vehicle must earn a good or acceptable rating in the small overlap test, a good rating in the other four tests and a rating of basic or higher for front crash prevention. Both the Golf and GTI offer an optional forward collision warning system for 2015 that the IIHS rates as basic.

The 2014 versions of both cars received good scores in the moderate front overlap, side, roof strength and head restraint tests; the small front overlap test was not performed, and the models did not offer any type of forward collision warning system.

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I find the '15 Golf and the GTi to be QUITE interesting, so much so that I would consider either one for purchase when the time comes, but what I'm still concerned with is VW's reliability/dependability issues plus dealership indifference. Now these are the rubs which make yours truly think twice before pulling the trigger, so to speak, with these vehicles. Those reasons and VW reducing their free maintenance period make going for a VW uneasy.

Indeed, VW needs to focus on fixing their dependability and improving their customer's ownership experience.
Having to take a car in to the dealer for even a minor issue is a big inconvenience, and shoppers have realized they can generally avoid that by choosing a Honda or Hyundai.
Also, VW dealerships unfortunately do seem to have an arrogant, rather than subservient, attitude. It’s too bad.


I'm a 2012 TDI Golf owner and though I love the car, I have to agree about the dealer experience and free maintenance points. VW Germany seem to be working pretty hard as I get surveys and promises and very good communication, but then when I have an obvious battery / intercooler issue of some kind and it's under warranty, my dealer starts hemming and hawing and getting very unhelpful. I do recommend the TDI and I love so much about the product itself - including the safety, the general build quality and the fuel economy - but it seems that I will either need to learn to work on it myself or I will need a truly great mechanic relationship in the VW case more than others, if I want to make it past 500K miles.


You really want to be stuck in a TDI that long? I read a story last week about how europe is reassessing its move to diesel cars. The fine particulate pollution from burning diesel fuel is killing thousands of people each year and has been described as a catastrophe. Don't repeat their mistake.


Just google europe diesel catastrophe and you'll find a bloomberg news story stating that Londons air quality is worse than China, thanks to filthy diesel cars burning diesel fuel.

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