GM Ignition-Switch Recall: What Owners Need To Know


GM's ignition-switch recall may have reached new heights Thursday, with one auto-safety group declaring that 303 people have died as a result of airbags failing to deploy in two of the six cars recalled for faulty ignition switches. GM disputed the results on grounds that the safety group's crash data correlates fatalities to failed airbag deployments but doesn't necessarily connect those failed deployments to faulty ignition switches.

More on the GM's Ignition-Switch Recall

The recall includes the 2003-2007 Saturn Ion and 2007 Sky, the 2006-2007 Pontiac Solstice and 2005-2007 G5, and the 2006-2007 Chevrolet HHR and 2005-2007 Cobalt. Questions abound. When will repairs be made? Could the issue affect non-GM cars, too? Where do Pontiac and Saturn owners take their cars? We researched the answers to these questions and reached out to GM spokesman Alan Adler for more information.

Here are some facts, which we'll update if new information becomes available:

If the ignition switches out of the On position, are the airbags the only thing affected? Could other systems like antilock brakes, electronic stability control or power steering turn off, too?
Yes, airbag deployment failure isn't the only issue. "If the ignition switch moves out of the 'Run' position, the result would be a partial loss of electrical power and turning off the engine, which could affect items like power steering and power-assisted brakes," Adler said.

When will repairs be made?
GM expects replacement ignition switches to be available starting this April, and in the meantime, it strongly advises affected owners to drive with only the key in the ignition; no keychain or anything else that might add weight should be attached to the key. When the parts come in, GM will ask customers to bring in their cars; the automaker said on a webpage dedicated to the recall that it sent out a letter the week of March 10. GM says it's working "as quickly as possible to obtain parts." Swapping the ignition switch can be done in 30 minutes, but the volume of scheduling means dealers may need to keep cars longer.

What if I never get that letter? Can I still get the recall work done?
GM says letters have been mailed to owner addresses from state vehicle registrations, but if you've moved without updating your registration, you may not receive the letter. Call GM's customer assistance center at 800-222-1020 (Chevrolet), 800-762-2737 (Pontiac) or 800-553-6000 (Saturn) for specific instructions. Finally, check with your state for requirements on updating that registration.

Are all versions of those cars involved in the recall, or only some?
All versions, Adler said. If your dealer says your car's vehicle identification number isn't associated with the recall, that's incorrect. GM has not released recall-specific VINs for this incident to dealers.

I have a recalled Pontiac or Saturn; those dealerships no longer exist. Where should I bring my car?
GM says any Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet or GMC dealer should be able to service your vehicle.

What if my car has already been serviced for a faulty ignition switch? Should I still bring it in?
Yes, Adler said. All recalled cars must get the new part, regardless of whether earlier ignition repairs were made.

Can I get reimbursed for the money I spent on those earlier ignition repairs?
Yes. GM's website says it will notify owners when parts are available (reportedly April) and provide instructions at that point for you to request a reimbursement. Owners are eligible for reimbursement after the recall repair is complete, Adler said.

I don't think my car is safe to drive until the repairs are made. Will GM provide a loaner vehicle in the meantime?
Yes; that's what the automaker told the Detroit News. Adler didn't refute the report but said it's not something dealers will push on owners. "We will work with customers individually to minimize their inconvenience and concerns," he said. "We are urging dealers to avoid making the recall into a marketing opportunity."

My car isn't worth much, so I carry minimal insurance. Aren't I at higher risk in that loaner car?
Potentially. notes that most auto insurance extends to rental cars and dealership loaner cars, too. It's understandable that owners of these recalled cars might have minimal insurance; after all, a typical 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt is worth less than $8,000. But a liability-only policy could expose you to a lot of financial risk if something happened to that brand-new Malibu or Impala. "Generally a loan agreement includes a waiver stipulating that the borrower's insurance will pay first in the event of an accident," Des Toups, managing editor at, told us. "Most dealers have 'garage policies' that would step in if you were unable to pay for damage. Their insurance company might choose to sue you to recoup its losses, though." 

Adler said he didn't know if dealers would cover additional insurance in such cases, so a good rule of thumb is that no matter your personal car insurance policy, you should ask the dealer about coverage specifics on the loaner. "Even if the owners of recalled GM cars have collision insurance, coverage is typically limited to the value of their own cars," Toups warned. "That is, if you drive a Cobalt worth $7,000 and the dealer lends you a new Cruze worth $18,000, your collision coverage would only pay the value of the Cobalt."

Could this recall affect any other non-GM cars?
In an age where supplier contracts crisscross like cooked spaghetti, you might think this recall could spread. (Think Takata Corp.'s faulty airbag inflators, which affected four Japanese automakers in 2013.) This time, however, it's unlikely. Reuters reports that Delphi Automotive, the supplier of the ignition switch, did not disburse the part to any other automaker.

