Honda Accord Continues To Be a Real Steal for Thieves


For the fifth year, automotive tracking-device manufacturer LoJack has released its Vehicle Theft Recovery Report, and once again, the Honda Accord ranks as the most stolen and most recovered car. That's not really a surprise, as the Accord is also consistently one of the top-selling cars, so there are more of them out there to swipe. The same goes for much of LoJack's top 10, six of which were among the 10 best-selling vehicles of 2013, including the Honda Civic, Toyota Camry and Corolla, and Chevrolet Silverado at Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 5, respectively, and the Nissan Altima at No. 9.

Honda Accord Still Most Popular Car to Steal

What is a surprising, however, is the continued appearance of the Acura Integra on the list of most stolen and recovered cars. The Integra was last available in the U.S. as a sedan or coupe for the 2001 model year. It clocks in at No. 6 (down two spots since last year) and is followed by the Cadillac Escalade at No. 7, the Ford F-350 at No. 8 and the Chevrolet Tahoe at No. 10.

The Accord has remained in the top spot all five years of the report; California — the most populous state — continued to claim the most vehicle thefts and recoveries. Following the size-matters theme, the rest of the top five states included Texas, Florida, New York and New Jersey. Among new cars stolen and recovered, the top five were, again, the Accord, along with the Corolla, Ford F-250, Civic and a tie between the Toyota Tacoma and Ford F-150. The report includes data from 27 states and is specific to vehicles equipped with the LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system. In 2013, law enforcement officials recovered more than $121 million worth of LoJack-equipped vehicles.

The oldest Lojack-equipped car recovered last year was a 1963 Cadillac convertible, while the priciest was a 2011 Porsche Panamera valued at $103,400. The most common color of stolen cars was black, which is one of the most common car colors, while the least common color was turquoise.

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You do know that's an Acura Integra...right?


The number of most interest is the likelihood of having your car stolen. That is the number stolen divided by the number on the roads.

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