2015 Chevrolet Cruze: Up Close


The 2015 Cruze's mild restyle features updates up front that shares elements with other Chevrolet products to create a more cohesive brand image among Chevrolet sedans.

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On the 2015 Cruze this includes a grille similar to the Chevrolet Malibu and new lower front styling with available LED running lights like the Chevrolet Impala.


What you see in photos is what you get in person. There aren't any tricks going from digital to physical, and the changes are just as subtle in person as they are in photos. The lower styling treatment is a little more aggressive and adds flare, but I don't think the grille and new bodywork create a very complete look like they do separately on the Impala and Malibu.


The inside changes are mostly tech additions with OnStar 4G LTE in-car high-speed internet with hotspot capabilities, in-car applications with an optional 7-inch touch-screen and text message alerts; all of which sound like promising additions for the tech-savvy younger audience the Cruze is bringing into Chevrolet showrooms.


Hardware changes are minimal and include revised cupholders said to increase ease of use, but the relocated door lock switch that was supposed to move from the center console to the door hadn't made it to the pre-production version we inspected on the floor of the 2014 New York International Auto Show; the one shown still had the door locks on the center console.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears


2015 Chevrolet Cruze: Photo Gallery (19 Photos)


2015 Chevrolet Cruze: First Look




Joe is right that the new Cruze is more cohesive with the other models in the Chevy lineup, and therein lies the problem.

The new Cruze suffers from the same awkward grille as the Malibu and Chevy's small SUVs. It also shares the same poorly designed center stack.

I suppose you don't expect much in this segment and even less coming from the bow-tie bunch.

anonymous guy

I'm 6'0" and sat in a Cruze and closed the door. The B pillar and headliner where it curved from the top of the door to the roof were within one inch of my shoulder and head. I can't believe how tight the interior of these are. They appear to be larger on the outside.


It's a good thing they didn't change it too much. Chevy really isn't on a roll with their redesigns lately except for the much loved and continual hype of the new Impala. These minimal changes should keep people buying them.


What's wrong with your Search function? It's not working....

I definitely agree, it is tight inside if your taller. But otherwise it's a decent car.

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