Recall Alert: 2.2 Million Chevrolet, Pontiac, Saturn Cars Get Second Ignition Recall


Cars Affected: 2003-2007 Saturn Ion, 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, 2006-2010 Pontiac Solstice, 2007-2010 Pontiac G5, 2007-2010 Saturn Sky and 2006-2011 Chevrolet HHR

The Problem: This recall covers all of the vehicles recalled previously for ignition switch defects but was issued to include a second repair to the original fix.

The Fix: Now ignition lock cylinders will also be replaced with upgraded units. New keys will be cut and if needed reprogrammed. These fixes are in addition to the ignition switch upgrade from the earlier recall.

What Should Owners Do: GM will contact owners when parts become available and advises that until the repairs are made that nothing should be attached to the ignition key while the car is in use. Concerned owners can contact Chevrolet at 800-222-1020, Pontiac at 800-762-2737, Saturn at 800-553-6000, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or visit for more information.

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Second repair for the original fix? hmmm


GM lied and now over 300 owners/drivers have died. Sad. Really sad.


It puzzles me how a large company such is GM will take a chance with defective parts especially when peoples lives are at risk. It shows how little regard they have for their consumers.


This problem also happens on my Saturn 2007 Vue, why was this not looked into?


My car is one in the recall, Its in the shop now, If I hadn't already filed 4 bankruptcy I would tell them 2 just keep it!!!I have 2 kids I can't keep playing around with no faulty vehicle.


I have a 97 chevy S-10 pick-up and after a few years I had a problem where I couldn't turn the key to start the car. I had a new key made which worked for a few years. The dealer told me not to have any other keys on the ignition key. Maybe 5 years later I had the same problem only worse. While in the shop for some work the mechanic took the key out of the ignition and when he tried to start the car the key would not turn. He installed a used steering column saying it was cheaper than a new switch. A co-worker who also had an S-10 years earlier had the same problem and had warned me about it. Why wasn't the S-10 also included in this recall? Too expensive? Wake up GM.


Does anyone know when the recall paper work will start being sent? I have a 2010 Cobalt and will need car for summer vacation.


I have had my recall on Pontiac soltrice for a week call ur dearlship or the 1800-762-2737 now lets see if they do the job!!!

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