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Elaine Nola

I don't want to drive my Saturn until it gets fixed. You say we can get a loner NOW but Capitol Chevy in San Jose ca says NO. CAN YOU MAKE THAT HAPPEN NOW.
408 269-8642

good defense GM . . . the airbags not deploying can't be linked to the ignition switch, it could be another issue with their cars.


We reached out to GM, and they said every dealer should have a letter that outlines the loaner program. GM furnished the letter, and we reviewed it. The automaker will reimburse dealers for the program, so it shouldn't cost dealers anything to make it happen.

We called two local Chevrolet dealerships and service representatives at both dealerships directed us to their loaner-car programs, both sourced through nearby rental-car companies.

You might try calling GM's customer care line for Saturn owners at 800-553-6000 and explaining your situation.

Kelsey M

F. R. Eggers

Of course it was inexcusable for GM to ignore the ignition switch problem instead of having a recall. However, there is another side to the problem that has not been addressed.

Any competent and able-bodied driver should be able to control a car if the engine stops. Their failure to do so indicates inadequate driver training.

When the engine stops, the steering still works even though if the car has power steering, it will take more force to steer the car. If the driver does not panic, he can still the car until he can pull off of the road and stop.

The brakes will also work if the engine is not running. However, if the brake pedal is pressed more than one time, the power booster will stop working and considerably more force will need to be applied to the brake pedal, but that is well within the ability of most drivers, IF THEY DO NOT PANIC!!

This also points up another advantage of manual transmissions. With a manual transmission, if the engine loses power, it will continue turning because it will be driven by the car. Thus, the power booster for the steering will continue to work and the engine will continue producing vacuum so the vacuum booster for the brakes will continue to work.

Every driver should at some time drive on a deserted road and, while driving at a moderate speed, shift to neutral and shut of the engine to learn what happens if the engine stops. The car can be controlled; it just requires more effort. By knowing what to expect if the engine stops, the driver will be less likely to panic and will be able to control the car.


I own a Saturn ion and called gm and requested a loaner. They had the ordasity to tell me that they don't know where I heard of tat but it is untrue. Then when I told them that I had been following the story for sometime the representative called the nearest dealership near me to find me a loaner.I spoke to the manager and they say that I do not qualify for a loaner. Now this is my problem. They had no problem taking my money when I bought this car.

James M

I THINK MY 2003 SATURN VUE HAS THE SAME ISSUE. GM should look at all the VEHICLES in their fleet!!


GM in Victoria Texas is NOT providing loaner vehicles, it is obvious GM does not care about customer safety


My daughter has a 2006 cobalt and is stationed in Las Vegas in the Air Force. I sent her the recall information and she called the local dealer who told her they are not issuing out loaner cars to everyone, just the people who have had this problem. I called GM and got the same answer. I'm not happy about this, I wonder if they are waiting until the ignition switch just fails completely and causes an accident before they will give the owners loaner cars.


It's funny that GM won't do a buy back , it's funny they knew about this issue I bet but GM got bailed out by the Government so... Hey let's push it any way.


I am not driving my 07 Cobalt it stopped one once about 2 weeks ago so the Chevy dealer I have my appointment with tomorrow better have a loaner ready or all hell will break loose.

George Jumper

When will people stop driving these old school payphones? I drive an all electric Ford Focus. No key, no waiting to warm up, no waiting for heat to get hot, no sensors, no belts,no transmission, no exhaust, no oil, no need to turn on anything or turn off anything, no waiting to defrost( just set the thermostat and forget), no going to a dirty foreign owned gas station, no oil changes, insurance half the price, almost no service required( rotate wheels and grease doors). Just plug in when you home and forget it! Can leave AC on while parked in the lot during an eight hour shift and still have 90 percent battery capacity remaining. Just think cell phone, just a bit bigger. Been in a jet at take off? Drive an electric car (not a stupid hybrid) and you will know what us electric owners are talking about. Ultra smooth non shifting soooooooo silent, extreme high torque ( so much more than a sports car). Kind of feels like a turbo diesel or a supercharged sports car. 100 percent torque at zero RPM! Very Torqy! Or just stick with a payphone. Don't knock it till you try it! By the way, it cost just $2.40 cents of electricity to charge it up. Power company charges .11 a KWhr, has a 24 KWhr battery. Good luck with that old payphone and its resale value!!! I lease for 268 a month, zero down, ford pays taxes. (That is cheaper than you pay for gas in your paid off junker getting ready to break down. Good luck!!

G Stevens

I agree with J F Eggers about learning to drive in emergency situations But be advised. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR IGN SWITCH if your car locks the steering wheel when the ign switch is in the off position!

