2015 Toyota Camry: Up Close


Just three years after Toyota redesigned the Camry, the family sedan has gone under the knife again for 2015. The result is a car with all-new styling that actually looks all new, and it seems to be in direct response to the increasing prevalence of bold-looking competitors like the Ford Fusion and Mazda6.

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The new front end is the most daring element of the 2015 Camry, which debuted at the 2014 New York International Auto Show.


A huge lower grille connects with a thin chrome upper treatment that forms a Toyota version of Lexus' signature spindle grille. It's sure to elicit strong opinions from shoppers, especially the mesh-style opening in the new performance-oriented Camry XSE model. That in itself is a big departure for the Camry, which long has been known for its understated looks.


The new lines carry through the rear, which is much less angular than the outgoing Camry. The rear roof pillars are about the same size as the outgoing model's, but Toyota designers managed to make them look a lot thinner by finishing a significant portion of them in piano-black and chrome trim. It's a neat trick that works to good effect with the rest of the design updates.


The cabin gets design tweaks like a newly styled center console, but the interior retains the overall appearance of the prior version. The XSE trim's leather and suede front bucket seats are comfortable, and the door trim has soft-touch surfaces.


Backseat passengers have to make do with hard upper door plastic, and the seating area doesn't feel quite as roomy as the backseat in the new 2015 Hyundai Sonata, which also debuted at the show. The Camry's backseat is still comfortable, but it doesn't have quite as much legroom.


The Camry was the best-selling car of 2013 by a healthy margin, but midsize-sedan competitors have been picking up sales at a faster pace, reducing the Camry's sales lead. Toyota appears to be banking on new exterior styling to keep the Camry on top of the midsize-sedan pile. Let us know in the comments if you think that'll be enough.

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2015 Toyota Camry: First Look




Nice try but you lose
Grill ugly
"C" pillar fake window ?
Why can't Toyota make a beautiful car ??????


Camry doesn't need to be a beautiful car. It needs to be a modern car. This is modern. What on the road today is for grand-pa.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think this car ain't too shabby though.


Haters will always hate just because it's a Camry. That's what racists do.


There's nothing more "modern" about this one than the current one which is quite attractive in SE trim. It's more aggressive and gaudy for sure and the interior is still a liability. The "neat trick" thinning the C-pillar is cheesy.

anonymous guy

Anybody else see a bit of Darth Vader in the front grille?


Good that Toyota refreshed this car. The 2012-2014.5 models only looked good in SE trim in my opinion. Now the whole model line looks in step with offerings from Honda, Mazda and Ford. The XSE trim is awesome for those who want Lux and Sport. If the 2015 look as good in person as the Picts. I will definitely trade in my 2012 SE for the 2015.


The front design is soooo butt ugly.


I kinda like it. And yes, if you get this in black it'll be the 2015 Toyota Camry XSE Vader Edition.

Joe G.

It looks like a Lexus cross with a Mazda and a Corolla...

I like it though. My friend has a '11 Camry Hybrid. Will suggest this when it comes out.


Finally, a good-looking Camry. This will be a vehicle dealerships will be proud to have on their lots, and people to have in their driveways. Especially the XSE model.


Does anyone think XSE stand for S-E-X? Who thought of that trim name? Would it kill Toyota to include softer upper door trim on the rear doors? Toyota is so cheap. Maybe the trim level should be DUD.


The Camry is, and has always been,the Anti-car, a vehicle for those who just want to get from Here to There with no trouble. They are reliable, but beyond that, there is nothing that would make anyone who cares about cars want to drive one.
This "new" Camry will do nothing to change that. It's "exciting changes" look half-hearted and cynical, and will continue to appeal to those who don't like or care about cars. I'll take a Fusion, or Mazda6, or almost anything else over this soul-sucking piece of automotive flotsam.


When I see this car, I always imagine a horse. It is reliable horse for daily commuting to work and back. Nothing else. This car does not require much attention and care. It will always remain as horse.


Clearly, Toyota wants to send a message - This Is Not Your Father's Camry. The same thing was done with the 2014 Corolla. A younger demographic is the target for both cars. Tread carefully Toyota!


I have a Camry SE and love the styling that its has but now they have taken it away. Besides the ugly grille and wheels it looks pretty much like all the others. They really should have done something with the motor as well to give it more horsepower so that it could keep up with the competition.

Our customers are already e-mailing us asking when it will be on the lot. Can't wait! http://news.millertoyota.com/2015-toyota-camry-coming-soon-to-virginia/


This is really ugly! Should have just sharpened up the lines on the current model that really looks good when its a nice one.

J Brown

What kind and where is the damn oil filter located?

Rick Hansen

I absolutely love my Camry Hybrid bought new in 2006. The only thing that keeps me from getting a new one is that ugly grill. I's really pushing me toward the Sonata.

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