2015 Acura MDX: What's Changed


Most significant changes: The MDX is completely unchanged from 2014

Price change: Base prices up $275 for all models

On sale: Now

Which you should buy, 2014 or 2015? 2014

This seven-seat luxury sport-ute received a fresh design for 2014, so it's no surprise that it's unchanged for the 2015 model year, especially given brisk sales.

Along with fresh styling, a more economical 3.5-liter V-6 and nearly 300 pounds less weight, the redesign brought a new choice of front-wheel drive, which cuts $2,000 off the base price compared to all-wheel-drive models.

2014 Acura MDX: Car Seat Check

For 2015 models, base prices are up $275 for all models and range from $42,565 to $56,780, not including the $895 destination charge. In addition, the MDX offers three option packages that serve as higher trim levels above the base models. Both prices and content for those packages are unchanged from 2014.

A Technology Package brings a navigation system, GPS-linked climate control, premium audio, rain-sensing wipers and safety features such as blind spot, forward collision and lane departure warnings, and it adds $4,275 to the bottom line. For another $2,000, you can add the Entertainment Package, which includes a rear DVD system with a 9-inch screen, heated second-row seats and other features.

The top-of-the-line Advance Package ups the ante nearly $6,000 higher with a 16-inch DVD screen, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, lane-keep assist and other features.

Dealers still had more than 5,000 of the 2014 models in stock when the 2015 versions were due to start arriving, so they should be more willing to discount their remaining 2014s. However, don't expect huge discounts. In May, the MDX took 40 days to sell from the time it hit lots to the time a buyer signed the paperwork, a fair clip ahead of the average of 61 days. Overall MDX sales are up 79 percent this year through May.

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Surprised that figures are up- it is the worst car I have ever bought!!


they raised the price, lightened the weight so It doesn't feel as good as the previous model (2011), changed from the Milano Italian gorgeous leather to the same leather that's in the Accord and overall, it's less car. I do like my 2011 MDX but wouldn't consider a 14 or 15.

Take that


Best MDX to date, yes some minor "new model" bugs but I love mine. 3rd Acura and best!!


Don't believe Mark's comments. I guarantee he doesn't this car. It's one of the best SUV's out there considering space, performance, reliability and bang for buck. This is coming from someone who switched for a Lexus RX.


I bought the 2014 mdx and I am loving it.


I have the MDX 2009 and will change for the 2014. In my opinion the best option out there.


Mark is an idiot...just got my 2015 best vehicle on road period. Have tech and ent systems. Best stereo ever. Better than my 2005 TL


Not quite sure what the folks who love the 2014s are experiencing, or what they have driven in the past to compare to. I find the 2014 to be stunningly disappointing.


I was debating between the qx60 and the 2014 MDX. I could not decide between the two. I drove each car twice and driving the MDX was by far better. In my opinion the only SUV that drove better than the MDX was the BMW X5 by a small margin. I am not spending an additional 10-14k more for an X5. So I actually purchased the 2015 MDX (just to make sure that whatever defects they had on the 2014 would hopefully be fixed in the 2015 version). Picking it up in early September (Elite version with running board and cross bars). I Cannot wait!


They didn't change the one thing that drastically needs changing - the beak!


just got the 2015 and love it! 3k miles already in 1 month... can't get enough of it!


Just bought the 2015 MDX Advance and love it. I wanted something bigger than my Honda accord and less than my Suburban and with third row seats still have room for all the grands. Excellent ride!

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