B. Dellarma

My stepdaughter has a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero that I am questioning if it has the same issue. Something has been wrong with the ignition for some time and even had it hooked up to tester but tech said, something wrong with it but not sure what. I want it checked again and fixed because I believe it is the same problem


This is in response to J F Eggars. Sorry but not everyone lives in an area where there are deserted roads that you can play with your car on. I can't even count the number of snowstorms I have driven in over the years (I work in a profession where missing days because of snow is not an option). Unless your car is going to sprout wings when you loose control in rush hour or at speeds at a good 60-70miles an hour you are not going to have a prayer of making it over several lanes of traffic to the shoulder. This has nothing to do with being able to drive in an emergency situation

Sherry Wigington

I have 2011 hhr.... Just hit 70000. Had for almost 2 yrs with few more yrs left owed.... Now just this wk I was going to go to work and car started up fine would not go from park to drive!! I've noticed when I push brake in slowly it clicks and then it goes in gear as it should... Sometimes it want do it and sometimes it will.... I've noticed it show airbag on an later on airbag dad is dying and I have to travel to see him and I'm afraid drive my car!!!!!


I have a 2006 Cobalt and have hit a deer three different times. THE AIR BAGS NEVER WENT OFF EVEN AFTER HITTING THE LAST ONE GOING 55. Almost totaled the car. I have to say that I have NEVER HAD a bigger recalled piece of junk. I almost died during the problem with thier Power Steering. It had a mind of its own and almost sent me under a Semi Trailer in the middle of Summer. I wont be buying another GM PRODUCT.

e joseph

I had the same kind of problem with my 2004 Buick Rendezvous but the dealer blamed it on a worn out key and sold me a new key for $45. should I be concerned?

e joseph

I had a similar problem with my 2004 Buick Rendezvous. The dealer blamed the key and sold me a new one for $45. Should I be concerned?



Part of the stick shift comment is untrue.

The engine is not running, the power steering pump is driven by the engine and will not pump if the engine is not running. Same with the brake booster.


My Ion does not start half the time and I change the battery 3 times and check the alternator by unplugging the battery while running but it keeps running while disconnected. it has also shut off 3 times since I bought it while I was driving. Does anybody else have this problem with their 03 Saturn starting?


I also called the Saturn dealership near Mentor Ohio and they pretty much told me it was my problem then I called GM main office and they told me they will provide a rental they will also reimburse for the three batteries within 2 years.


My 03 Ion does not start half the time and I change the battery 3 times and check the alternator by unplugging the battery while running but it keeps running while disconnected. it has also shut off 3 times since I bought it while I was driving. Does anybody else have this problem with their 03 Saturn starting?


Me and my fiancé could have been killed a couple of times in her cobalt but think to smart thinking I quickly put the car back in neutral and started it back up , it is a dangerous situation, the first time it happened she was driving and it shut of in the middle of the intersection. And this was months before we ever found out about the recall and other people getting killed. I think gm should offer a HUGE discount for a new car for driving this little pos. I got a gmc terrain and love it now!!


Is there a way to get a dealer to examine other GM Cars? My Saturn Vue has had these same symptoms for years but is not listed on the recall list. I have poured a lot of money into the car to have it towed, repaired, etc.


I have a 2007 chevy cobalt and went to my local chevy dealer just this morning and they told me that have not recieved anything from GM about the loaner process. This is BS because to me they should have recieved all info before people started getting thier letters. Also in doing some research i also found out that GM has knew about this issue since 2001!


Just called chevy of Bowie md and spoke to buddy the manager. He said they don't offer loaner cars.


I just called gm at 18002221020 and they reversed the Bowie dealership. I have an appointment for a loaner tomorrow


I called the Bel Air dealership, was told to call CS, was passed around to at least 3 different people for about 45 minutes. Finally was told that because my Ion was salvaged GM would not pay tow fees. (Car won't start at all, after turning itself on while on the road). First I was told if the problem was related to the recall (if? really?), I would get a loaner. Then was told maybe not, since it's a salvage. IT PASSED STATE SAFETY INSP.
Total BS. I am furious.


Well the saga continues. I was left a voicemail this morn by a GMC customer care rep concerning my complaint for the dealership not assisting me yesterday regarding a loaner vehicle and refusing to look at my car. Supposed a service manager from the dealership will b contacting me within 2-4 hours today to set up an appt with me to c bout gettin a loaner vehicle. Well I'll b waiting on that call, n if I don't receive one today, I will b calling that Customer care rep again!!!


Got a 2014 chevy cruze in my driveway while my 05 cobalt awaits a new ignition switch at the dealer. Loaners are available if your vehicle is being recalled for you just have to be persistent. Start with the 1800 number on the recall. Dealers with try to brush you off, but Detroit will make then provide one.

Urar Pathic

Blows my mind that people can't stop a car after the engine dies. You do know that happens all the time, and for many reasons that have nothing to do with the ignition key. Probably didn't know the emergency brake can stop a car in an emergency either. You know like when the engine stops. Pathetic.


