BMW Model Onslaught Shows No Sign of Slowing


It is not just the folks that meticulously run's various research tools that mutter about BMW adding models left and right. Car enthusiasts and car shoppers alike have been caught wondering why there are so many. BMW sales are performing well, but the brand's U.S. sales were only 5 percent higher in 2013 than in 2007.

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BMW will show the X4 crossover at this week's 2014 New York International Auto Show, and it previously announced plans to build an X7 SUV in the U.S. Our graphic (below) shows the difference in today's lineup (sans the X4 and X7) against the 2007 lineup, the year before the X6 was introduced. The X6 is the model many feel started this Gremlin-esque growth trend.

Let us know where you stand on the issue in our comment section below. Are we at a BMW saturation point, or is the variety ultimately better for car shoppers?





BMW is absolutely getting out of hand with the number of models/trims they offer and if the result is only 5% growth then for naught it seems. They aren't creating new growth segments but diluting their own sales across more models. Not a very good business plan IMO.


This is a case of investor driven growth. Shareholders are looking for more return on their investment with BMW so this is the only way to do it since they don't benefit have the benefit of a volume brand to share parts and engines (ex. Audi-VW, Toyota-Lexus). I do agree they are diluting the brand with some of these models.


Interesting, isn't it? Just 5%.

Additionally, conversations with friends come to the same conclusions: 'They all look the same". That seems to be the odd part. One model may be taller, one longer, one wider, however, they essentially have the exact front, rear and profile.

Just saying.


While their sales have only gone up 5% in the US since 2007, production has gone up nearly 300% in the US. So we're exporting more, and the plant will be expanding another 50% in the next 2-3 years. I'm just fine with this!


Lol? BMW doesn't just worry about U.S sales but more importantly global sales. Every year BMW has been the #1 selling premium luxury car maker starting more than a decade ago. And since then, each year bmw broke the previous years record for sales.

BMW does need more models. A large SUV (x7) is what I want for my wife. She just got the new x5 which is a great great car. I asked her and she wouldn't mind getting a larger BMW (x7) considering the looks will be great (which it will be)


That many new models, I hope reliability will be up to the pace.

Ken L.

Some of the models shown are not exact to the year specified. For example, the BMW 6 series under "Then." Also, under the "Now" column (2014), a model of the X6 is representing both the X5 and X6.


I like the one about reliability. Never one of BMW's strong suites. Too many new models and every new person here in the valley gets their first bonus check and goes out and buys 45k worth of Bimmer. Then drives it like a Toyota Corolla. Wouldn't catch me dead in a BMW built after 1983.
Bring back the 633i 2 door touring sedan.
tee in san jose

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