Recall Alert: 2011-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango


Vehicles Affected: About 644,354 model-year 2011-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs manufactured from Jan. 5, 2010, through Sept. 8, 2013.

The Problem: A brake booster's center shell may corrode and allow water to get inside, which could freeze and limit the braking ability of the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.

The Fix: Chrysler will notify owners starting in May, and dealers will add a water diverter shield to the booster after the booster has been tested to confirm that it can hold an acceptable amount of vacuum pressure. If the booster inspection confirms an unacceptable loss of vacuum pressure, the booster will be replaced for free.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can contact Chrysler at 800-853-1403, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or visit for more info.

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There is no point in calling right now. According to what they told me, my Jeep isn't listed 'yet' as a recall but may be. I might get a letter in May. Well I don't think it's acceptable to wait over a month for a possible brake issue.

Deb lambert

My has been in the shop for almost 2 months. We almost got killed! Nationwide back order on the part too! They have known this for a while!!!!!

Sally T

It really depends on where you live. In arid locations the chances of corrosion are slim to none.

The problems experienced so far have been confined mostly to humid and snow areas where salt and urea are liberally spread on the roads.


I was the very proud owner of an amazing 2011 Dodge Durango that I totaled in January 2014. We were on our way home with our 2 children and due to it being a little foggy and the possibility of the roads being icy my maximum speed was 20 miles and hour, (driving on a road that I have been driving on for 25 years). Coming down the mountain, when I tapped my brakes to slow down, they grabbed and locked up. The ABS did not work. Our speed slowly started to accelerate and threw us sideways into a guard rail, totaling my vehicle. The worst night of my life and I am more than thankful that no one was seriously injured. I wish I had been advised of the possibility of a brake issue before that took place.

Kathy in Pittsburgh

If I lose my brakes on my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, a lawsuit will follow. I called my Jeep dealer, and they told me the part isn't in. In addition, I was told that the recall has not been sent to the dealer. Do I feel lucky today?????

Martha Garcia

How lucky are we these days when you call your local dealer about a recall on your Dodge Durango,and they have no idea of a recall. That makes me feel VERY SAFE you would think as a dealer as this one they would answer you recall question not just brush you off, Well I hope nothing happen with this issue. I have already had a prevous dodge durango where i was fliped over upside down and my air bag did even depolyed, and I did bring this to there attention and nothing was done about it. And now with this recall it makes me wonder what all the dealers hide from us consumers.Well all I can say is Lord Help us All.
San Antonio,Tx


Please know it's Definitely not the dealership that's at fault... It's the manufacturer(s) who are delaying information to the dealers. More times than not, the owners are made aware of recalls before the dealer...which is why it sounds like "they have no idea" Furthermore, the manufacturer(s) are responsible for sourcing the manufacturing of the original "defective" parts as well as the "corrected" replacements that are supposed to correct the issue/recall... The dealer can only order the parts from the manufacturer(s) and be "held up" by the availability or restricted supply or supply constraint. Blame the manufacture(s) not the dealer(s) who only sell and service... They don't manufacture or engineer anything.


I have a 2011 dodge Durango and I am just now hearing that there is a recall on the brakes...not only that I have problems with my alarm going off spontaneously for no usually happens at least once a week...its the middle of may and I have yet to get a recall notice...ill be calling in tomorrow to see what I can find out


I called to get my Grand Cherokee in to be fixed. The dealer stated Jeep had not started sending out parts yet and it didn’t look like they would get them until the end of June. I understand the need for telling people there’s a recall – but what is the point of telling them a month before you send the parts out? Now you just have a bunch of customers calling the dealership only to be told “call back in a month.”

Dear Jeep, please put the cart before the horse.


I own a 2011 JEEP Grand Cherokee. I got my recall notice and set up an appointment. When I got there I was informed that they didn't have the part. And, they commented that since I live in Arizona, I probably wouldn't have any problems. I guess I'm not supposed to leave the state . . .

dana dietz

Called dodge dealer after receiving a letter in the mail for brake booster recall... they told me they currently dont have the parts for the recall and they would call me when the parts came in. That was over a week ago!

Jim Archer

Rec'd the recall notice last week. Called my dealer today; as above, 'no parts'. Took my name and said they'd call me when they come in.