Thanks for this very helpful post. I was able to take my 2006 HHR into the dealer on Tuesday and get a loaner rental until the repairs are made. The dealer was completely accommodating - but I was prepared in case they pushed back, because of the information provided here.


Dear D,
In regard to your Saturn, I have had the same problem only to learn that when the weather is cold the security system does not dislodge. I found that keeping the car unlocked does not help this situation. When you attempt to start your car, does the lock light show up on your dashboard? I, too, thought it was my battery and had it replaced. However, after 10 minutes of waiting, try to start your car again. I found information on Google relative to this. Just type in, "Saturn does not start in cold weather" and you will see how many Saturn owners have written in. Hope this is somewhat helpful to you.

Katie Wang

I've never had any issues with my ignition (2012 chevy cobalt)... in fact, it's the smoothest car I've ever been in. I love it.
It's cheap to fill up (thanks gasbuddy), cheap to maintain/repair, only 25/month to insure (thanks Insurance Panda)​, and looks beautiful. I'll take it in for the re-call, but I don't think this is a big issue. Go Chevy!


Out of curosity for any of u who say that they have a car that your airbags javent went off was the car salvaged before has it ever been in a wreck because if it has been in a wreck before theres your problem

Will Gaudreau

We owned a 2003 Saturn Ion 1. It was just totaled a month ago. However, we repaired the ignition TWICE. Does anyone know how to process a claim for such repairs?


You know what is sad is that the Chevy dealers don't have the parts to repair this yet. They won't have them until next month. This is unacceptable.


james: "good defense GM . . . the airbags not deploying can't be linked to the ignition switch, it could be another issue with their cars."

WRONG! The airbags in EVERY vehicle are directly linked to the ignition switch. When you start your vehicle, ever notice how the air bag light stays on and/or flashes for a few seconds? That's the air bag controller powering up and doing all of its self-tests. A power-up cued, of course, by the ignition switch. Turn off the ignition switch and the air bag system shuts down with it. This protects from unwanted inflation, and it keeps the air bag computer(s) from draining your car's battery.

The bad switch is GM's fault, a basic system design used across the industry is not.


I have a 05 cobalt and have been wondering about a loaner car. After having 3 recalls issued for my car, I am not sure buying from this company again is a wise choice. My car has been cutting off since the end of last year and we had no clue why. I have a 2 yr & a 1 yr old that is always with me. I will be calling customer service tomorrow since the local dealer said the only option is remove all keys.


To anyone whose dealership is claiming ignorance of GM's policy on providing loaners to anyone who feels unsafe driving their recalled vehicle: go to the NHTSA website, look up this recall and read the dealer bulletins -- there is one that tells dealers about the loaner cars. Reference that bulletin number in your phone call, or print that out and take it to your local dealer! A better bet would be to keep calling til you find a dealer who acknowledges the recall without you having to resort to these measures -- you want, after all, a dealer you can trust with your car and its repair when the time comes. You will be leaving your car with them when you take your loaner, so keep that in mind.


I had a 2011 Chevy Crude that did the same thing to me on the highway in Alaska in the middle of winter. The car lost power to the engine and I had to coast to the side of the road. It wouldn't start for a few minutes. Then all of a sudden it was fine. I wonder if this issue is bigger than they are saying? I now have a camaro and question of it will do the same.


My 2005 Saturn Vue has had this happen in the past and last night to test it, we yanked the keychain while sitting in the driveway (not in park) and the entire car shut off and locked up. This DOES affect the Vue! Our other car is the Saturn ion which is also in the recall! I think its time for a loaner on GM's bill...


I have an 08 Chevy Cobalt. What if it was assembled in 07 is it under the recall as well?? I travel with my kids in car and would like to know if I should be on guard for something to happen. Who do I contact to see if my car could have same issue??


I brought my car in but my dealer never figured out what was wrong. He changed other parts never fixing the problem, Can I get reimbursed for the work done for nothing. It was 1800 dollars


This is crazy, my air bag light goes on with nobody in te seat. Wiring is faulty on my whole passenger side and the dealership wanted $200 just to LOOK at it. Will never buy gm again. Cant wait to see how long this recall takes. Didnt get notification for the last one till 6 months after announced


I had this occur to me with my 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue but that's not part of the recall. I was the original owner of the car and this was an issue during the first year I owned it. I'd love advice regarding this.


I have a 2007 Cobalt of which for the past year ALL of the instrumentations go crazy, spinning and flying left to right. There is a dummy lite that come on in the lower right of the dash that shows a circle with line through it and a lock..lost power several times while driving on highway...very scarey. Now I am leary about driving anywhere with it. Going to try the loaner process...thanbks GM..


My 2005 Saturn Vue has the same ignition problems. I have complained several times. Why aren't they looking at all of their models???

