Recall Alert: 2013-2014 Chevrolet Cruze


Vehicles Affected: About 174,046 model-year 2013-2014 Chevrolet Cruze sedans equipped with a turbo 1.4-liter engine and manufactured between Nov. 28, 2012, and March 7, 2014.

The Problem: The right front half shaft may fracture and separate while driving, potentially causing the vehicle to lose power and coast to a stop. If a vehicle with a fractured half shaft is parked without the parking brake applied, the car could move unexpectedly. Either condition increases the risk of a crash. The recall comes after GM recently announced that it was ordering dealers to stop selling 2013 and 2014 Cruzes with the 1.4-liter engine, but did not reveal why at the time.

The Fix: GM will initially notify owners starting April 28 and a second time when parts are available, and dealers will inspect and replace the right half shaft, if necessary, for free. Some vehicles in this recall were subject to another recall initiated in August 2013 and repaired using defective parts. GM also said those owners will be advised that they must have their vehicles fixed again under this new recall campaign.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call Chevrolet at 866-694-6546 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236, or go to, for more info.

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GM need's to come up with a plan before it's too late, they should do what other corrupt companies like them have done in the past: change their name.


They should change their name to Sheeth Motors. The first commercial would show him buffing the balls of a Buick Executive while screaming "A Regal is million times better than a BMW". LOL What a tool!


I reported the problem without receiving a letter I experience hearing
The noise . I hope nothing's happens while they are sending out letters instead of letting the people bring their car in make sense?


This article states that GM ordered the stop of sales. However, I was able to purchase a 2014 Cruze this past Monday 3/31/14) from my local Chevy dealorship. I was told that I couldn't take it iff the car lot until it was fixed. The sales guy told me the part was on order and that my car would be fixed by Wednesday (4/2/14) and I could pick it up them. When I called the dealorship yesterday and talked to someone in the service dept I was informed that my car was not fixed, the part was on order but they didn't know when they would get it. I called and gave the sales guy a piece of my mind this morning and he did a lot of fast talking of how sorry he is and he had no idea. He said he was going to talk to the owners and call me back. I feel like I was mislead by this sales man. Is my contract to purchase this car even legal since there was an order "not to sell"?

Viviane Richardson

I purchased a 2013 Chevy Cruze LT Turbo in August. I feel I was mislead from both the salesperson and the GM manager as it was his car he wanted to sell to get another car. It had 8,000 km
on it. They sold me this car knowing full well there was a stop selling on this vehicle. Is my purchase agreement binding or can I take legal action??


I had just bought a used 2014 Chevy Cruze on April 3rd of 2014 and have been having some troubles within the three weeks I've owned the car. While driving it has shut off on me and will lock up the steering wheel and the service memo would pop up for a brief second saying "stabilitrak" and then my car would start up again. And then just yesterday my car would not start whatsoever, I couldn't get my key to unlock my car or jump it to get power to it and had to have it towed back to the dealership from which I bought it from. They just called me back saying that there was a recall on the front axel of my car but they are waiting on the parts to come in but that I should come pick my car up from their lot and drive it home and that they will give me the number to roadside assistance if I have any problems... I will not be driving a car that shouldn't have been sold to me in the first place and that is deemed potentially hazardous on the road.


My 2013 Chevy Cruze has been sitting at the dealer now for over 3 weeks waiting on parts to fix front axle problem. They say parts should be in by Mid May.


My 2013 LT manual turbo was part of the first recall and they replaced the half shaft with a defective half shaft. They didn't even try to give me an eta on the replacement and sent me on my way (after an hour wait at the dealership). I called another dealer and the service guy told me that worst case scenerio, I could be pulling out in front of cross traffic and the shaft could break, sending me to a complete stop. Now I'm beginning to get parenoid. I drive 50 miles a day, easily.


You have to hand it to GM. I have owned several of there cars and I think I just bought my last. I wish I would have never bought it actually. I bought a 2014 Cruze LT Turbo and had it for 10 days. Then I get a call from the dealer saying they should not have sold it to me as it was defective. So I take it back and they give me a loaner. Now 2 plus weeks later they have no idea when my brand new car is going to be fixed. To me this is just totally pathetic by both the dealership and by GM. Last time I buy one of these junk cars. I try to support american cars and will continue to do so but no longer GM.


I bought a Chevrolet cruze 1.6 from the first week the clutch has been smelling and when I took it back I was told it has four layers it has burnt the first layer in 2 weeks I took it back I was told it has burnt completely due to driver abuse so I was told to pay R9400 cash upfront and I told them I was not going to pay for that and later on it came down to R4552.20 they told me if I don't pay they will confiscate the car from me and yet I had only driven it for 3 weeks I mean really so I had to pay the cash and get the car back but I'm still not happy with it I will never recommend this vehicle to anyone and I'm taking this further I'm really really not pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omar Padilla

I got a letter in the mail saying I have to take my cruze in because of the recall and I was wondering because I drive that car to work everyday, if chevrolet lets you borrow another car while yours is getting repaired


My Cruze has been at the dealeship 2 months waiting on the part to come in, yes my dealership gave me a rental to drive while my car is waiting for the part but I feel 2 months is long enough for a part to come in. I can honestly say I will never buy a GM product again. I have been in contact with the dealership every week now they have began to ignore my calls , I contacted GM of course of the run around from them . Why pay 400 dollars a month for a car they can not even fix!!!


My 2013 Cruze right axle broke April 27th.
Dealership gave me a loaner (same car, different color) Recall notice came in the mail May 27th. States that parts are (still) not available and suggests to put on emergency brake when parked so it doesnt roll. What if youre on the highway? When mine broke my car immediately lost speed and stopped.. thankfully there was no one behind me.

