Honda Announces 2015 HR-V SUV


Honda, an automaker known for its small-car portfolio, is introducing a compact SUV named the HR-V. Honda says the HR-V will feature a spacious and versatile interior helped by a center-mounted fuel tank for additional passenger room, like the Fit with which the HR-V shares its platform. Also like the Fit, the HR-V receives Honda's Magic Seat front passenger seat capable of folding completely flat for increased storage space.

The HR-V will be positioned below the CR-V in both price and size, according to Honda, and will be the entry point to Honda's light truck lineup — the 2014 CR-V starts at $23,775 with destination. When it goes on sale this winter, it will compete with the Kia Soul, Chevrolet Trax and Nissan Juke.

Otherwise, we won't know much more about the HR-V until later this year.



Manufacturer images

By Joe Bruzek | April 17, 2014 | Comments (10)



The back looks like a Mazda CX-5 from the side profile.


Made in Mexico. Thanks, but no.


Red rover, red rover, let the turbocharger come over.


Mexico is all about cost savings in manufacturing and shipping. Honda has had great success managing quality in Ohio when we were all poo-pooing american workmanship, why not in Mexico. To me it's all about the company and not where the car is built.

I think this car will sell well in this growing market that evidently Chevrolet thinks is developing. I'm just naive enough to think that Honda can turn out great products south of the border. But we will see.


This Honda car will have outstanding quality because Mexicans are hard working people. That's why we need to do the right thing and legalize all of the undocumented ones in our country. That will lead to better made cars in Mexico and in the United States.

Joe G.

Have Honda's designers lost their eyeglasses? Because that's what it looks like has happened.


So, they are reviving the HRV name only for the US while the rest of the world including where the 1st gen was sold is called Vezel?

The first gen HRV was a nice vehicle.


I was hoping that at least some of the design cues from the Urban SUV Concept would carry over to the production version, but apparently not. Really unfortunate.

I hope that Honda doesn't fudge the design of the next-gen Pilot as bad as this. Honda needs a good-looking Pilot to go against the new Highlander.


Pablo...what does illegal immigration have to do with quality???? make a better country down there and it wouldn't be a problem!!! Honda quality generally has not been an issue...except for cars built in England and Mexico...

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