Trena Holsey

I have a 2010 cobalt a month ago my ignition key would not come out of the ignition car would not start couldn't turn key nothing happened had to get a jump minutes later car was driveable very scary and very concerned about this issue


I don't mean to be unsympathetic but I would like to see the key chains of the people that were involved in these accidents. I've seen key chains, yes mostly girls, that are so big and heavy that I could not even get them in my pocket. The amount of junk that is on them is pathetic. The only items on a vehicle key chain should be the ignition key and fob. That's it.I've owned my 06 Cobalt for over six years now and it's been the most reliable and economical vehicle I've ever owned. It now has 115,000 miles on it and I've spent $250.00 in total repairs. I've gotten the recall for the power steering but have not yet taken it in. I've never had a problem with it. Maybe someday. I agree with the other blogger about being able to control your car if it should shut off. Like he said, it happens all the time. I will buy another one.


@disgruntled I had the same problem with my 2006 cobalt. It was scary as hell especially doing about 70mph on the freeway and the lock pop up shuts off your speed odometer gas odometer, etc. for everyone else who says to use the emergency brake , or know how to control the car when your power steering shuts off... All I have to say is lets put you in the pos gm car and see how you deal with pulling the emergency brake back while your doing 70mph and don't forget your airbags will not deploy . I'll pay to see it. Stop posting your opinions just because you can. Because you have no idea what you are talking about. Leave it to people who actually need help with their defective car. Oh also I made the Chevrolet dealer give me a loaner so now I'm driving a 2014 chevy malibooty and ill keep driving it until gm gets their sh*t together for once.


GMs solution, take all your keys off your key ring including the key fob; epic fail!
Karma is coming back, shredded the EV1, using cheap parts, and killing people over a few pennies...

This ignition switch thing was known during the chapter 11 Government Motors (restructure phase) - it was hushed for the very fear, that it would represent the end. I feel sorry for Mary Barra, she's just gonna end up a patsy, and thrown under the bus. At least, I hope she does the right thing and whistle blow whose really responsible, she's only been appointed 3 months ago.

Being patriotic is one thing, buy American etc... But, when big fat corp. is only interested in the almighty dollar, instead of your life and safety, maybe it's time to consider one another vehicle.

Fool me once, shame on you!
If it's money they care about, just do what I did. Turn it in. Let them drive their own death mobiles, maybe if we ban together they be forced to either change or go away.

On a further note, besides the proverbial loaner/company car - how many of these CEOs really drive if any of these recalled vehicles? I bet this switch issue won't ever happen to a Cadillac, or Corvette!

Since there are a ton of better and safer options, like a Subaru for example - I'll just take the higher road, and watch the too big to fail car company, wobble.


montana sv6 vin1gmdv03199d103426 yr 2009
I experienced a ignition lockup on I29 Mar30. Travelling at 77Mph and passing a trailer my car loss all power, power steering, accelerator, brakes locked up and I went down to 40Mph in 15-20 seconds. Locked up lasted about 5 seconds and then came back on I went down to 20Mph and the next lockup took me to '0'. Fortunately I was able to steer the car to the side without mishap.
After a few minutes power was restored and I continues home. Had this happened in one of the big cities we went thru both of us would have suffered severe injuries or death.I no longer trust this vehicle and I cannot sell it as is.


While out and about yesterday I had my car to completely quit on me in a dr office parking lot, now me being the 18 year old girl I am I had absolutely no idea what was happening. I tried starting it and as soon as it started to smoke I quit and called my mother who said she would try and find someone to get to me, someone finally came and got me then dropped me off at her work where we spent hours calling dealerships and GM trying to get my car taken cases of. First off the dealership down the road where I bought the car said they couldn't help me nor did they have a loaner car (which is setting right out front) and after talking to the owner he told us to call the dealership two towns over, conveniently enough they had rental cars but we had to pay for it!! Finally after multiple calls and arguing GM agreed to pay for us a rental car AND pay to have it towed to a dealership 2 hours away, I had to find a way to town after it quit, had to find a way to my car to meet the tow truck, a way back to my house, a way to town the next day, and then a way to the dealership 2 hours away. These past 2 days has been a absolute nightmare for me but I was glad to have a rental car to drive, that was until the dealership called today and said they wasn't paying for the rental and I need to bring it back or pay for it myself!!! Hello my car is a used 05 chevy cobalt there is no way I can pay for a 2012 vehicle, I'm at the end of my rope with these people.

Leslie H.

I was in a bad car accident 2 years ago in my 2010 pontiac g5. I was rear ended and the car was totaled. i ended up getting a 2006 cobalt as a replacement. just my luck - one recalled car for another. the air bag never went off. at the time i didnt understand why but now i do. i only suffered some bruising and minor whip lash. I had my seat belt on. my insurance co. paid for all of it as the driver who hit me was uninsured. if i had been more seriously hurt it would've been GM's fault.


