2015 Audi A3 Review


As opposed to a small car made better, Cars.com reviewer Aaron D. Bragman says the 2015 Audi A3 is a better car made small. The entry-level luxury sedan is aimed at hooking Gen Y while they're young, but anyone who appreciates "surprisingly strong" acceleration and "astonishing ride quality" would do well to give this "remarkable little car" due consideration. Bragman was less impressed with the A3's "joyless" steering feel, but overall this is a car that makes its nearly $31,000 starting price seem like a bargain. Read Bragman's review below.

2015 Audi A3 Expert Review

Cars.com photo by Aaron D. Bragman



WTF your search menu options on the left hand side are not working! IE Price, Mileage, Year, Style, Certification, etc, none of them work.

I rarely use Cars.com but when I do the website ALWAYS seems to be broken.


The Mercedes CLA is a higher quality and much more fun car than this gussied up 4 door rabbit.


to Jett: Have driven or sat in this car?.
just curious, i'm not trying to start an argument. Audi makes some nice cars over priced but nice.


No I haven't. I'll check it out before making a final judgement. Right now I have benz fever. Symptoms include a thinning wallet.


So you pass judgement without even having sat in the A3 let alone driven it. Yeah you're a Tool.


Don't take it so hard...


+1 for the 'Tool' comment. Spot-on!


What's wrong do you lack the intelligence to do your own name calling? LOL


+1 for the 'Tool' comment, I would also add an 's'.


jett- you are a tool. I have stated my own independent opinion; whether or not it agrees with others is irrelevant.

Next time, at least test drive the vehicle in question before exposing your ignorance in this manner.


Wow, you're an independent one. Vik's law states no one can have an opinion on a car without driving it first, and anyone who violates it gets called a name based on Vik's "independent opinion." You can't say a mercedes is better than a vw golf based car or vik and his crew get really angry. Sorry you don't make the rules...don't take it so hard.


jett- nice straw man. Actually, Vik's law states that you don't make statements like this:

"The Mercedes CLA is a higher quality and much more fun car than this gussied up 4 door rabbit."

...when you haven't driven the cars you are comparing. How do you know the Mercedes is "higher quality" and "much more fun" if you haven't sat in, much less driven, both cars?

Oh, and I'm not angry, nor am I taking it hard, so sorry to burst your bubble. I am, however, laughing at you...y'know...along with the rest of the commenters who've flamed you. But it's ok, don't take it too hard. ;)


Last august vik you posted an opinion on the cadillac elmiraj concept car, which you obviously didn't drive. Time to call yourself a name....


jett- thanks for the net-stalking. I'm flattered. :) However, I'm sorry to say you've failed at making your point yet again.

Yes, I did post about the Elmiraj- stating that I think it looks nice in the pictures. And this has to do with you calling a Mercedes CLA "higher quality" and "more fun" than an Audi A3, which you've never driven...how exactly?

Perhaps you are confused. It's ok, don't take it so hard. I stated a car looks nice in pictures. You claimed one car is "higher quality" and "more fun" than another when you haven't even driven both of them. If you don't see the not-so-subtle distinction there, then perhaps you're not the sharpest TOOL in the shed. No pun intended. Oh, ok, actually it was. But it's ok, don't take it so hard. :)


Wow, I'm surprised you have such an attitude after Belly took you to the woodshed. The fact is you have stated opinions about all kinds of vehicles you haven't driven. So fess up and call yourself a name.


jett- wow, I'm surprised you've been following my posts closely enough to know about Belly, but not closely enough to see I checkmated her 2x when she simply could not respond to my arguments. It's all saved on this site, so check it out for yourself if you don't believe me. Poor Belly got taken to the woodshed more than once, I'm afraid. ;)

I'm not surprised, however, that you still do not understand the difference between:

a) admiring the styling of a (concept) car in pictures


b) stating one vehicle is "higher quality" and "much more fun" than another when you haven't driven both vehicles

I have done (a) and you have done (b). I have not made baseless comparisons, while you have. If you need me to spell it out for you, and it's obvious you do, that's the difference.

If you don't understand the difference, it's ok. Don't take it so hard.


Fess up, call yourself a name. You lose.


jett- wow, you're really into the name calling thing all of a sudden, but not so much the rational argument / discussion thing. OK, if you really want to hear it, here goes, but only because you asked: YOU'RE STILL A TOOL. :)

Also, declaring yourself the "winner" (...of what exactly, I don't know, certainly not a discussion, much less a debate...) is more than funny, it's sad. Look back at how many people think you're a tool, and how you refuse to address the questions I've raised, and just accept it. You're simply incapable of a rational discussion.

Again, let me know just what it is you don't understand when it comes to the difference between:

a) admiring the styling of a (concept) car in pictures


b) stating one vehicle is "higher quality" and "much more fun" than another when you haven't driven both vehicles

I'm not expecting an answer- anything but an actual response from you, it seems. As for the fact that everyone thinks you're a tool- well, it's ok. Don't take it so hard. ;)


you are a tool.


looks like you are a little late to the game. on top of being a tool that is.


LOL. Your "^" points right to tr6, which is self-deprecating but accurate. :)

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