My brake booster went out and parts are not available. So my options are drive unsafely with manual brakes I have to stand on to stop, or get a rental and pay out of pocket until the parts arrive. #jeepfail#unsafe

Wayne W

I just recently purchased a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with 75kmi. I did my research and was aware of the BB issue. Well I was driving this weekend with my wife and daughter and two of her friends. After it rained we decided to go grab a bite and wham! Brakes did not work. I had to stand on it to get the vehicle to stop. I went by Sears in MB, SC the next morning and they stated my BB was gone but I could drive it back home, but be aware of my stopping distance. I took the vehicle to the dealer on Monday (a Mazda dealership I might add) and they searched and found me a new BB and Master Cylinder. I have yet to pick up the vehicle, but I am concern going forward, as I had a '99 Grand Cherokee before and there was a brake issue with that also. Seems like when Jeep (Chrysler) make a model design change, they seem to have brake issues.


I have had 3 jeep grand car wont stop when I apply the brakes. instead it coasts to a stop. I called the local jeep dealer, she says the don't know when they will get the parts. Im not putting my family in danger for your (jeep) problems. This is the last jeep I will ever own!


Like others I received the recall notice and took it to the dealer for inspection. Was told the part was on back order and was sent on my way. Last week the booster failed during rush hour at highway speed. I was lucky enough to manage to get to the shoulder and coast to a stop. I am now in a rental car while I wait for the booster to be repaired with no ETA. Contacted Jeep customer service and have not received a response. Not sure where to go from here. If my vehicle wasn't safe to drive I never should of been sent out of the dealer with it.


It depends on where you live if the recall for the brake booster applies.

We live in the middle of the Southwest desert and the chance for rust is nil.

We received the recall notice for our 2012 GC as well.

I checked out the brake booster myself, no signs of corrosion, brakes work fine.

But for those living in wet/rust country, this could be a big thing!


We have a 2011 Jepp Grand Cherokee. Yesterday, my wife was approaching a stop light, and BAM! NO BRAKES. Chysler has the car now, with no ETA for parts. No loaner vehicle yet either. There was at least 6 grand cherokees in the service lot there yesterday. I am supposed to get a rental tonight. Beware of these boosters failing. If your brake pedal starts feeling funny at all, PARK IT! Get it to your local dealer and get it fixed.


I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 37,000 miles on it. I had to take it in 6 different times to get the air conditioning fixed. Last night as I left work, the brakes went out. I had the brake to the floor and kept moving. And every time I pumped the brakes it made a sound as if air was flowing out of the pedal. Luckily this was before I made it to the highway and I pulled into a parking lot and called a tow truck. I'll never buy Chrysler/Jeep again and will tell everyone I know to stay away!

R Kralicek

I have a 2011 jeep grand Cherokee got the recall in the mail .I called my dealership and the said they are only getting one brake kit in in a week. There are 90 people ahead of me waiting. So I hope it gets fixed soon because the before I get in an accident. We have bad winter s here and the brakes don't work very well in the snow. This is a bunch of BS!!!!!!!!


I own a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, have contacted my dealer months ago and told them I hadn't received a recall that I heard about on the radio. They told me I should get it some time. I did get it and called again wondering when I can get the jeep in to get the recall looked after, they like others I have read about told me I am on the list and when they get the part and my name comes up they will Well today driving through heavy city traffic, guess what....had to stand on the brake pedal and hardly any brakes, was so close to a crash. I will be interested to hear what they tell me in the morning when I call.


2013 Durango. My wife Just last week had to stand on and pump the brakes while approaching a stop light at 40mph. No brake power at all for a second or two. Dealer says we shouldn't worry, it's a glitch because you know, these cars are like iPads. Assured My wife and daughter that there is no cause for concern after a 15 minute inspection. Told her some one would contact us for the recall work but was sure to say that the defect recall could not be related to what she experienced. Wish I would have researched before she went.


The above post is in San Antonio


Forget the back east stuff. I live inCalifornia, bay area. Had the. 2012 Durango inspected for the recall and was given it back and told everything was fine but a part on back order will come later and they will call me. That was 2 wks ago. Just Saturday my brake pedal kept collapsing at stop signs and to the floor on the highway. Took it straight to the dealer with my three babies in the car demanded a rental and got one. Today they say I need a master cylinder and it on back order. Don't think there is no problem just cuz you live in CA or AZ. Don't put your life in danger. No idea when I will get my car back.


