Is This The Next Ford Explorer?


Ford appears to have SUVs in its focus this year. First, the automaker unveiled the Edge concept at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, and its latest concept looks suspiciously like the next-generation Explorer. The Everest concept is a larger seven-passenger SUV that could easily replace the Explorer, which was last redesigned for model-year 2011.  

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The production version of the Everest is currently on sale outside the U.S., but in a statement, Ford said "the Everest concept represents our vision of a global Ford vehicle with regional heritage that will allow customers to take on the world." It also called it a "bold new direction that we envision for a midsize, seven-seat SUV."


The truck-based SUV concept is definitely more rugged than the U.S. Explorer, with an off-road-ready ground clearance and a tough-looking, blocky front end. But its upswept headlights and sculpted profile could easily make the jump to Ford's U.S. showrooms. For now, however, there's no U.S. connection; Ford said the concept was "designed for global markets" and will be built in Thailand.

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By Jennifer Geiger | March 25, 2014 | Comments (10)



So it looks a bit like the new Toyota Highlander and the Dodge Durango.


Its overall proportions are passingly similar to the Durango, which is a good thing. It looks much better than the slightly awkward Explorer.

Ken L.

This concept looks pretty good, it looks pretty upscale. I hope Ford decides to bring it stateside. They need something rugged and mid-sized. And this body-on-frame concept would be perfect. Just don't offer it with a 4 banger turbo.


echo here... very much dodge durango/jeep grand cherokee.

Ford had basicaly killed the Explorer when they redesigned it in 2011. This new design will not make it either. Durango or Jeep GC look better.


Looks fat and over weight.

Jack B. Nimble

This is based on the new global (except for the US) Ford Ranger that is also being built in Thailand.

If Ford doesn't bring the new Ranger, I'm doubtful that they'll use this to replace the car-based Explorer.


In my opinion it is a big mistake. It doesn't look Ford anymore. It is mix of Tundra and Durango but in reduce scale and overweighted. The new modification was OK. But this is not the best. I guess the FORD engineers are out of ideas and stilling them from competitors. It is sad. FORD stop stilling ideas and hire some fresh heads to do better than this.


RWD or AWD SUV's such as the Jeep GC, Toyota 4Runner and Chevy Tahoe seem to be more rugged than the new generation of Ford Explorers and Nissan Pathfinders. Ford continues to diminish the Explorer and ignore any Expedition updates.


Dodge must be happy to have Ford copy them. I can't wait to see the tiny turbo engine Ford sticks in this one. It seems to be their only answer to everything now.

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