2015 Honda Pilot: What's Changed


Most significant changes: New Special Edition model slots between the EX and EX-L

Price change: $200 increase on returning models

On sale: Now

Which you should buy, 2014 or 2015? 2014

Once Honda slaps a "Special Edition" label on one of its vehicles, a redesigned model can't be far behind. Honda historically introduces SE models a year or so before it launches a new generation. Because the Pilot's upscale cousin, the Acura MDX, was redesigned for 2014, expect a new version of the Pilot SUV for 2016.

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The Special Edition adds to the EX trim level's equipment with pewter gray aluminum wheels, a power moonroof, satellite radio and a DVD rear entertainment system. SE base prices are $33,120 with front-wheel drive and $34,720 with all-wheel drive, not including the $830 destination charge, or $1,000 more than an EX.

The eight-passenger Pilot returns with a standard 3.5-liter V-6 and five-speed automatic transmission and a choice of front- or all-wheel drive on all models. In addition to the EX, SE and EX-L (leather) price levels, it comes in base LX and top-shelf Touring trim levels. As per Honda's usual practice, options are limited, and you may have to move up a price level to get a particular feature. The rear-entertainment system is standard on the SE and Touring, for example, and a $1,600 option only on the EX-L. Navigation is standard on the Touring, a $2,000 option on the EX-L and not available on other models. If you want the rear entertainment and the navigation systems, Touring models are the only ones that have both.

Standard on all models is a three-year/36,000-mile roadside assistance plan. Previously, roadside assistance was included only with extra-cost extended service contracts.

Honda says the 2015s are on sale now, but currently there are more than 19,000 2014 Pilots in Cars.com's inventory. Honda is offering incentives deals on the 2014s through July 7, so you will likely find a better deal on a leftover 2014 Pilot that, aside from the SE, is a carbon copy of the 2015s.

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By Rick Popely | June 11, 2014 | Comments (12)


zach ameen

Thank you Honda for making my decision easy. Yes and that is Toyota Highlander with much better power train and technology packages. You have lost and you will regret for not introducing your new style pilot this year.

zach ameen

Toyota and Hyundai left you in a dust behind. I feel sorry for your future demise.

stephen goldman

I have a 2011 pilot touring model. Great for the first three years but know its starting to fall apart. Navigation is very bad and the check fuel cap light has been on for 144,000 miles. They can't fix it. I'm moving on

Happy owner

I have a 2013 Honda Pilot Touring and have been very satisfied with the quality and reliability. I looked at several vehicles before purchasing my Pilot and based on consumer reviews with regards to reliability, the Pilot came out on top.


Hey Honda! I have a 2003 Honda Pilot that I'm replacing this year. In addition, a 2008 Ridgeline, 4 honda dirt bikes and a honda mower.

Unfortunately, the new (not improved) 2015 Honda Pilot is in about 3rd place in my search. Unsure as to what I'll buy as yet, but the technology on the Pilot is old and dated. Why would I spend >$40k for the least technologically saavy product on the market?

Wake up folks!!!!!

I'm a big time 'Honda Guy' and I'll probably not purchase a Honda this time.

That's ok, I'll check out your new model 10 or so years from now....


I am very disappointment that the new pilot ,that I was told was going to be redesigned this coming year . I have been waiting to buy 2015. Now I was told it isn't happening Now. Wish I was told the truth . Now I have waited a year for this and now it isn't happening. Going to buy toyota highlander now . Just wish Honda was truth ful at there dealerships about the pilot . Sad!


I had a honda pilot touring 2013 with 10000 miles on it till aug 5, 2014, when everything changed in an instant..... I was cruising down a four land hwy doing 63 mph. A Buick enclave failed to yield and I slammed hard into his passenger doors. Totaled both vehicles! I am badly bruised maybe a few broken bones, but I am alive thanks to god and that well built honda pilot touring! I will buy a new 2015 pilot touring.


I had the 2005 Honda Pilot that I loved! Traded it in on a 2011 Toyota Highlander, which I hated. Uncomfortable seat and interior was so fragile. Too many things broke to even mention. The dealer allowed us to try a 2014 Toyota Highlander for a week and was not impressed. Back lift did not work with out getting stuck. New center cavern is a joke. The salesman suggested I use it for my small dog. Car felt cheap. Entune never works and navigation gets stuck and you have to restart car to use again. I went back to Honda. I love my 2014 Pilot. It's about the comfort and the drive, not being entertained. I like the boxy body, its not Grandma looking like Toyota's.


Whats a matta with you guys ? Still fooling around with same old tired body style since 2007. You got customers willing to spend money on a new pilot design and you havn't got enough sense to get with the program ? You've probably lost millions since 2012 model year with folks going for other brands with a sleek sporty look and feel.


I have a 2009 Pilot EX-L. Was just in a very bad accident with an 18 wheeler. The Pilot held up better than expected. All 4 adults & a 5 year old & 10 month old, we all walked away alive.


I have a 2008 Pilot that I'm still driving and love. Will be trading in next two years and hope Honda updates technology.


Just bought the 2015 Honda Pilot, after trying out the Toyota Highlander, GMC Acadia, Jeep Cherokee Limited, and for the price, style, upgrades and ride comfort. The Honda Pilot won, hands down. Love my new ride.

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