Big run around on brake recall. No parts. Dealer said parts were ordered. Called back 6 wks later no parts ordered. Now wants vehicle left for another inspection. Now received another recall on visor? Oh boy... No help anywhere.


I received the recall for my '12 JGC for the Sun Visor Wiring (P36) on Sept. 5 with a notice that parts will be in Sept. 15. Upon further reading, in fine prints on the bottom, I noticed the P14 recall (Brake Booster)only to find out what it meant at the dealership. That's 4 months after the recall came out. Now I understand why the brake light kept coming on the dashboard. Once they started working on the car they mentioned that the brake pedal came all the way to the floor and my master cylinder may be out, requiring a $200 repair. I told them that unless they fix this issue, which occurred under their roof, we will have have a greater problem to deal with. Within an hour, the manager called back, notifying that they will fix the booster, provide me with a loaner and will get my car back within 48 hours. So far so good. Let's hope I see my car soon (after reading these posts).


My 2012 Dodge Durango has been at the Dodge dealership for three weeks since my brakes suddenly failed. I went to apply the brakes and the car just kept rolling! I heard a loud burst of air and had to stand on the brakes and then use the emergency brake to stop. Luckily I was in a parking lot one block away from the dealership so I slowly rolled in to the dealership. Three days later they finally told me it was a power brake booster failure and that there was a recall and they wouldn't have the parts for a few weeks, no ETA! The crazy thing is I had been at the dealership the week before for a problem with my air bag light (wiring issue) and the dealer never mentioned the recall! Seems very shady to me! I did not receive a notice in the mail (or see it in the fine print of the visor recall notice as someone else wrote in their comments). Three weeks later, they won't even call me back. Luckily I have a loaner. Shame on Chrysler for not giving this the proper attention. Guess they are waiting for someone to crash and die before it makes the priority list!


My parents were mailed a recall on the jeep Cherokee 2011 for a replacement of a break booster . This is been going on since July 2014 they claim they don't have the parts to replace the brake booster. Contacted corporate part haven't been replaced yet and today's date October 16, 2014. I don't think this is fair to the consumer. Bad Business. 😡😡😡

Mike - Metamora

Received two "Safety Recalls" for our "leased" 2014 Grand Cherokee - one for Brake Booster (braking issue) and second for Sun Visor Wiring (fire risk). Have been to Friendly Chrysler in Lapeer,MI three times - was told no parts -would call when available. Four months later- still not fixed - told winter environment will be an issue - guess I need to stop driving the lease vehicle for safety of my family while still making payments.They seem to be waiting for another GM ......... I suggest everyone document with their Lawyer. Have had a Chrysler vehicle for 30 years. No more.


I have a 2011 Grand Cherokee and it's been in the dealership since the middle of September. I stopped in today, oct 20, and there is still no ETA on the brake booster. Luckily I didn't have issues with the brakes when I was driving it, but when they tested it, they stated it failed their test right away and it was only a matter of time before the brakes gave out.


I have a 2011 jeep grand Cherokee ,and now I'm experiencing no starts , cutting off,running ruff ,wth I just found out about the rest call ,I will be calling 2morrow.for sure


I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and in October of 2014, it would not start. Later that day it started and then stalled with my son driving it. Since then it won't start until I hear a certain sound, then it starts, runs rough, and has now stalled on me twice while going down the highway. I have read that there is a recall on fuel pump sensors for this model. I am scared to drive it for fear of stalling in major traffic and getting rear-ended.


By the way, this Jeep just has turned over to 37,000 miles.........what the heck?

Melvin Garcia

I was stopped at a light behind a vehicle when suddenly my brake pedal went down to the floor. The road was level with a slight incline. The vehicle began inching forward and I kept trying to pump the brakes. I was unable to locate the emergency brake due and the vehicle stopped after making contact with the car stopped in front of me. I later regained brake pressure and promptly reported the incident to my insurance company and Chrysler Customer Service. Prior to the incident, I took my vehicle to the dealership for the brake recall. I was initially told that my brake booster had to be replaced and later told that it just needed the protective brake booster shield. Chrysler's solution was to have a rep from Engineering Analysis conduct tests on my vehicles brake system. On 5 November 2014, I received a letter from Chrysler advising me that the inspector found no problems with my brake system. They are refusing to replace the brake booster. I fear that I am at risk of my brake system failing again! This incident could have been fatal had I been on the interstate traveling at a high rate of speed! Recommend you report your incident to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration!


