Fiat Updates 500 Lineup for 2015


Visitors to the 2014 New York International Auto Show this month will find a 2015 Fiat 500 lineup with updated offerings inside, outside and under the hood. Perhaps the most significant among these is a newfangled gauge cluster with a 7-inch high-definition display, which will be standard on the 2015 Fiat 500 Sport, Lounge, Turbo and Abarth models, and optional on the Pop. Meanwhile, the performance-focused Abarth, Abarth Cabrio and Turbo models will offer a new six-speed automatic transmission.

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Fiat says the new Thin Film Transistor, or TFT, instrument cluster allows drivers to more easily monitor data including speed, fuel level, Eco index and trip info. On the main screen, an image of the vehicle is surrounded by info such as distance traveled, gas mileage and range; other display options include audio and phone screens showing station and call info, respectively. For models equipped with rear parking assist, a screen shows drivers their backup camera view.

Other model-year 2015 updates include a new console with redesigned cupholders and more conveniently positioned USB ports, along with Bluetooth streaming audio. That's in addition to a trio of new paint colors, including Giallo Moderna Perla (yellow), Laser Blu (metallic blue) and Billet Argento (silver).

For those interested in the higher performance Abarth, Abarth Cabrio and Turbo models, Fiat is offering a new six-speed automatic transmission. The optional transmission — a five-speed manual is standard — pairs with a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 160 horsepower and 135 hp in the 2014 versions of the Abarth and Turbo, respectively. Fiat says the automatic transmission has been tuned for track readiness, and in Sport mode, calibrated to offer "an even more engaged driving experience."

No word yet on pricing for the new 500 lineup, but 2014 starting prices range from $16,995 for the Pop to $22,995 for Abarth styles (prices include an $800 destination charge). The 2015 lineup will be in dealerships this summer.

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This is a big change (I hope). Drove a worn rental 500 for the past 3 days and wondered what's up with our Fiat fascination in the US. Location of window controls, display controls, seat adjustments were not so obvious ... and things rattled and parts were broken (seat latch to pull it forward). Sure it was a rental, but the quality is not there. Hopeful they made major improvements in usability and quality. Ugh - so reminds me of the first wave of Fiats many years ago (70s)


I got the opportunity to sit in a Fiat the year it arrived here in the USA. the interior quality was like the PTCruiser. Nothing to write home about.


Chrysler quality with a Italian name made in Mexico. Sounds like a winner!


What jumps at me right of the bat is that the rest of the car is orange lit and the speedometer cluster is cool blue. Anyone buying into that ? As for the interior quality yeah, heavy handed adults, careless women and children are going to break anything. The 500 doesn't need the video display. They are trying too hard to take a simple concept of basic transportation and modernizing it. If anything the radio neds to be a 5-7" display if they are going to make the car have modern features. Otherwise, the tablet/touchscreen should be a mounted docking station that is a removable tablet. What I think, Apple just bought Beats, maybe an integrated ipad mini ?


From someone who really owns a 2013 Fiat 500, I love the car. It is sad to see the same negative commenters working for other companies posting the same paid bashing over and over using the same phrases. The 500 quality is excellent and I would pick the car over much,much more expensive GM,Ford,Honda,Kia cars on the market. My Fiat 500 has not been recalled once and works perfect since the day I bought it. The controls are thought out to be better for the driver, the ride is smooth even at highway speeds, it does not feel like it going to tip over and there is plenty of zip in it's speed. It is the best value I have found in a car and just being inside looking at the color and quality is uplifting. It's sad it's competition can't make better cars and has to rely on paid bashing companies to troll the net.


For us Americans we're generally rough and heavy handed with everything including cars.
Cars are meant to break down parts in cars are made to break whether you spend $15,000 or $150,000, so you spend your hard earn dollars again to purchase another one if you don't have the luxury of fixing it every other month when it's aged and weathered.
That's how our economy flows. Because if everything lasted forever we all pretty much be out of jobs and could not survive.
So to post about quality of things in economy city car that gets you 40 MPG and it's meant for a single person that commutes daily,!!!!?? come on please!!!!!I challenge you to hand a key to a brand new flagship model of any car company to a careless family and they can destroy it in 3 counts.
So it's how you treat cars not the other way around.


@ Aaron...BRAVO! Well said. I'm so tired of reading what the haters repeat so often. I agree...if you take care of the machine and don't overly abuse it then it WILL last you for quite a long while. Don'tcha think?

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