Nissan Demonstrates Smart Rearview Mirror

While the very purpose of a rearview mirror is to see what's behind you, Nissan is looking ahead. The Japanese automaker demonstrated a prototype of its Smart Rearview Mirror during the 2014 New York International Auto Show, and reviewer Kelsey Mays was there to check it out. The system works similarly to a conventional backup camera, but instead broadcasts unobstructed real-time images to the driver's rearview mirror at the flip of a switch. Catching a glimpse of the newfangled mirror in a mass-produced car is years off, so for now get Mays' reflections by watching the video above.

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A truly "smart" rear-view mirror would block any blue lights from view.


Ok, let me see if I have this straight - in regular mirror-mode you see what's behind you. In camera-mode you.... see what's behind you. Hey what an amazing innovation!



In Camera mode, they show the image from behind the vehicle and without the B,C,D-pillar in the way...


What's wrong with a REGULAR mirror AND a backup camera?


Better yet, do away with windows altogether, just give us viewscreens and cameras... Star Trek has arrived!



This is not for reverse but rather normal driving.


Fine then. Just a normal mirror.

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