Within a day's mail notice of brake booster problem, dealer called and arranged a rental, (2015 GC). Our 2011 GC was in the shop waiting for parts for 2 weeks, but they did arrive.
Recall parts for sun-visor still
on waiting list.
We are satisfied with dealer's service and concern for their customers especially as winter begins to set in here in Southern Ontario.


My 2011 Jeep GC, power brake booster failed Aug 2/14. I just got it back this past week. 4 months.


I called my dealership in APRIL! They said they would call me when the part that keeps the brake booster from eroding comes in....November can around and no call...I set an appointment to get my car inspected and then they had to check the recalls.. was the appointment. They called and said my brake booster failed (miserably) and crhystler won't let the car leave the lot till its fixed - so basically the part they were waiting for the keep the booster from eroding would not have helped me as mine already was! So for 9 months I was driving a death mobile. Thanks jeep.... Thanks a lot....


I just picked up 2014 Dodge Durango Limited I drove it home the same night the left headlight was dim I called dealer up and told them they said bring it in and when I did they told me it wasn't the light il that it was some connection in the the line not the they couldn't do nothing at that moment so they asked me to come back to make an appointment that same day I open the sunroof and the sunroofs sounded like it was cracking I went to go close it would not close it was broke I kept driving some more and the car started to shake it went into safe mode and I could not change gears it was stuck in second gear I pulled over and try to put it in park it would not I had to put the emergency brake onI brought it in for a second time they had the car for two weeks I just pulled it out and everything that a card was happening all over again can anyone answer what issues I am having


It seems like Chrysler Jeep and Dodge they are stonewalling everyone they are not taking responsibility for these matters seriously ...they are not replacing things they are not refunding any money for the aggravation and discust on behalf of the customer they're basically turning around and bailing on the far I'm not liking what Direction they are going into ,and this is why the American car manufacturers have the worst reputation....

Lauren Lorandini

I never received anything regarding the brake booster recall..that being said thank the heavens I was able to get to the e brake on time!

Got in my 2012 dodge durango this evening, pretty cold here today in says it feels like 9 degrees. I'm assuming this is why the brake booster is all messed up, the shield must be corroded already and I didn't even know. So water from the rain a few days prior must have made it's way in there and froze. When I went to put the car in drive the brake pedal wouldn't even move then when it did it started making a loud hissing air noise. I thought maybe because it was really cold that this is why it was making the noise. So I pumped the pedal a few times and started to drive forward and tested the brake and it seemed a lil off. Tested again and so so, again and it seemed ok. So I inch up to the end of my driveway, I live on a main road..snowing today..people like to drive 50mph regardless...I apply the brake and nothing. I was rolling into the road with cars coming both directions. I quickly slammed my foot down on the e brake and the car stopped. Mind you I was only going about 5mph but my driveway has a slight incline going out so there was some momentum. Just happy I wasn't driving on the road when this happened. My 7 year old was in the backseat and I tried to minimize what had just happened but he was visibly shaken up by it. I call the dealer tomorrow since they weren't open. However I did call Chrysler, my insurance company, and I filed a report with the website listed above.

I can't even believe some of the things I'm reading above regarding the fixing of this. I'm in shock! The only way my durango is getting to the dealership is by tow truck. Funny thing is we took the extended warranty 6 years 36000. Well my trucks at 35697..I want out of this thing ASAP! Never buying Chrysler/Jeep/dodge again!!!! If they don't tow my truck there, have the part, and get me in a loaner..then they can keep the damn thing!!!

Sharon DeVries

The recall on the brake booster is no joke. I live in Northern NJ and the temps dipped below 20 degrees last night. My 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee had no brakes. Fortunately I was able to control the vehicle to a stop.

Tony U

I have a 2011 Grand Cherokee that has been generally good however, to get Chrysler to fix there recalls is a joke. We have now been waiting since May 2014 to fix the break issue and by everyone's post, it can be very serious.
The bang in the back upon acceleration is getting much worse yet the Chrysler mechanics say they can't hear it or feel it, ridiculous. Due to their after sales service, that's the last Chrysler I'm buying.

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