Dealership gave me a new loaner yesterday (June 3 - same car, red this time) and told me they have nine on the lot with the same broken axle, and they cant get parts..

Someone let me know when the class action suit starts for this one.. Im paying dearly for my new car, insurance, warranty, and all that jazz, and its sitting outside non functional, while someone elses car is nice and cozy in my garage. And what kills me is that it took them two months from the time they realized the problem until I got a notice in the mail. Im glad they care for my safety..

Doug Johnson

My 2013 Cruze has been held hostage for over 3 weeks now. I brought it in for an oil change, and was told they'd have to keep the car until the part comes in. I have a rental, but it doesn't have the same features as my Cruze. (Bluetooth, backup camera, XM Radio)... I'd love to know when I might get my car back.


June 10th got a letter that parts are coming available and to call dealership to schedule appointment. They still have no parts, and no idea when theyre coming. June 13th I was given a third loaner, this time an Impala, finally a car not on recall. Until this monday (6/16) when those were recalled too..


I bought a Chevy Cruze 2014 for my son as a high school graduation gift. He really likes his car, but I regret buying it. I am paying for a car that is been sitting at a dealer for 2
Weeks. I got a rental car but that is not
the point. I called GM and I gave the a piece of my mind. How incompetent they all
are. I told them that I am going tonsure them if something happens to my son. I am so angry about this recall situation. We need to
Get a class action law suit ASAP. Please
Keep me posted.


I purchased a brand new 2014 chevy cruze . Had the car for only a month and then took it in to the dealership due to the recall notice. They told me my car was going to be ready within a week or so it's been two months and it's still at the dealership. Out of those two months I've only received one courtesy call letting me know they are still waiting on the parts. This company has poor customer service and I am frustrated that I am paying for a car that I don't even have. This recall situation is very upsetting


Just now...they told me the parts will be in 2 weeks until my car chevy cruze lt 2013 shuts down on the road..i just really needed for my work..and this is the hassle for us owners..if they stop selling why those people convinced that there is the problem.


this is not right..we pay expensived price ,plus the insurance and they never tried to produce to make thier customer happy...Now i dont have a car..i dont when should be done.


I bought my 2013 Cruze because they advertized it to be in the top safty rated vehicles on the road. It seems very unlikely I am safe while driving this car. In less than six months from purchase it went from dream to nightmare. I think they should just trade my car out for one that actually has been safety tested.


My girlfriend has a 2013 Cruze with the 1.4 Turbo and it has been sitting on the dealers lot since mid April. They are paying Hertz for her loaner car wich is a 2013 Chevy Cruze with the 2.2L . Hertz told us that thier car had already been in for the recall. Bullshit!!!She went to get some stuff from her car around 4pm and no one could find the keys to it. I know every car dealer has a key board and yet they could not find the keys??? I suggest EVERY Chevy owner trade thier car in on a Dodge or Ford.


I took my car in April to see if it was recalled. Yup. Front axle.. was told they would have to order the part. OK. .. late may my car goes in for the day. I think my car is going to be fixed. Ah damn get a call in the afternoon "we ordered the wrong part. So your car did not get fixed" picked my car up. Furious... and drove away. Did not offer to give me a curtosey car nothing. I even asked them should I be worried. They said not at all. I explained I have a 6 year old and another child on the way. The dealership keeps telling me everything will be fine and not to worry. But I won't receive a part till late august


I have several Complaints about these vehicles being sold with these defective parts. I have had 3 cars that have turned out to be recalls. Everyone blames the other for the problems. It is not the point that they give you another vehicle to drive. These car payments are expensive and if you trade the car it just rollover on to your existing loan. I feel if your car is less than 6 months you should be able to walk away from that contract. If you have a accident it will probably be your fought. Who ever heard of your car being less than 3 months old with all of these problems. Nobody wants to take the vehicle back. Went to another dealership everyone knows about the recall and does not want to accept your car as a trade. I feel that these class actions are put in place for a reason. When you call GM everything is standard this is a real mess.


I owned the car for one month when it was recalled for the front axle on March 30th I believe. On May 12th, the part was ordered. I was told it was safe to drive. On June 30th I went to the dealer and asked for and received a rental until the part came in. Today July 14th, I finally got my car back. Doesn't GM have some responsibility of compensation for this hassle? Making payments on a vehicle I can't drive. Is there a class action lawsuit out there for this?


On June 5th took my 2014 Chevy Cruze in for a oil change. They had told me about the recall and that I would be given a rental car. That it may take up to 3 months for the axle to come in a be patient. I understand but I am making a car payment of 330.00 a month for a car that is sitting outside the car dealership. They have not once called me to give me any updates. I feel GM should either pay our car payment or let us trade it in on something else.


1st Post - May 5th. I finally got a letter in the mail last Thursday (7/17) that my half shaft was in!I was given a "14" Impala to drive home and when I get back from work the next day I had a voice mail telling me they had ordered the axle for an automatic (I have a manual). I drove my Cruze home Friday without an ETA of when the newly ordered part will be in. They were apologetic about it.

Michael C.

Took my Cruze in on June 18th. Still haven't gotten it back. It's been almost 3 months and the dealership hasn't even courtesy called me. I was originally told it'd be about 1 month. I've called them twice and they just say "Still waiting on the part." After reading some of these comments I'm wondering if they ordered the part for a manual and just reordered it without telling me. Wouldn't surprise me!! I leave for recruit traing for the Marine Corps in 3 weeks. If I don't have my Cruze back by then I'm going to make sure Chevy catches hell from me. Not happy at all.

Betty Barajas

I feel deceived !! I bought my daughter august 2013 Cruze for her graduation the dealers never mentioned a recall or informed us of such issues. We have had the brakes and axle fixed and that scary noise continues. I wonder if I can return this car ?! Scary deceptive brand


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