2015 Subaru WRX Earns IIHS' Top Safety Pick Award


The Subaru WRX, redesigned for 2015, has earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Safety Pick award, the institute announced today. This was the first time the IIHS has safety-tested the all-wheel-drive compact sedan separately from the Impreza, with which it shares a platform. The agency said 2015 is the first model year the WRX is distinctive enough from the Impreza to warrant its own testing.

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The WRX received scores of "good" in the four areas of crash testing, including small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side and roof strength. The WRX was ineligible for the institute's highest rating, Top Safety Pick Plus, because safety features including lane departure, blind spot and frontal collision warning systems are not available.

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Marc Morrisette

Subaru should have include lane departure, blind spot frontal collision warning systems in the 2015 wrx but everything is about money not safety. I'm picking up my 2015 wrx this weekend & I wondered if subaru would offer the above safety features and now know!

Marc Morrisette

Anonymous Coward


You bought a car without knowing what features it had? The mind boggles. Enjoy your purchase.

Josh C.

I'm sure he will, the 2015 WRX is a huge improvement in styling, cornering, power, power range and peak power at just 2k rpm. The interior is greatly improved and the plus features are things that people should really be aware of in the first place, they are niceties.. You should stay aware of the lane you are in, You should stay aware of your blind spot by looking, You should be aware of hazards to take appropriate action. I'm not saying they won't help prevent accidents, but I think they will at least in a small percentage promote lack of attention and reliance on sensors.

Overall a great car that is fun to drive, comfortable, more refined, much better handling and cornering, more room, more of everything wrx owners wanted with a Love it or Hate it look, which I personally love.

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