I have a 2005 Saturn Ion. About six months ago, I was driving through a canyon at night with a child in my back seat and my car just dies, no power steering, brakes are shot. It continues to be an intermittent and worsening issue for the following weeks, when i find its a "known issue" for gm on this year make and model car. I take it in, they fix it up for free, it hasnt had a problem with POWER STEERING since. However, my car will periodically shut itself off, or not allow me to turn it over to start it. This is something they should have been on long ago if they've known about it. I will be seeking a loaner, lets hope my local dealerships are willing to help me. Best of luck to all of you!

J. Oliver

Why isn't the Saturn Vue listed in the recall? My 03 has the same problem and it is a noted problem with these cars. Did GM not want to add another million to the list?

E . Bastien

I have a 2005 Saturn after having problem with it shutting off or not starting Saturn charge me 1200.00 to fix the switch saying my 3 house keys cause the problem and another $600.00 3 months latter saying it was another problem that was causing my car to shut off. I ended up paying to place a remote starter which ended my problem so far. Can I get back any of the money I spend fixing their problem..


Trena your battery was dead. Ign key stuck in the cylinder is not the recall.


I have the 07 cobalt car turned off on me more than once when I hit a bump . Both times it happened the key was seperate from the other keys .

Karen Reed

I have a 2003 Saturn Vue that is having the same issue, but it's not on the list. I was told by GM Rep to take in the an GM dealership to have check out,when I got there I was told that yes your car is having the same issue as the others on the list, but since your car is not on the recall list their's nothing they can do. My key is very thin and chipping away, at times I cannot turn it off or remove the key. Do I have to loss my life before the Vue is add to the list? What should I do, get a lawyer involved before anything done?

curt lofgren

The only way for gm to save any face is to do a buy back! I mean my kid was in the car with me and we almost went in the ditch because power cut out on a sharp corner. Plus I was told I could not get a safer loaner car til this problem is fixed. Because of all this I hope gm goes out of business! YOU COULD HAVE KILLED MY FAMILY TO GM AND YOU MADE IT CLEAR THAT WE WERE ALL WORTH THE RISK OVER A 67 CENT PART!.....sorry about the rant guys I just started seeing red as I typed

Phil Cabernoch

CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT....Its a shame how the big corporations don't give a **** about the safety of their customers. 13 deaths so Ion has been sitting in the driveway for weeks because were to afraid to drive it. Were told it would be fixed this week but when we called they said it would be ANOTHER week...WTH!!! I can see it going out for months. LIARS


My 1999 Malibu has had these exact problems and would shut off randomly took it in paid for a fuel pump, and egnition switch then they said a cylinder too! They should recall them all they are dangerous for not only the owners but other drivers


i just tried to get a loner vehicle today for my 2007 cobalt and was turned down since i only had liability insurance they wouldnt give me one drove 30 miles to dealer to take loner they never told me i needed to have full coverage had to drive a extra 60 miles today to no avail


I contacted my local dealership and told them I do not feel safe driving my car and that I wanted a rental. They told me they would submit the paperwork to GM and would have an answer in 72 hours if I was approved for a rental. Days went by and I heard nothing. I then contacted GM directly and they and they told me that there is no approval process and if I asked for a loaner car I would get one. They called the dealership and got me my loaner car. If the dalership gives you problems CALL GM DIRECTLY. Tell them you do not feel SAFE. They will not give you a problem.

T Williams

I have a 2006 Pontiac Vibe, when the key is in the car and running the key can be removed and the car stays on and running. Is this the ignition problem they are speaking about. Its not in the new list, there was another recall about a month ago when something else was wrong.

Jeep Jazz

My previous car was an 03 Saturn Vue and I've experienced ignition problems off and on for years. The latest is that the key can be removed from the ignition while the car is on (only in park has this happened)! I've had copies of the key made and no matter each key has been removed from the ignition while the car was on.

Recently, I purchased a new vehicle but would still be driving my Saturn had an unfortunate oil change (oil reservoir filled only half way) not resulted in engine problems.

I strongly believe that the 03 Saturn Vue should be in the recall and believe that GM will eventually add it to the list.


I also own a 2006 Cobalt. It has had Front end problems where lower tie rods have broken and other problems in front end and when looking online found many other 2006 cobalt owners are also having same issue. They are saying when you buy the parts from Chevy to fix the issue it happens again in a couple months of driving their cars. I had after market parts put into mine and will pray for the best. I have also had the power steering issue with my car and have lost the power steering with light on dash on and the dinging. And thank god could get off to the side of the road. And have found many other 2006 Cobalt owners have this issue and they are not recalling our models only 2010. I think the car also has some kind of electrical issues as well were the lights get really dim and almost go out in the dash than come back up. My car is also in the ignition switch recall. I am fuming that Chevy could do this to their customers and care so little about them. Makes me sick that they new about this problem and knew it would only cost .57 cents a car to fix. Plus being that they knew that they still manufactured the car using this parts when it was know 5 years before my car was made. But they justify it because in their cost analysis of the issue it would be cheaper to pay off victims and their families than to fix the car. Lives where lost and more will be because Chevy could not care less about it's customers. Makes me sick.


