2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid Video

Cars.com reviewer Kelsey Mays says Subaru's first hybrid, the 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid, offers rugged exterior styling and an effectively utilitarian interior to match. But should anyone pony up an extra $4,000 for an unimpressive fuel economy boost over the gas-only version? Watch the video.


Have owned our XV Hybrid since 12/2013, logged over 10,000 miles. Vehicle travels 70 miles daily in 50 / 50 city / highway traffic and averages over 33 MPG. (Really, pretty difficult to achieve less then 30 MPG) We held off on a Subaru purchase simply because of lower MPG in the rest of the line up. Test-drove the Standard XV and Forester and either could match the XV Hybrid in driving refinement, would have simply purchased the XV Hybrid over the others on ride quality alone. Achieving the best MPG is a matter of learning the features offered, really very simple. Have logged and tracked our MPG at another web site from day one. We own a Civic Coupe, which achieves less MPG under the same driving conditions. I do test mileage by topping off the vehicle and /or carefully filling up at same locations and find this basic system of measure is much more accurate than using the fuel savings instruments as each time the vehicle is turned off part of the gauge info is reset, and proved most often not accurate to the actual fuel usage, have been testing / checking MPG's for many years, Really surprised other "testing" would rely on total MPG's logged as this method is not accurate at all. A recent 1000 mile road trip over Memorial Day weekend rewarded us with great MPG’s, wonderfully quiet ride at 80 miles per hour or less, really quiet, and a blast twisting around the hills and curves of Tennesee, we could not ask for more. Did a few tweaks to the Clarion Head Unit that helped the standard audio system crank! We purchased this standard XV Hybrid for under 26K, a great value to us. This vehicle is truly a Subaru first….. Best of luck to others with their vehicles!

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