Recall Alert: 2011-2013 Nissan Juke


Vehicles Affected: About 104,439 model-year 2011-2013 Nissan Juke crossovers

The Problem: Nissan is conducting this voluntary recall due to an issue with the engine timing chain. In some of the vehicles, the timing chain may deteriorate over time and distort, according to the automaker. If the resulting warning light is ignored, the chain could eventually break.

The Fix: Nissan began notifying owners this month; dealers will replace the timing chain, chain guides and crank sprocket for free.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call Nissan at 800-647-7261 for more info.

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Wow. This is big. They will take your engine a little bit apart. And I wanted this car. Looks like Nissan learned not much since 240 chain problems.


So, will ALL the manufacturers be replacing Timing Chains and belts? They ALL will deteriorate and distort over time. That's why they suggest you replace them at 60-70K. And why I don't keep a car much past 40K if I can help it.


Timing belts require periodic replacement. Timing chains are supposed to last the lifetime of the engine, hence the recall.


I had this problem. I took it back, and they fixed it under warranty.


60-70K huh? You are professor of automotive science, man. Good job. Keep up changing cars every 40K.



timing belt can last lifetime of your car. The reason why you change it is because it is a big work to check on it, lets say, once a year. So, manufacturer puts it as scheduled maintenance at certain interval. When I pulled a belt from my Nissan engine, it was fine. I could stick it back and drive another 2 years for sure. But it took me 2 hours and a lot of dismembering. Why would I do this every year? I put in new $50 belt. I think, $50 worth not to do this work.

My 1998 Protege is 191K and has its original belt. I am not worry if it breaks because Protege has non-interference engine. 2 years ago I was changing valve cover gasket and inspected timing belt - it was fine.

Although I've seen cars that had their belts going well before scheduled time and had engines damaged. Sonatas had this problem and were recalled for it, and some Civics also.

john hughes

Timing belt or chain? Watch out for high maintenance engines!



john hughes,

stop this propaganda. Interference engines permit for many things. And now auto industry solved the problem by going back to timing chain which should last lifetime of the car.

Mazda for the longest time was producer of non-interference engines and this fact makes your article over-generalization.

Timing belt was wonderful design at the beginning. It allowed to remove few clips and couple of covers, replace the belt and keep going. It saved some weight and repair if anything would go wrong with the chain. But that was when engines were inline. Then engines became transverse and it became a pain.


How'd we get to belts? This recall is for the cahin. It has the possibility of shattering and disorting, and causing total engine faliure. Got mine done in less than a day. This is how a recall gets done...they announce it, and fix it. Not hide the facts until a suit brings it out.


ok, so that should say "chain"

katina justice

My car just had a time chain ,oil change, and tune up. It want let the speed go over 80 miles per hour and start losing pressure, could someone help me with the problem


my chain snapped and destroyed the motor I was lucky my dealership went thru all the hoops and it was fully covered and i had a full engine replacement Maybe they had enough of these incidents to finally get a recall and try to avoid what happened to me

Kim Blacklock

My engine, and in turn my turbo, went last September. I was at about 81,000 kms, so my dealership handled it. But it was almost a month without my car and now I have to take her in again for the recall, as the new engine wasn't done. I was the first with it happening then, and was the first for the fuel sensor leak too. Guess i am just lucky :)


What "warning lights"? No lights ever came on but my car is sitting in the driveway un-usable. Dealership wants 8k to replace the engine.


My car only had 49,700 miles on it in 2 years and they want to say it is my fault for not changing the oil on time, every time. I got it done every 4-6 months but can't prove every time. Mostly highway miles so it shouldn't be all that bad. I think the dealership just doesn't want to fix it.


I have a 2006 Xterra with a bad timing chain. Timing chain tensioning shoes on certain Nissans from 2004 thru 2008 have been going out in Xterra, maxima, Quest, Altima and Pathfinder. Nissan won't recall them. Nissan knowingly kept installing the same defective parts all those years and now have a class action lawsuit. Wonder why they decided to recall the newer Juke for timing chain issues.


Can this timing belt recall affect my "check engine soon" light ?? because that came on, although i recently got tb changed at the dealership. it illuminated maybe a week before i got new tb. and that occurred 2 weeks ago. Please assist.




I just took my Juke to get the parts replaced from a dealership in town. Painless and they even did a free oil change. :)


I have a 2011 Nissan juke. 49000 miles. My timing chain broke and blew my engine. It was covered cuz it was under the warranty of 60000 miles. No lights came on, just lost all power

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