Well katie wang not to start anything. But the production on the cobalt ended in 2010 and was replaced with the cruze.. so there is no way you love your 2012 Cobalt. But nice try!


I think GM needs to examine the VUEs. I have a 2004 Redline Vue where I had ignition problems (key sticking, key coming out after starting car) in 2012, they fixed it by giving me a new key. Now in 2014 the problem has started again... related? Could be....


I have a 2006 Cobalt that is part of this recall. I called my local Chevy dealership this morning and inquired on when this fix will be available. He stated they are still waiting on parts from GM, so he couldn't give me an honest time quote. I inquired on the loaner car and he stated they are only giving loaner cars to those who have experienced any problems with their car stalling. Apparently feeling unsafe doesn't qualify.


I am sorry, but I have to disagree with F.R. Eggers on this one and I should know as I have first hand experience. First off, one of the main issues they are talking about is that these cars are driven by, mainly in-experienced drivers because of their price points. I purchased this car with the specific purpose of having this car around to give to my daughter once she received her license. She has been driving for the past 2 years, so she is still very inexperienced and about 3 weeks ago, as we were literally finding out about the recall and gathering information, the car shut off on her as she was slowing and exiting the freeway. Her first thoughts were flustered and panic, followed by a rear ending into another car before she could think to do anything else. Thank God she was perfectly OK and you can chalk that up to inexperience, but I also think that most people would not have had enough time to react in this situation anyways. Oh and for the record, she did not have anything on her keyring, as I explicitly instructed her to take those things off and as they mentioned, no air bags deployed. I am furious by the way this whole thing has been handled by GM and there is no justifiable excuse they have for waiting this long to get things fixed!

Dorothy Underwood

I have a 2007 Cobalt that I love--not one minutes problem.
I'm looking forward to getting it repaired and enjoying several years of trouble free driving.


Malibu's experiencing same issue with ignition switch but not included in recall. Why not?


I thought the replacement parts were expected come April. As it is now officially half way through April, I'm wondering what new lies GM will find to tell us while we continue to drive potential death traps. This is inexcusable.


I saw comment about 06 chevy cobalt with no problems. I also had 06 chevy cobalt and until last night i would agree with that person. I had it since it was new and only put 35k miles on it but last night as i was about to get on a major highway the steering wheel locked and my brakes locked. I was able to get control again and safely take it few yards back to my house. My key was all by itself no added stuff. Hopefully i can get dealership to tow my car and fix it cause i am now scared to drive it. So never assume your car is fine just cause it has been working alright for awhile i learned that the hard way


My 2007 Saturn has the same problem and I am currently paying more than wanted for it to be fixed! GM will not reimburse me because technically the Vue is not on recall! So ridiculous!


I have had vehicles shut off, go to the on or accessory position and I have been able to just return it run position and have the engine start right back up, depending on vehicle speed; never even changing the transmission position. Also when the ignition goes to on or acc position, GM vehicles still have steering and brakes minus power assist and at any rolling speed the power steering has minimal loss of steering control. The key will not turn to lock position without the car at a complete stop and in park. My final focus is on the airbag failure; airbags are designed to deploy in certain impacts, throttle position, and other parameters, and work with seatbelts, so whether the bags deploy or not, w/o the use of the seatbelt, the driver has lowered accident survivability. I do not understand how the pictures I've seen, show so much carnage when a switch failure tells me to pull over. As a long time GM owner and have been involved in previous recalls, GM has always been on top of resolution, with Bulletins, Recalls, Repairs and reimbursement. Wonder what happened here!

Found in my GM vehicle owners manual.

My vehicle has air bags, why should I have to wear safety belts?

Air bags are in many vehicles today and will be in most of them in the future. But they are supplemental systems only; so they work with safety belts -- not instead of them, Every air bag system ever offered for sale has required the use of safety belts. Even if you’re in a vehicle that has airbags, you still have to buckle up to get the most protection. That’s true not only in frontal collisions, but especially in side and other collisions.


My 2003 Saturn Vue is having the same issue. How is it not on the recall list?


Dear panicky GM drivers,

Good luck getting your car fixed. I quit. And by the way, I don't know how you've figured out how to drive but are so stupid about everything else on a car.


G M dealership in my area stated I won't be reimbursed for replacing the part in 2010 b/c the auto shop didn't put a part # on the receipt I provided to them w/ reimbursement form sent to me by G M. They also stated the part that was replaced was probably another defected part because they still had defected parts in the factory or dealer @ that time. So I'm out $200.00 and need the part replaced again and so to be temp. Out of my car. I'm obtaining a Lawyer that's for DAN SURE!

