2015 Chrysler 200 Review


Fact is, the bar for the 2015 Chrysler 200's redesign to be considered an improvement was not high. But even if up was its only viable direction, Cars.com reviewer Jennifer Geiger says the new midsize sedan soars to new heights in style, comfort and performance. Geiger gushes over the upgrades, starting with a "flowing, aerodynamic" exterior design that favors refinement over aggressiveness, with an elegant interior to match. Throw in a couple new powertrains — a capable four-cylinder and a particularly impressive V-6 — and a starting price less than its predecessor, and this recovering underachiever realizes grand ambitions.

2015 Chrysler 200 Expert Review

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OMG I would never spend 32k on this when I could get a fully loaded Accord w/ that awesome Honda V6. Not a bad effort by Chrysler but they have a lot of ground to make up and they should have dropped the 200 name.


Except in 6 months they will be selling these for $5k off MSRP and at that price it wouldn't be a bad deal. That is, if you want to gamble on buying a Chrysler/Fiat product.

Vere Nekoninda

There's no accounting for taste. When I look at the front of the car, I imagine that the design team presented two different front-end options to their pointy-haired boss. And he said, "Let's use them both, one above the other."


Congrats on making the 200 something people will at least glance at on their way to buy a Camry/Accord/Fusion.


Kumar, you should take a look at the features offered on the new 200. Then you would realize that Honda is not even close to the offering of the 200.


That may be the dumbest post I've seen in months. Only a fool judges a car by it's features. Then again there are those who pump gas and those who own the station. You are a gas pumper.

why wouldnt feature count be relevant to pricing? The 200 is now one of the best equipped cars in this class. Only the Fusion and 6 are close in terms of available features. The Accord cannot match the feature count and the accord lacks optional AWD. People who cant be bothered to read and test drive cars select cars based on brand names without any consideration for the details. People who actually care how they spend $30k might take time to research the merits of various options.

in the captions for the pics I dont see why the center hump is being called out. That is standard on nearly every car sold. Honda is one of the few that offers FWD cars with a flat floor in the back. I also dont understand the complaining about the trunk hinges when Altima/Camry/Accord use same design. Most american sedans abandoned that setup on midsize sedans years back.


My God that front end is really ugly. Was it styled after a duck's bill? I'd take a V6 Passat, Altima, or Accord over this new rental queen any day.


Iron Man. It was styled after Iron Man.


Honda? Aren't they a motorcycle manufacturer? I'm not going to defend Chrysler because they stopped being who they were when Bob Lutz left after Iacocca hired Eaton instead of promoting Lutz, and then came the Germans and that was the end of Walter P's great company. But I'll tell you what, I own a 2012 Dodge Journey Crew that will kick any other crossover's ass and if this new 200 is half as good, the competition better be looking over their shoulder!

Troy S.

The 200 doesn't look like its going to be "for sale" rather it looks like it should be "on sale". I expect much more out of a car costing that much. A swing and a rental car like miss there Chrysler.


I guess everyone is still living in the past when $30K was considered expensive for a car. I hope you guys realize that even "economy" cars like a Focus or Mazda3 will approach 30 grand with all the boxes checked. For the features, power, and size, I don't see how the 200 is a bad deal.

the average price of a car is around $32k today so a $30k 200 isnt an outrageously priced car by any means. The fact that so many are making comments about rental cars shows that most here didnt even bother to read the review- they just read the title and commented because its a Chrysler. Pathetic. Aside from brand image this car gives up nothing to the sales leaders. As for rental cars, I supposed you folks don't realize that the Altima and Camry are amongst the top midsize fleet vehicles in the market. I believe around 20% of Altimas are rentals- it's the only reason the Altima is in the same ballpark as Accord and Camry in sales. Camry isn't far behind.

Troy S.


Can you put the Chrysler rental car figures up for us or will you simply go silent on the subject?

the current 200 is one of the top rental cars. That is no secret, but the idea that you can judge the all new car based on the fleet sales of the CURRENT car is absurd. Again, this is what people who can't bother to read a review like to post. The reviewer said the 2015 car is more than competitive, like it or not. They will find retail customers for this car. The point regarding Altima and camry (and fusion) is that cars that are frequently rentals are not bad cars. That is old school logic that probably made some sense 10 years ago, but not now. Everyone knows all of the top Asian midsize sedans except Accord are easily found at rental lots. I have a rental now and when I was at the lot I saw a 200, Sonata and Passat.


@jyd: good post. I agree.

Micheal Morris

My family has owned a few later model Chrysler products that were pretty inferior automobiles. The worst being a 1999 Chrysler 300 my father purchased brand new and the transmission died while my father was in heavy traffic en route for a doctors appointment! My father's 300 had just 6,500 miles on it when this happened! Then there were numerous electrical problems, power window motors that burned out, window seals that all came unglued and paint delamination issues, etc. My father traded his 300 three years later for a Toyota Avalon which served him very well until his death. My sister in law had a brand new 2002 Dodge Caravan that was in the shop constantly. It too had transmission issues, brake warping, electrical issues and water leaks. She now drives a 2007 Honda Odyssey (141,000 miles) that's been trouble free. I would never even consider owning a Chrysler product. Even though the new Chrysler 200 looks much, much, much better than anything else Chrysler or Dodge currently builds, whose to say the car won't be wrought with issues? Or has Fiat finally righted the wrongs of the Daimler and pre Daimler era Chrysler products?

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