2014 Volkswagen Beetle Gains Features With Premium Package


Volkswagen has announced a new Premium Package for the 2014 Beetle hatchback and convertible. Available in July for 1.8T and TDI diesel trim levels, the Premium Package includes features not previously available for the Beetle, as well as content that had only been offered on the R-Line trim until now.

Volkswagen Beetle Dune Photo Gallery

The package's all-new features include automatic headlights, automatic climate control, the RNS 510 navigation system with satellite radio, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and a cradle for the iPhone 5. Also included are bi-xenon high-intensity-discharge headlights, a sport suspension for 1.8T models, gray mirror caps, R-Line bumpers, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a Fender premium stereo and contrast stitching. Three exterior colors are offered: white, gray and black.

The Beetle 1.8T hatchback with the Premium Package costs $28,175 while the TDI diesel costs $30,175. The 1.8T and TDI convertibles are priced at $31,575 and $33,575, respectively. All prices include an $820 destination charge.


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Kind of like this car the R-line.

Nice ride.

Thank you for the great article.


What a remarkable achivement, in 40 years the beetle has gone from a $1,900 people's car to a $30,000 luxo model. God bless America.


JJJR: SO TRUE! IMHO the original people's car was better in many ways than the current imposter.


JJJR - Although I love the Beetle, your comment is true and literally has me laughing out loud!

Much like the car R-Line


It's still a dismal nazi staff car ;)


I owned one of these Beetles, the turbo version, and it remains one of my favorites cars of all times. It was quick, a great town car, and a surprisingly competent road car. I toured thousands of miles and the car never failed to impress. It was stable on the road, capable of delivering any required speed, and just plain fun.

It may be a $30,000 car but based on my experience it's a great buy for the right person.

Bryan Smith

"Three exterior colors are offered: white, gray and black."
-- None of those are colors.

Joey Pats

In other words, you can now get most options already available in a MINI Cooper. ;)


Lipstick on a turd.


my new '69 Beetle cost $1660


Why only one iPhone holder/charger? Oh yes because only one person in each car can have an iPhone. Gotta love German thinking.

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