Fiat's Italian Brands Plan Massive Assault


The first name in the new Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is, of course, Fiat, but that doesn't mean there will be much news for the Italian brand in the U.S. over the next five years.

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Only a couple of new Fiat models are coming to our market by 2018, but combined with the relaunch of the Alfa Romeo badge and the expansion of Maserati in the U.S., there will be some interesting new vehicles to see down at the Italian end of your FCA showroom:


  • The Fiat 500X subcompact SUV joins the lineup by the end of 2014 in front- and all-wheel-drive variants (basically a Fiat version of the Jeep Renegade).
  • A "specialty vehicle" will come to Fiat showrooms, but no information was presented about what this might be or its timing.

Alfa Romeo

  • Alfa Romeo did not specify which models will be coming to North America (surely a troubling sign for American dealers hoping for solid plans), but globally it will be adding a slew of new models including a two new compacts cars, two new mid-sizers, a full-size sedan, two SUVs and a new specialty vehicle by 2018.


  • The Ghibli and Quattroporte will receive some new engines, with the Ghibli getting 350- or 450-horsepower V-6 options, a V-8 making more than 560 hp, and two diesel engine options. The Quattroporte gets the same engines, but adds a third diesel option. It is unclear if the diesels will come to North America.
  • By 2018, Maserati will expand into the SUV market with the new all-wheel-drive Levante (pictured above) in 2015, powered by a 350- or 425-hp V-6, a 560-plus-hp V-8 or three diesel engine variants.
  • Maserati will add a small coupe and convertible named Alfieri in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Rear-wheel-drive models will have a 410-hp V-6, while all-wheel-drive models will feature a 450- or 520-hp V-6.
  • A redesigned V-8-powered Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio will come in 2018, slotted above the Alfieri. photo by Evan Sears


How about some specifics or pictures, rather than just vague notes??

The notes come from a presentation given earlier today. Automakers do not release images of vehicles planned for years down the road.

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