2015 Fiat 500, 500C and Abarth Get Welcome Upgrades


If you ask me, the Fiat 500 was already out of date when it made its U.S. debut in 2012. Its main liabilities were its interior quality and lack of Bluetooth streaming audio.

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After checking out the new lineup at the 2014 New York International Auto Show, I think Fiat has improved matters for 2015 with a couple of well-chosen upgrades.


First, Bluetooth streaming audio is now standard. Although the mid-dashboard stereo itself remains simple and short on information, a generously sized color display takes the place of the concentric gauge cluster and monochrome display in all trim levels except the base, Pop.

The display is high resolution with nice graphics, and it goes a long way toward modernizing the car. Nothing's terribly impressive if you let your eyes wander, but gauges are something with which you interact every time you drive.

The new cupholders are more functional, and it's always good to have a second USB port, which the 2015 also adds.

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I think the gauges look confusing and cluttered. I laughed when I read the "cup holders are more functional". Question: Were they that hard to design in the first place? Answer: I guess so.


I agree that, while visually improved, the center gauges are crowded and cluttered. I had difficulty reading at a glance the information when I rented this car. Perhaps if I drove it often, I would get used to it, but it is unnecessarily jarring and overpopulated.

Rod S

I actually prefer the old guages. Retro and very cool even if a little hard to read.

John H

I have the 2014 Fiat 500c Pop and I actually like the center gauge on mine better than the new 2015 model. The 2014 gauge is a look more in keeping with the "vintage" style of the vehicle. I actually prefer the analog style of speedometer so I don't need to need big digital speed numbers glaring at me while I drive. But I also don't mind that they changed it because it makes mine all the more special.

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