2015 Subaru Outback Pricing Starts at More Than $25,000


The redesigned 2015 Subaru Outback goes on sale later this summer and features a number of improvements over the current generation. One thing Subaru didn't decide to improve on was the manual transmission, which is no longer standard. Only a continuously variable automatic transmission will be offered.

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That impacts the Outback's starting price tremendously as the 2015 starts at $25,745 and the 2014 starts at $24,320. However, a 2014 with a CVT is $1,000 more, making the comparable 2015 2.5i base model just a $425 increase over the previous generation. Opt for the 2.5i Premium and that price difference is just $225.

Both higher trim levels, the 2.5i Limited and 3.6R Limited, see steeper price hikes of $925. All pricing includes destination charges, which also increased $25 to $850 for 2015.

The 2.5i base model comes with a few extra features standard. In terms of capability, Subaru's X-Mode system, hill descent control and hill start assist are now standard. Inside, the biggest addition is a new multimedia system with a 6.2-inch touch-screen, HD radio, Pandora integration, Bluetooth audio streaming, and USB and iPod integration. It has just four speakers standard, though.

When you move up to the 2.5i Premium, there are considerably more features including the All-Weather Package with heated front seats standard, dual-zone climate control, 10-way power driver's seat and an upgraded multimedia system with a 7-inch touch-screen, dual USB ports and six speakers.

There are a host of option packages, as well. We list them and full pricing below.

Learn more about the 2015 Subaru Outback:

2015 Subaru Outback Pricing

  • 2.5i: $25,745
  • 2.5i Premium: $27,845
  • 2.5i Limited: $30,845
  • 3.6R Limited: $33,845

2015 Subaru Outback Option Packages

  • Moonroof + Power Rear Gate: $1,695
  • Moonroof + Power Rear Gate + Navigation: $2,195
  • EyeSight + Blind Spot Detection & Rear Cross Traffic Alert + Power Rear Gate: $1,695
  • Moonroof Pkg +Power Rear Gate + Navigation System + EyeSight +Blind Spot Detection & Rear Cross Traffic Alert: $3,390
  • Moonroof Pkg +Keyless Access & Start + Navigation System: $2,195
  • Moonroof Pkg + Keyless Access & Start + Navigation System + EyeSight: $2,990

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Bring back the manual, Subaru.





WTF, Wow and Julio,
Unfortunately you may be the only three people asking for manuals here. Out of 14K new 2014 Outbacks in our inventory, only 200 come with a manual. There is virtually zero demand in the market for manual transmissions in a vehicle like an Outback. Now, if they removed the manual transmission option from an STI...


And yet there is demand.


So buy one of the two hundred.


Don't want a '14 or else would be driving one now. The local dealership gets a couple in per year and shockingly they don't languish on the lot waiting for a buyer. I want a '15 with a manual.


I'm sure we can find more than 200 of us who want the 2015 with a manual. I've had a Forester for the fuel economy (compared to Outback), but want a manual and the '15 Outback! The cars are being built for Canadians--can there really me more demand, in absolute numbers, for manual transmissions in tiny Canada than the US? Even if it's true, can't you divert a few of them from Canada to the US? I'll accept the maple syrup smell and km-based instruments!


If dealers requested more from Subaru they would build them and send them. If dealers sold them at a good clip they would be ordering more. Obviously, the demand is not there. It's not like the dealers say "Hey, Subaru, don't send me any sticks because they just sell too damn quickly".

Dealers tend to order cars that sell well and don't order cars that languish on lots and they have to take a hit on. They are in business to make money and if they thought they could sell more sticks and make more money they would be ordering them and Subaru would still be making them.

6-sp manual

This information just crossed out Subaru outback from my new car purchase list, that I am making for next year.

Jim Smith

I took delivery of a new 2015 Outback and I like it. For me, functionality and reliability were the key factors. I wish it had a wee bit more horse power and torque for towing.


They fazed out standard because the cvt gets high 30s and stick gets high 20s. For awd anything over 30 is amazing- much less 37 mpg which we get on road trips.

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