2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Exhaust Note Video

What's bright red and sounds as mean as it looks? Check out the exhaust note of the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat above and click here for the photo gallery.



Sounds like something has fallen off of it already. I personally like a quieter low rumble, but this sounds cheap.

wanna be

Apparently you don't own one so don't comment how cheap it sounds.


Apparently people in Dodges don't like their neighbors. You're also going to draw unwanted attention from the police. It takes a lot more engineering prowess to make something powerful and quiet. not to mention the headache from the noise on a long drive.


If the sound of this car doesn't get your blood flowing just pull your panties up and get back in your prius. This is what 600+ supercharged horsepower sounds like boys.


Its loud like dat becuz da cutouts r not engaged

Dave Montague

I love it. Give me more,when they go on sale Im buying one.


I love it, weenies need not blog!


Boy I tell you what! That sounds beautiful. What true muscle car do you know that is quiet? I'll tell you. One that is turned off. True muscle is loud and beautiful. Dodge did it right.

This is the way a car like this is supposed to sound, no one will make you buy it, if you like the body style people can always buy the 6 cylinder version

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