But ch

My 2003 Buick Regal LS W/V6 stopped on the road. Managed to oull over and stop ok. Got back to home and tried shutting off/on and it backfired three times before before it started again. Local mechanic told me I "probably needed a new battery. Bought same and after several attempts it started. 10 minutes later I tried aagin and problem back. Every time the backfire occurred all the red iluminated dash lights flashwed on and off. Got started again and drove to Buick dealer who replaced ignition switch and charged $22o. I did ge6t free loaner for overnight repair. Is the 2003 Regal covered in any recall????


I have a 2010 chevy cobalt in south florida can I get a loaner ? This is ridiculous


Chevy cruze 2012 keyremote not working and change battery still not working


My 2005 Saturn Vue is having alot of the same symptoms. I can't even get my key to turn over now because of the ignition. I was stranded out one day and had to have my wife come and get me. I went back to try it later and finally got it started, but it hasn't started since then. I can also take the key out with the car started. I've been able to do that since I got it in 2008. I've always had a little bit of problems getting the key to turn over but it wasn't bad. Now I can't get it to turn over at all. GM needs to fit this mess!!!

marie rogers

ignition switch was changed on my 2003 saturn the no starting problem solved? so far so good, but have only started car about 7 times..

marie rogers

btw..insist on a chevy dealer gave/loaned me a 2013 cruze as gm direct if u have a problem.

Derek Wilson

I just got my 05 saturn back monday. Was there for 2 months being repaired. Well today the car decided to shut off twice! Key stayed in the on position while driving. So obviously the ignition is not fixed as they claim


The bright side to this is once you finally get it fixed is looking forward to having to replace the fuel pump, broken sun shield on the transmission, heater core, more likely than not - head gasket, o2 sensors, fuel pump again if you don't replace the first one with the most expensive OEM pump. You should start saving up (roughly $2,500 - $3500) for these repairs at about 80,000 miles. May happen sooner, but more likely closer to 100,000. This applies to all Chevys. I'm fortunate enough to have a dyno in my shop. So whenever I'm not driving the loaner, it's running on watered down gas even while I sleep on the dyno. 172k miles on it so far. Pretty much a worthless $22,000 car now. Shame too. It only had about 2400 miles on it when I picked it up. Replaced fuel pump myself so didn't cost too much and since it mostly stays in the same gear I've managed to keep the transmission in working order. And no, I will never buy another Chevy with the exception of possibly 68 Camaro or 66 Nova to add to my collection. Got burned on - well to many to count now. For not only this ignition problem on my wife's car and the other problems listed above but other recalls as well. So I give in to the Ford and Mopar guys. Arghhhh


Kidding of course about the 175k miles of course. I do have a dyno and if I could afford to do it, I would. I wish I could and dream of it however. Helps me sleep at night.


I'd have to say to F.R. Eggers whoever you may be that controlling a 3000+ lb car when it suddenly turns off is not controllable and downright dangerous. Try it sometime with 4 cars on your bumper and no power steering or brakes. This problem needs to be fixed before someone else dies.



Alveretta May

My power steering quit going down the road last night. I own a 2006 Chevy HHR with 107,000 miles. After shutting it off, the power steering started back on again! Is that normal and GM is saying that my VIN is not included in the power steering recall that they have started. What should I do?


I finally got my car fixed 2007 pontiac soltice. Then the car would not start because the thest system turned on du to the keys not being made correctly which in turn led to my battery dieing. So I had to go back to the dealer they said yes the keys were not right and redid them but I had to give them 230.00 to get a nes battery.


I was in an accident just last week bc my ignition turned over..I never got a recall letter and I have an 06 Saturn. But my airbag did go off...just the driver though...steering was hard and couldn't depress my brakes.


problem is..I'm a single mom of 3 kids and don't have the credit nor a down payment to get a new vehicle. Plus my insurance isn't going to offer what the car is worth because the recalls have dropped the values dramatically! GM needs to replace the vehicles or give a discount and loans to those that have been in 0% interest and at manufacturer cost not sticker price! People like me need help..I relied on that car! Now me and my 3 kids can't get a car.


I want to return my 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt altogether! I've had so many problems with this car and had ignition issues since the beginning. I've had my ignition replaced twice and I got lucky it was still under warranty and I didn't have to pay. I have been A chevy fan for so long but not after this. I want to wear a paper bag over my head when driving this car.




My daughter and I went to Bigger's Chevrolet in Elgin, Illinois. We met with Diego Montes who assured us my daughter could have a loner vehicle for the duration of the recall process and that the situation would allow us to purchase another vehicle at employee pricing with rebates. This was offered before I headed off to do my research. I am strongly dissapointed in GMs choices not to recall sooner, this is dangerous and inexcuble. This car was not worth what we originally paid for it considering the many recalls. We will consider our options. As for Bigger's today, we were impressed by the immediate assistance and assurance that these problems will be solved to our satisfaction.

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